Sunday, February 27, 2005

Phew..What a relief to drop that damned report in the submission box.. Then it was off to Marche at Orchard to meet the rest of gang for Derek's and Richard's birthday dinner.. Didnt have much of an appetite and the bloody $10 min spending rule at Marche didnt help too.. *Mumbles*

Headed to Indochine in Derek's lil TownBee..hahah..That car is just TOO cute... Wahh..Havent been to the Indochine in Clarke Quay before.. Damn gorgeous.. Its called the Forbidden City and has this cool Chinese relicy looking decor..Ultimate chill out place.. Comfy too with all the cushions and couches.. Had loads of drinks on our table..Vodka lime..Vodka Red Bull (ALL MINE!)..A bottle of Chivas..Endless rounds of beer.. Haha..I decided to get Derek tequila shots..Customary rite?? So we got him 3 shots...I think he was a lil gone after that!!

If you check out the photo in the centre of the collage..You will see one of Derek's prezzie.. His very own blow up doll!! Hahah.. Since he's been single so long and keeps wanting a chick..We got him one!! And another real funny gift was this cup shaped like a boob!! And the part where you drink out from is the nipple!! Haha..After he unwrapped that gift, he had to drink all his drinks from that cup..

So much fun!!

Indochine Madness..

Had very good intentions of studying at my bf's place on Sat..We went out to eat with his parents after which we promptly went home and fell asleep!! Haha...Bunch of pigs la.. Went for some CC show in the evening..Quite boring save for a bloody cat which kept swishing past me under the table! Eewww..

OMG..Jurong ppl..You all have to go check out the Milo Godzilla at the new 24 hrs shop near St 42.. OMG...Its heaven on earth.. With ice cream!!! MMmmmmm.. (See Joanne..Everyday I give you more reason to come back fast!!)

Milo Godzilla Madness..

Sigh..Have to go hit the books now..Bloody econs test..*Grumbles*


Thursday, February 24, 2005

Finally..I've managed to hit the bloody word count on that stupid recruitment report.. Now just have to finalise shit and print it out tommorrow..

On to more sinful topics..I went to Apollo's for lunch with the parents.. Phew..Had a bloody good meal..Havent had one in DAYS.. Only thing was..I was too full to eat anything else the whole day. But Apollo rocks my socks..So I don't care..(Joanne and Saras: Wouldnt you SO like to be back so you can eat at Apollo's???? Hahaha..I know..I'm mean..)

Got a busy day tommorrow..Have to print the report and rush down to sch..After which I have to rush to town for Derek's birthday thinghy at Marche..Then off to Indochine (I think) for drinks.. Thank god the bf is driving..Else I have to come up with the bloody cab fare back..

I seem to be using the word 'bloody' alot.. Havent ya all noticed.. Haha..So bloody interesting.. I did it again!

Ya all know abt me and photos..So how can I resist a photo of myself typing out a report at 3 in the morning- complete with untidy hair and eyebags??

I look like shit at 3am..

Aargh..Econs test next week..Havent touched the notes... Diededdddddd... My life and blog seems to be revolving around sch work these days..How sad.. Not to worry..I'll be back to normal after next week..*Crosses fingers* can I forget to tell ay all this?? I got Gmail!!! Yeap.. After placing my name on the list one bloody year ago..I finally have my very own Gmail account.. Freakin 1 GB of space..Haha.. Take that Hotmail..


Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I have been keeping so many late nights, I don't think I sleep more than 4 hrs a day.. The next 2 weeks are gonna be shit..

Couldnt take the stress of staying at home to do another report..So decided to meet Ananthi...Had a good time catching up and laughing over the small things.. I've missed her.. I miss all my gfs... I miss girly talks over lunches and cake!! I miss shopping.. I miss watching movies that we know are gonna scare the living crap out of us..

Speaking of creepy movies..Watched Hide and Seek yesterday..Not bad laa.The 1st half was pretty slow and boring..But the twist at the end was pretty worth it.. But I was so sleepy and headachy, I almost fell asleep in the theatre..

The bf is irritating me alot these days.. He somehow feels that studying is not as stressful as working.. So when I complain I'm stressed..He gives me this look.. Like 'Yeah rite'.. WTF??? Yeah I admit working is stressfull..Been there, done that.. But studying is also stressful.. Bloody deadlines and tests.. Sigh.. He SO doesnt get me sometimes..

Like yesterday..Wanted to watch Million Dollar Baby actually..But couldnt get tics.. So was at the back of the line and...

Me: Wanna watch Hide and Seek instead??

Him: Err..Anything laa..

Me: (Almost reaching the line) Are you sure? We can just have dinner and chill instead?? You don't seem very enthusiastic abt the movie..

Him: Can laa..You want to watch right?? Anything also can...

Me: Okie..

(Next in line to get tics)

Him: Actually the movie is a thriller you know.. I don't really like thrillers..

Me: (Ticket lady is beckoning me to her counter.. Gives bf sumi-is-pissed look) What?? Now then you tell me?? So how..DECIDE...

Him: Oh..err..okie la..nvm..we'll watch..


Wah liao..I was damn pissed after getting the tics.. Was almost close to screaming at him in the middle of JP.. Thank god I saw Anderson's Ice Cream and got my Mint Choc Chip to calm me down.. *Mumbles*

Okie..I have a bloody Econs class at 9.30am later.. Gtg enter lala land..Where I'm thin and everyone else is not..


Sunday, February 20, 2005


Okie..Now that I got that out of my system.. Sitting at home in front of my PC on a lovely Sunday is not one of the top things I like to do..

I have...

* A 2000 word report due tommorrow
*A 1800 word report due on Friday
*An Econs test next Wed
*Another Econs test the week after that

Fuck Balls..

My butt hurts from sitting on this chair..My neck hurts..My vision is all blurry.. And I still have to continue till god knows when.. I know I'm whining alot.. I'm entitled..


It is 8am on a freakin Sunday...

What am I doing up??

Most importantly..Why am i on the comp??

Coz I have that bloody OSD report due tommorrow and I'm the freaking compiler!!


I know I havent been posting regularly.. Bloody busy eh.. And to all the diva-tip-wanting fans..Hang in there.. Should be able to start the tips coming regularly after the next week..

Let me give ya a situation..See if ya can help my friend out..He's 25.. He is in a committed relationship..But suddenly decides he doesnt want to get married...At all..or at least not for the next 6-7 yrs.. The reason: He dosent think he can handle the stress of being a married guy with kids.. But he still wants the relationship with his girlfriend.. I find the whole thing ridiculous.. I mean..Ya want the good part of an relationship but run away scared when its time to commit for life???

Talk to me ppl..What are your views??

Okie..have to go show my scary-early-morning-face to the poor cashier at 7-11 and demand for Red Bull...


Thursday, February 17, 2005


Been in school since 10am..And its oh..5.15pm now..Have a freaking class later at 7pm which finishes at 10.. I am sooo tired..But I had Red Bull to give me wings!!(2 cans actually!) Lamer..

I can't believe I came to school to diligently do my projects.. I can't believe I had books surrounding me like a mountain whilst I typed away on my laptop which I lugged to school.. I can't believe I lugged my laptop to school.. And I can't believe I'm still not tired most probably coz I'm on a Red Bull high..

I hate it when someone hides stuff from me.. Esp loved ones.. And you very well know something is up..But they just clam up or avoid the subject.. Sigh.. I'm just so worried something's wrong and I feel so afraid..

You can post 12 photos in Friendster now!!!! Woohoo for all the camera whores..Me included!! Sighz..But it just makes it harder..which 12 to choose??? Hahaha..Not suprisingly I already have all 12 pics up..Waiting for Friendster to increase it to 20!! Haha..Wait long long ah..(You can tell I've been spending WAY too much time with my SIM frens..My language!!)

Sigh..Back to scanning thru books..Lugging books to the photocopy room..Parting with my money at the photocopier.. Referencing the notes..Lit reviewing..Sigh..


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Last November I lost a friend..

This friend helped me through my toughest times..Giving me the strength to carry on..

And just like that I lost this friend.. My other friends told me to give him up..That he was no good for me.. He was slowly killing me inside..

But now I got my friend back.. He has since come back into my life full force..

I missed ya..

My Red Bull..

Hehehe...I love Red Bull..On its own..With vodka (Esp yummy!!).. Now with projects and tests burying me alive, I need my dear friend back.. I should have sooooo bought cans of it from Batam..Only freakin 50 cents!!

I had a bloody long day in school today.. Econs is killing me..OSD and SO projs are dues next week..I'm doing the freakin lit review which is a major fuckin headache.. I don't understand anything in SO... I feel like digging a hole and burying myself deep in it..

On to a happier mushy note.. I smile like an insane creep whenever I pass by my roses in the hall.. They just remind me of my bf and how much he actually cares.. We are both insanely busy esp in the coming weeks and I have this feeling we won't be seeing much of each other.. That sucks.. But I'm just happy to have him in my life.. Which leads me to another mushy section..

I was talking nonsense to him as usual last night..He was extremely tired but still patiently listened to all my crap.. Then I asked him this question.."Am I part of your life OR am I your life??"

Without hesitation he replied "Of coz you are my life..I am nothing without you"

Everybody go Awwwwwwwwwww...

Hahaha..I sure did..

Gtg bury myself in books now..


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

First of all..

Happy Valentine's Day Ya All..Muacks especially to Joanne and Saras..

Soo..I had a pretty crummy first half of a Valentine's Day..Mainly coz I had this bloody report to hand in today..Can you imagine the cruelty of the course coordinators?? To have the bloody deadline of a 35% project due on VDay??? On top of having a bloody Sherman lecture as well??

Sadists I tell ya..

So spent like bloody 6 hours in school editing the report after collecting my cash for the Vday cookies.. I could get used to this.. The startings of being my own boss..

Caught a bus to Toa Payoh to meet my baby.. We decided not to make this VDay a big production.. So decided on not so expensive gifts and a simple dinner.. I was already very tired and headachy by the time I reached bloody Toa Payoh..And he was late!!!

Then finally he walked towards me..with this heart melting smile and THIS...

My Love..

Awwwwww...Cho Chweeeeeeettt... He was so cute laa.. This bouquet was quite huge and bloody beautiful... Now coming from my bf this was a BIG thing..You know he isnt the romantic kind..So this was a bloody big shock for ME.. I was so touched.. Then I had to ask this very stupid question.."How does one carry this kind of bouquest ah??" Hahaha..It was quite some time before I got the hang of it..

Went to Sizzlers to have dinner after much insistence from him..I didnt wanna spend too much money coz why pay more just because it's VDay? But Sizzlers was damn yummy.. I love the salad bar and the all important sundae bar!!! Ate way too much..mainly coz I was happy! ;)

Valentine's Day 2005!!

I agree that you shouldnt only show love and passion on VDay.. Then what about the rest of the days??? But there's something about VDay laa.. It brings out the romantic in everyone.. ie my bf!!

When I was single, I'd shrug off VDay with a casual noncholance.. Ya know how it is..The whole world seems to be attached and girls would be swingin their roses under your nose.. Couples hand in hand and deep inside..You'd wonder..I want that..When will I get that??

Now that I have that.. I'll tell ya one thing.. I never want to let it go.. Not when I know its so right.. Not when I know he's the one.. THE BLOODY ONE.. He keeps telling me he's lucky to have me in his life..But god knows what state I would be in now if not for him.. He's my Vikram-Rock fantasy come to life..Hahaha..

I love ya baby..


Friday, February 11, 2005

Batam shopping soo kicks major ass...

So we awoke bright and early to catch the ferry to Batam.. I seriously thought that no one would be going along with us considering everyone would be busy visiting and all..

We walked into the ferry ticketing place and saw...



Sighz.. So waited whilst my dad got us the tics for the 10 plus ferry.. Was pretty excited considering this was my first trip there.. So as usual I got camera-whorey.. These are a collage of self-obsessed pics throught the trip..Hehehe..You know me laa..

Me In Batam

Once we reached Batam..I started to get seriously creeped out by the stares the locals gave me.. Seriously..Very creepy..

But we had a very nice cab driver who drove us to wherever we wanted in the 2 days.. Our hotel was damn niceeeee... Went for a swim..Experienced the sauna with my mum and sis..

And the most impt part..SHOPPING!!! I bought 3 bags, a top, a corset and other goodies.. All bloooooooodyyy fuckin cheap... Cheeaapp cheeaap cheeapp... Haha... I'm so goin back to shop again.. At first it felt weird to spend like 1/2 million on shopping... I almost had a heart attack the 1st time I saw them ring up the cash register.. 500,000!!! Aarggh... Then I realised its in rupiah and it was only about 100 bucks..*Phew*

Us In Batam..

Another reason to go to Batam..The FOOD....The extremely delish but damn cheap FOOD... We went to this nasi padang shop and this guy carried about 15 dishes at once in his hands to our table!! I was just worried he would accidently drop the whole thing in my lap..

Here's like half of the dishes..


And here's when we were done!!!


But I couldnt wait to get back to Spore by the afternoon of the next day.. It was bloody hot there and I just felt ick.. But I had to get this shot of the toilet display in our hotel lobby.. I was lookin and wondering why the hell is the girl shorter than the guy?? First I thought "Basket..They think all girls are shorter than guys ah!!"

Then I looked closely...

You look toooo...

Can you see???

The girl is freakin sitting down to pee!!! With her hands under her chin..

And the guy is standing up to pee..With his hands ermm..positioned the way it should be..I guess..

Hahahahahahaha..So cute right...

Funny Toilet Sign

I was so bloody tired when I reached home..But I still had to compile my project which is due on Mon.. Sigh.. And I had to wake up early today to go for a proj meeting at Checkers again.. After which I came home and got ready to go to the temple with the bf.. Who is going to KL tommorrow!! Basket.. He didnt tell me till today!!! I was majorly pissed..

Then I started thinkin of all the times I blew up in his face coz he went out with his friends.. And how he doesnt say anything when I go out with my friends.. But you see..I'm just worried he'll start drinking again.. I despise him drinkin with his friends coz they never know when to stop.. If you know Indian men..Most of them are really strong drinkers and can drink till the cows come home.. But they never know when to stop.. And drinkin that much will hurt them in the future.. Sigh..

But I calmed down.. He deserves some fun after all that exam stress he's been through.. Anyhoo I prob wouldnt have time to go out with him this weekend.. Have to bake my V Day cookies!! I've gotten many orders and I thank all those who have supported me so far!! You guys rock!!

Yawn.. Gtg hit the sack now..Pleasant dreams everyone..


Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Holiday are here to stay... Lalalala..

Had a blast after class yesterday..First I had to go and deliver all my cookies to my classmates.. It was a damn pleasure to get money for all that hard work..Hope ya guys are enjoying the cookies!! Decided to cut class early coz Sherman was blabbing on and on.. Went to thread my eyebrows with Daphne at Orchard Towers..

Yes Orchard Towers... I know.. Weird place to have a beauty salon huh..Indian one at that..

But she was suprisingly good.. And quite convenient coz we were gonna have dinner with the rest of the guys after that.. Only thing was having to deal with the stares and come-ons from the horny ones at the bloody Orchard Towers..Sheesh..

Headed to Far East...The temptation to shop again hit me so bloody hard I had to ask my friend to please hit me on the head if I even contemplate taking out my ATM card.. Met the rest of the guys and had a yummy dinner at Sakura's.. Met Monica after that coz she was in town and needed my expertise on buying a pair of pants!! Hahaha..Sumi no shame again..

But I missed like half of Desperate Housewives..The funny half!! The one where she gets locked out of her house naked!! Damn..All because Monica couldn't decide on which almost-the-bloody-same pants she wanted to get...*Mumbles*

And I just got back from watching Constantine..Yes...I got tics on the very 1st day it opened.. Coz I woke up at 9am to book the tics.. Sigh..The things I do for the bf.. Coz he ABSOLUTELY had to watch the movie TODAY.. And guess what...I enjoyed the movie more than him..He was getting a lil bored after he noticed that there wasnt enough blood and gore in the movie.. How sad..For me..

Can you imagine what I go through?? How many B grade horror movies I have watched?? In the last 4 years I have watched every horror/vampire/ghoul/blood and gore movie made.. Trust me..I have... And I wait till my comedies come out on VCD..Coz he literally falls asleep in all MY movies.. He fell asleep in Harry Potter for god's sake!!! HARRY POTTER!! I live for Harry Potter... I've read all the books at least 3-4 times over.. Watched all the movies at least in the 1st week of opening.. I love Harry Potter.. Let it be known..

I'm off for my Batam trip in the morning.. It was already ghost town when I went to town just now..So just imagine tommorrow.. But yours truly will be living it up in a swanky hotel (I hope!!) with massages and lots of shopping!! Don't hate the player..Hate the game ppl.. Hahahha..


Monday, February 07, 2005

*Bites Nails*

*Whispers* I went shopping...


How could I not??? I bought new jeans..Which I totally love but practically cried out for a belt coz its a known fact that every pair of jeans or pants I have will not stay on my hips..They will definately ride down.. So I went belt shopping..I've always wanted a white one with studs..So I got one!! Haahahaha.. And the bf bought a white shirt at Zara for 90 bucks but which looks so bloody yummy on him.. Mmmmm.. But Orchard was damn crowded laaa.. Couldnt wait to escape to the car after getting my stuff.. And what's with all the clothes in pink??? I can handle hot dark pink..Not the sickly pale pink that is on every T-shirt,skirt and pants..

Have to go to school soon..Last lecture before the long hols.. SIM very good laa.. We are closed from tommorrow till next Mon!! Bloody happening rite???

Okie gtg listen to that Sherman lecture on Organization Design...*Sigh*


Saturday, February 05, 2005

Indian men can't get LESS romantic... Seriously.. Why can't they learn to be less of a baby wanting species and more of a writing romantic prose species.. Hmm..Maybe they CAN get less romantic...

Today we went to Taka..And passed by the department store..You couldnt miss that VD was coming..The whole bloody store was decked out in red,pink and white..Teddies,Hearts, Cards..The works.. I was like.. "Awwww..So cute..That Princess Doll is so cute right.. Ohhh that teddy is so huge..Wah those flowers look gorgeous" And what does my wonderful counterpart say??

"Eh KFC has this new offer..Wanna go?"


I give up..I really do..

Sighz.. Once he sent me this teddy on VD from a florist.. I would have been totally suprised.. If it was not for the florist calling me 2 hours before to confirm my address..

*Silence again*

Okie laa..that was probabaly not his fault..But still..Its like..For once, I would like to be totally suprised by getting flowers in the morning...Not necessarily on VD..I find VD a lil stupid actually.. You only show your love on VD?? The rest of the 364 days?? Anyhoo..Being romantic and spontaneous is what I would REALLY like.. Like on days I feel like shit.. Like on days I'm PMSing..Right before/after my exams..

I used to dream of my prince charming to propose to me in the most romantic of ways.. Ya know..999 flowers with a ring in the middle..On a beach.. The proposal showing up on the theatre screen..

Somehow I think I'll end up with the agreement to apply for a HDB flat as a proposal instead..

But I love him all the same.. *Smile*


Can I Get MORE Self-Obsessed..

Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm tired..Baking for pleasure is one thing..Baking for business is another.. But the batch of sugee cookies turned out really well.. Check it out yourselves from the pics below..Though you won't get the whole picture till ya tasted them.. I was bored as usual before class last guessed it..I took self-obsessed pics..

Yummy..The Cookies Or Moi??

I wanna get new jeans.. I sense a shopping spree coming on up tommorrow coz my bf suggested checking out new Zara jeans for himself..So I shall pout prettily (Or not) and get my jeans too..Hahah..Mean no?? Thank god I am not one to taste the end results of her baking..else all my gymming would go to waste.. Its weird la..I just can't bring myself to eat stuff I bake or on rare occassion,cook..

On the subject of marriage..Here's a lil plea to my besties..CAN YA ALL GET MARRIED BEFORE ME??? Plssssssssss..At least one of you laaaa!!! I don't wanna be the bloody first.. Ahem..Not that there is anything wrong with being the bloody first.. But I just don't wanna be first..

As to quote from "Just Married"..."Then everyone will know that we've done IT!!!"..


Lame.. (Ya have to have seen the movie to get it..)

My maid irritates the fuck out of me sometimes.. She keeps demanding to watch Metti Oli (A bloody SunTV serial that doesnt seem to end..Bloody going on for 2 yrs plus leh) everyday..I WANNA WATCH TV IN MY HOUSE...Is that too much to ask for??

Basket..As if I owe her sial..The way she asks with so much authority.."Naan inniku Metti Oli paarthe theruvaen (I will watch Metti Oli tonight)".. Then she get all upset if I say I have programmes I wanna watch.. *Mumbles and Grumbles*

Oooh..Cornflake cookies in the oven..Must go save them..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: In Da Club Remix by Beyonce

Book The Diva Is Reading: Diary Of A Mad-Mum-To-Be

Diva Tip Of The Day:

We all wanna look well rested and glowy in the morning right?? But its so hard with late nights and what not.. Most impt factor to acheive great looking skin?? Moisturize!!! Most women moisturize at night before they go to bed..That's good but moisturizer is most absorbed into the skin right after your bath when pores are still open.. So lather up with your fav moisturizer after bathing and apply eye cream at night instead.. Eye gel/cream is essential for those who suffer from early morning puffiness,dark circles and eye bags... Keep your eye cream/gel in the fridge for a cooling effect before you go to bed..

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Can't wait for Anniyan to come out... My lausssss...My Vikram!!! *Drools again*.. Come here you hunkofburninglove... Mmmmmmm... Okie okie..Enough ogling.. That means you too.. Not that I can help it laa considering this pic has been my PC screensaver since the start of the year!! Hahaha...

Back to the cookies biz..I got 2 more orders!! Hahaha..And I'm baking choc chip cookies for Valentines' Day..Cookies will be attractively packaged and it's around 2 bucks for a package of 10 medium sized cookies.. Makes for a wonderful VD prezzie for your loved ones,friends and family!!

I hate night classes..Bloody HR class on a bloody Thurs evening...Till 10pm lehhh...Sighzz.. And this particular lecturer doesnt lecture on the subject..Instead he goes on and on abt himself..He brings along 4 of his assistants and drones on abt what a bloody big shot he is and how he knows absolutely everyone in Spore...*Yawns*

No rest for the weary..Gtg get my ingredients for my cookies..And ohhhhhh...Anyone else like Mochi ice cream?? The Jap one??? Ohhhhhh...I love them..Now you can buy from 7-11 and NTUC..But quite expensive and in 7-11 I only saw the sesame flavoured ones.. Not to worry, you can always go to Sakae Sushi and eat the yummy peach and lychee flavoured ones..

Enough rambling...


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm in business!!

The cookie business that is..

I brought sugee biscuits to school coz I made an extra batch when I was baking for my mum's colleagues.. Didnt know my friends were SO responsive to the biscuits!! I got like 3 orders for sugee and 3 more orders for cornflake cookies during the morning lecture!! Hahaha.. Imagine if I had started 'advertising' earlier!!! I would be rich!!!

Anyone else wanna order?? Just msg me..

Love is confusing aint it?? You wanna keep spending time with that person..But sometimes you just wanna scream ans hurl abuse at him.. You can't help but feel insecure at times..But when you see that face, you just forget all that anger and melt in his arms..Weird eh??

I'm sooooooo tired after gym.. Wanna go sleep but have my projs to handle first.. My Econs class today was damn confusing..And its gonna get more confusing..

Demand elasticity anyone???


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

When I get my own house..I only want huge,white, fluffy towels in my bathroom...

Okieee...I don't know why I wrote that...

I guess my weekend's burnt..Have to spend it compiling my group project..But its better to get it done so I can enjoy the hols.. I finally booked a suite at one of the hotels in Batam.. Massages and relaxation..Here I come!!

Its funny how your past always seems to catch up with ya.. Just when you think your life's back on track and everything's goin the way you want it to...Reality just slaps ya across the face..Twice..

Aaargh..I have a bloody 9.30am class tommorrow.. *Groans*.. And I still wanna see Manhunt on StarWorld at 1.30am... Wake up early for class or hot men half naked??? *Weighs options*

Do you really think I have to think about it?? You obviously havent been reading my blog long enough... Go on then...Go read my archives.. Hahaha..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Wonderful by Ja Rule and R.Kelly ft Ashanti

Book The Diva Is Reading: Diary Of A Mum-To-Be

Diva Tip Of The Day:

Hate taking photos coz you think you have a double chin or your face is too fat?? Well..A lil tip.. When smiling for the photos, push your tongue against the back of your top row of teeth.. It lifts the skin a lil and can make a diff in pics!!

I know a blog's all about expressing one's self and feelings.. But some ppl really write degratory remarks without even thinking... Not one to name names..This is an excerpt from a young Singapore Chinese undergrad's blog..

"i feel like an ah bu nehneh drinking in the afternoon"

WTF??? You mean only Indians(quite sad that we automatically know that 'ah bu nehneh' means Indian) drink in the afternoons??? You check out any neighbourhood coffee shop and you see Chinese ah peks surrounded with bottles...Not that I'm saying Indians don't drink..But the point is NOT ONLY Indians drink.. *Mumbles*

Another comment by her..

"have you wonder why all, or rather most money changers are ah bu neh neh? cos' they are more calculating?"

WTF again???? WE are calculating??? Hellllloooooooooo... I should very well think not.. But if I state my reasons here, I would come across as being equally racist..So I shall keep my racist thoughts to myself..*Hmph*

In my previous post, I wrote about the aunties at functions..These aunties don't just stop at the functions..There is the all important debrief which happens the day after the function..

Auntie No.1: Did ya see X's daughter with that guy yesterday?? Her new bf ah??

Auntie No.2: I think so laa..So close and all..X's mum no shame ahh?? He looks like he's agang leader with his tattoos and all..

Blah blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....


My bf updated me on the aunties' debrief on me..

1) Apparently we are a good match(Or rather we looked compatible)
2) I look like I can bear healthy children ( WTF??? They have ESP??)
3) I definately will look very good in sari (And they can tell this coz I was wearing pants??)
4) I'm so smiley (I'm supposed to burst into tears or scowl at them instead?)
5) I look very familiar (Perhaps coz I went on a nation wide Perfect Couple contest with him??)

Sighz... I'm gonna have a tough time pleasing everyone..