Monday, February 26, 2007

So my lovely sister sponsored a 'Happy Hair Day' out to the salon..Thank god coz my hair was starting to look like crap!!! And she was gonna colour her virgin black hair..So here's both of us acting like dorks on the bus..

And here's both of us posing like dorks at the MRT station..Had to get an 'After' pic rite..And yes it's even MORE obvious that we look alike now.My mum keeps getting confused from the back coz we both have coloured hair now..Hehe

And on to the highlight of the week..Dhool 2007. Never have I gone 48 hrs without sleep.I swear..48 hrs..After shopping for last min costume stuff on Fri, I stayed over at Ananthi's place to piece together costumes, hem coats, cut out PVC material etc..We worked all the way till 9am in the morning and then headed out to Bugis and Tekka to collect stuff..I napped on the bus home, grabbed stuff to wear the next day and headed back to her hse..Once again we worked throught the night and got ready on Sunday morning and headed to the studio. Met Preyaz there who was helping us out..Thanks Preyaz!!

The concept of our dance revolved around broken mannequins coming to life in a mannequin warehouse.So each dancer had a different look..Which the judges probably didn get. *mumbles* But I really loved how the dance came alive with the costumes and body/face paint.It was my first time experimenting with face paint and I was pretty happy with the results. And here are the pics.

So I present to you Ananrchy 99..In my opinion, one of the more creative teams around. We may not have won but at least we went all out to break the stereotype of Indian dance groups. Well done guys..You know we're all proud of you!

Sooo tired..I'm gonna go sleep again. *Yawns*

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Okie random makeup post..Khomi had asked me to do her makeup for an outdoor show thinghy that she was involved in. I swear my camera sucks coz it doesnt pick up on the colours..The eyeshadow was SO much more intense in person..*mumbles* But anyhoo..The woman is gorgeous already esp now she listened to me and got green contacts!! Hehee..

And these were pics taken over the weekend clubbing extravaganza..Haha..My thou got teal and golds done..But once again stupid useless camera didn pick up on the details..Help Vijay!!!

Have I mentioned I LOVE golds and blacks?? I LOVES it..Esp after I discovered this creamy gold base..I swear I have an orgasm everytime I go makeup shopping..Hahhaa..

That's it for now..I wanna thank everyone who has offered me support..Makeup is my passion.And I wanna go far with it. So if you need my services, do email me at and I'll get back to you! Thanks a bunch!


PS: A kind request.. As you know Anarchy 99 is in the finals! You've seen them do amazing stuff with choreography and concept.So please do your part and vote for them as voting makes up 40% of the score..Just send Vote 6 to 73388..Thanks a bunch!!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Phewwww...What an exhausting week its been..I've been out for 4 nights in a row..And it felt goooddd..Hehehe..Thurs my sec school friend cum neighbour Vick asked me out to Sahara..I had so much fun with the sheesha..Yummy cherry and mint! Then we made our way down to MOS..RnB nite baby! Met Nesh and his frens there. I was intrigued by this drink a girl was holding coz it was flashing red! Seriously..So Vick thoughtfully ordered 2 jugs of the drink which was aptly named Red Ice. And I happily took the fake ice cube which made the drink flash red home as a keepsake..Okie fine I stole it..Hehhee. That was one FUN night. I adore rnb+vodka+fun ppl..

I spent Saturday and Sunday with my thou..Sat we made a bold decision to club at Ashoka of all places..We wanted to hear tamil songs for a change..Goodness the club was crowded..But still we managed to have fun..Camwhoring in the cab and toilet.The other girls in the toilet were giving us looks but did we care..Noooooo..Hehee
Sunday we went for the Jay Sean Concert at Indochine in Clarke Quay. We went pretty early and they kept playing bhangra and hindi songs which we got sick of pretty soon..So Bharathi suggested we head to Gotham whilst we waited for Jay Sean to make his appearance. So I finally got to catch Odyssey(The 5 man exotic dance grp) at Gotham. And true enough we made the most noise and started whooping it up everytime a guy started taking off his top or shaking his ass.. So much fun! We must have shuffled from Indochine to Gotham abt 3 times coz everytime we went back to Indochine, Jay Sean would have postponed his appearance an hour later..So we finally managed to catch him live..*Drools* How cute is he??? My goodness..The man is TOO good looking.

Oh did I mention we took a pic with 2 of the hotter men in Odyssey..*Drools* Too bad abt Riann eh Joanne?? Hehehhee

I am like soooooo bloody tired now..I'll post makeup pics in the next post. I'm gonna go have my Abhishek Bachan movie marathon now..Yummyyyyy..


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day..Okie belated..But whatever..So what did I do on V Day? I indulged in makeup! I bot another 8 shades of eyeshadow online including 2 MAC pigments..Hehehe. And I did a mini makeover for my friend Shaki..The woman has gorgeous eyes and she kept saying my makeup was nice and how she never wears eyeshadow..I was like how can you NOT wear eyeshadow? So this was her with NO make up before..
And presenting Shaki after I got done with her..Hehehe.I started out wanting to just give her purple shades..But then I started getting adventurous..But she looks so preeettyyy!! At the end of it all..She's like 'Sumi you should just do this full time..You seem so happy when you're doing this'.Sighh I wouldn mind!

And the highlight of my day was receiving flowers from an anon sender!!! So exciting! I went to meet Shaki under my blk and my mum called me a while after and told me in hushed tones.."Eh you got a bouquet delivered to the house..Who calls you Sumi Jelly?" I was like waaaaaaaaatttt??? Bouquet for me??? I was so excited coz I'm not the kinda girl who gets flowers. Like I have friends who get bouquets delievered on birthdays etc and they take it for granted. So they dont understand why I get so excited when I get flowers.Hehe..

So back to the anon sender..There was a card attached as well which read.. "To the girl who thinks she is never enough..From A guy who thinks she is just great!!" There was other stuff as well..But lets not get all detail-fied..And there was a footnote saying I had to find out what the bouquet was in order to figure out who it was..And this was one heck of an unusual bouquet.I went online and found out its a cabbage flower, which looks weird on the outside but has beautiful shades of colour inside..Then I more or less knew who it was. There's this one guy who keeps telling me to stop putting myself down and has more or less been a wonderful listening ear and knows what Ive been thru. And when I asked him abt the bouquet he admitted it was him and said the bouquet was indicative of how different ppl view beauty and he thought I was beautiful inside out.. Cho chweettttttt no? I mean I haven even met this guy before and he sent me something so thoughtful.. *Swoons*

So I was having a pretty good day till I received this phone call from a new friend. And he's like my friend wants to wish you as well..And I'm like thinking this is very secondary school but what the hell..So the friend comes on and wishes me a Happy V Day..and when I asked who it was, he didnt want to say..So I just brushed it off as a weird phone call..Then in the evening my new friend MSNed me saying he was sorry if the phone call was weird but his friend forced him to make the call..And Im like who's your friend..And he says.."Sara"..My heart went cold..I'm like 'Which Sara?" He's like "From Hougang..Your ex bf"


Urghh..Like seriously man..Get a life..This is uber childish even for you..

Other than that blemish..I had a pretty good day. Hope the rest of you lovelies had a fantastic V Day too!! *Kisses*


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I had such an eventful weekend..So Sat I finally met Sarah after like ages for threading classes..We looked strange walking around together..Coz she was all sweet in a punjabi suit and I was feeling all hip hop in my outfit..Hehe..But it didn matter coz you put 2 girls together plus Subway cookies and you get a bloody good time..
After threading classes, Ananthi and myself walked all over trying to sort out bits and pieces of Anarchy 99's costumes..And when we got back around 10pm, we couldnt even rest.In fact we stayed up all night and slept for an hour at 6am!! And then woke up an hour later to head to Mediacorp! *faints*
I was kept busy the whole day sorting out costumes and makeup..You cant see it very clearly in the pics but the guys are all wearing false eyelashes with cut out feathers stuck on them..Which yours truly stayed up all night doing..Hehe.

It was all worth it coz the guys rocked the stage!! I mean I didn get a chance to see them rehearse in full costume before..So when I saw them live I was pretty blown away..I was so impressed with the choreography and concept..Though alot of ppl didnt get it..They were like..'Why are they wearing wings?' or "Why was the dance so gayish?'..Tsk tsk..But then again there were alot of ppl who were pretty amazed as well..It was so cool when they walked backstage after their dance and all the other dancers started clapping.Awesome feeling. Rock on Anarchy!!!

Hehehe..Now I cant wait for the finals!!! Ahem..I mean yeah..For Anarchy...Ahem..And of course..*cough cough* Tridiac..*Goofy smile* Is it fate when it turned out we were both wearing red?? Hehhee..Then again the psycho ex also turned up wearing red..But that's another issue..The point is the other male in question was also wearing red!! Hehe..Okie..I'm beginning to sound stalkeristic..*slaps herself*

*Nee Vantha Vaadddddiiii..You Wanna Get Freaky With Me*

*Drools* Hehhehee..I WANT!


(PS:A big hello to Naz..Who came up to me when I was at Mediacorp reception and shocked me by asking if I was Sumi..Hehhee..Thanks for saying hi!!)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Another Friday..Another clubbing escapade..MOS babbbbbbbbyyy.. Hehee.. It was fun, just me and my thou..Bitching,dancing,vodka-ing and dappangkuthu-ing..hahaha..And thank you for making me buy my red top..I laus ya many many..

I think I'm getting infatuated with eyeshadow..I swear..I've been ordering so many shades online..But its like a passion.The one thing I would really love to do is to become a full time makeup artist. But the reaction most people have when I tell them this is, 'What a waste of your degree!' Sighhh..My business degree will definately come handy when I decide to start a business of my own. But at this point of time all I want to do is get my cosmetology dip and get started..I'm happiest when I'm involved with makeup. I'm sure Sarah understands!! *smiles*

How hot is Tridiac??Esp a certain member of Tridiac??Hehee..I know I'm obliged to be an Anarchy 99 supporter but I am a secret Tridiac supporter!!! Hehee..And a few of you know why..*winks* I haven had a crush like this in eons and I like it!

I know all my recent posts have been pretty random..I'm not inspired to blog about anything significant.Then again..You don't come to my blog to read about political issues do you?? So just enjoy my random clubbing pics and when my online stuff arrives I'll show you what you're missing out on!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

*Bites nails*

Ring the alarm..I've discovered online shopping..Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Hehe..Sarah,the evil temptress, has done it once more and got me hooked on online shopping..Mainly for makeup..*Drools* I cant wait for my stuff to arrive!! And now I've just noticed I can shop for shoes as well!!! *Slaps herself*

Hmmm..wat else..Life if otherwise pretty mundane..Watching endless episodes of The L Word and Heroes, eyeshadow shopping,dreaming of cocktails in the afternoon,painting my nails,sending out resumes etc..

I'm not even inspired to blog.