Thursday, October 20, 2005

I know..I know.. I'm just too busy... I was thinking of just shutting the blog down.. But I just couldn't..

Let's see.. I went for VStar finals.. And made a fool out of myself by screaming and singing into the camera.. My phone kept vibrating through out the show with friends going.. "Famous la you".. "Shabir supporter huh?".. "Eh the cameraman likes you"... "Eh why your face like that after the dance?"..

Hahahaha.. What to do? I just got caught up in the whole finals fever..

What else.. Been clubbing alot.. Drinking WAY too much.. Coming home at 4 am is now a norm.. My life's like a whirlwind now.. But I seem to be emotionless.. Friends keep telling me I'm not myself.. The bubbly..forever smiling Sumi.. But I just can't deal.. Hopefully time will be my best friend..

I need to get serious about my exam revision.. I just wanna get it over and done with and head to Melbourne!! I need a FREAKING break..

Have ya ever found that one person who just does it for you??? Emotionally and physically??? I thought I did.. But he thought otherwise.. Sigh..

Oh well..