Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I have been keeping so many late nights, I don't think I sleep more than 4 hrs a day.. The next 2 weeks are gonna be shit..

Couldnt take the stress of staying at home to do another report..So decided to meet Ananthi...Had a good time catching up and laughing over the small things.. I've missed her.. I miss all my gfs... I miss girly talks over lunches and cake!! I miss shopping.. I miss watching movies that we know are gonna scare the living crap out of us..

Speaking of creepy movies..Watched Hide and Seek yesterday..Not bad laa.The 1st half was pretty slow and boring..But the twist at the end was pretty worth it.. But I was so sleepy and headachy, I almost fell asleep in the theatre..

The bf is irritating me alot these days.. He somehow feels that studying is not as stressful as working.. So when I complain I'm stressed..He gives me this look.. Like 'Yeah rite'.. WTF??? Yeah I admit working is stressfull..Been there, done that.. But studying is also stressful.. Bloody deadlines and tests.. Sigh.. He SO doesnt get me sometimes..

Like yesterday..Wanted to watch Million Dollar Baby actually..But couldnt get tics.. So was at the back of the line and...

Me: Wanna watch Hide and Seek instead??

Him: Err..Anything laa..

Me: (Almost reaching the line) Are you sure? We can just have dinner and chill instead?? You don't seem very enthusiastic abt the movie..

Him: Can laa..You want to watch right?? Anything also can...

Me: Okie..

(Next in line to get tics)

Him: Actually the movie is a thriller you know.. I don't really like thrillers..

Me: (Ticket lady is beckoning me to her counter.. Gives bf sumi-is-pissed look) What?? Now then you tell me?? So how..DECIDE...

Him: Oh..err..okie la..nvm..we'll watch..


Wah liao..I was damn pissed after getting the tics.. Was almost close to screaming at him in the middle of JP.. Thank god I saw Anderson's Ice Cream and got my Mint Choc Chip to calm me down.. *Mumbles*

Okie..I have a bloody Econs class at 9.30am later.. Gtg enter lala land..Where I'm thin and everyone else is not..