Saturday, January 27, 2007

It was a 'Happy High' clubbing outing with the 2 besties-male and female. It was spontaneous,laugh out loud at nothing in special kinda fun. And I didn even drink la!! Okie I didn drink much..Vodka cranberry rocks my world. Seriously..It does. And I did thou's smokey eye makeup complete with glitter eyeliner and she looked HAWT! Finally she let me use darker colours on her and true enough she pulled the look off..(You can thank me later Ms James..Hehe)

I went for threading class like a zombie and let Sarah do my full face..Wahhhhhh..Its not her fault laa..Coz I've never done full face before..But it hurt like HELL!! But I do look a tad bit fairer now..Hehehe..

And I dunno why this happened but I was walking back home listening to Mary J Blige's No More Drama on my Mp3 player and tears just started flowing. The more I listened to her lyrics the more I started reflecting upon my own life. And every single word just made so much sense.

"No more drama in my life no ones gonna make me hurt again"

It feels so good when you let go
Of all the drama in your life
Now you're free from all the pain
Free from all the games
Free from all the stress
So find your happiness
Only god knows where the story ends for me
But i know where the story begins
Its up to us to choose
Whether we win or lose
And i choose to win

Now..I have to blog about people who are in denial about ME being in denial. You know who you are..Look..You don't know me.And you probably never will. Don't come and tell me I'm in denial about my ex. Seriously.And don't come and tell me men will be men and we women have to 'adjust' and live with the grave mistakes the men make. What kind of women are you?? And NEVER tell me how to live my life and telling me that I am potraying a wayward image of myself on my blog. Ppl can judge me all they want and I know YOU are just dying to believe I am a party girl who sleeps around but I know myself and I believe I make right decisions..The one wrong decision I made was probably 5 yrs ago when I let the cheating ex back into my life after finding out he cheated once. Why you people keep him on a fuckin pedestal,I have no clue..But don't annoy me by telling me I am in denial. THAT pisses me off BIG time. Coz you have NO fukkin clue.


Thursday, January 25, 2007

Now we women have been shoe addicts for a long ass time. We just can't help walking past a shoe store without peeking in. And we sometimes get a mini orgasm after purchasing that fabulous pair of red heels at a discounted price..
Okie maybe its just me that gets the mini orgasm.
Anyhoo..Ppl have been asking about my growing shoe collection and my best friend has strict orders from my mother never to let me buy another pair of shoes. That's why I like shopping alone!!
So I present to you my lovely shoes..And these are not it.I have several others..But I was too lazy to take them out of the boxes.
And a closer look at my more interesting and favourite pairs..These are my dominatrix-goth clubbing shoes.. Pair them with red lipstick and you're good to go.*Winks*

Oooo..My bargain find from Payless Shoes in Melbourne..I think I got them for like 15 bucks only! But like most of my shoes,I've only worn them once!

Ahhhh..My red laus..I ADORE my red heels..But I haven gotten a chance to wear them yet coz most of my dates have been..ahem..vertically challenged..So heels are a no-go..But still..*Drools*

My slut interview shoes..I adore wearing these heels to interviews and presentations..Makes me feel very Lucy Liu like in Charlie's Angels..Just give me a whip and a black suit..*Meow*

My favourite clubbing heels..I've been wearing this pair out. But it goes with almost everything I wear to club..*Sayangs*

Hehe..Sumi was being naughty last week and secretly bought this pair for only $25 at Charles and Keith..Such a buy!

And then we have the 'what was I thinking heels'..Hehe..The psycho ex had a 'whore effect' fetish..And bought me these heels..Which I call my whore shoes..And can you believe I have clubbed,ran to catch a cab and shopped in these shoes? *Cringes*

Hehe..I LOVE my shoes..And I want more..

On another note..My mum turned 50 yesterday!! I know you're expecting the sentimental post at this moment.But I'll do that on sat after her suprise party..

Okie..Watching American Pie:Naked Mile now..How cool is the internet??? Hahha


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What a week of shopping!! I was happily spending money like water..But how could I resist..Especially this glitter eyeliner from MAC..OMG..I am in love with this peacocky colour at the moment..From eyeshadow to bags..So when I saw this I just HAD to get it..

And this is how it looks like on..Though I didnt really draw a very thick line..But the effect is pretty dramatic in person..I like!!

And I've been in a very corset-y mood these days..And with all the sales going on..I found 2 great corsets at great prices..The first is from Dorothy Perkins..Was around $33 only! The 2nd one's from Topshop, reduced to $39 from $93!! *Drools*

My new obsession..Clutches!! I have like 6 clutches already and I love them all..This one was a steal at John Little..20 bucks only!

So yesterday I made plans with Sarah to meet up..And the woman brought me to the promised land called Sephora! *Faints* I swear I heard Hallelujah playing in the background when I saw the counter..I just didnt know what to buy first! In the end I just got one yummy lipgloss..But i swear I'm going back tommorrow..

Then Sarah brought me to Harry's Bar at Boat Quay coz her bf Dave works there..And me being the Harry's Bar virgin got all excited coz I got to try the yummy cocktails! I had something called the Harry's Bellini which had loads of champagne in it and a Mountain Breeze I think..Alcohol+Yummy cheese bites+sizzling conversation+hot Sarah=1 very fun Tues night out!

Then I got all sick in the middle of the night..But who cares coz I am happily watching back to back episodes of The L Word online!! Who doesnt enjoy an entire drama series dedicated to lesbians?? *Winks*


Sunday, January 21, 2007

What an eventful weekend..Spontaneous Momo clubbing with Michael and his friends..And when Ganesan turned up, it just got better..Okay let me start by clarifying the status of Ganesan and myself..Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT a couple and we are NOT happily attached.. Thank you very much.. Ganesan is sorta like my male bestie..My fellow Jurong West kaki,3am movie cum bitching partner who gives me advice on the male species which can be hard to digest at times but which I know is true. That's why I am comfortable enough to post such dumb ass pics of us on my very public blog..Coz I know what I have with him is pure friendship. Another reason we will never be a couple is coz we know WAY too much about each other to even consider anything..Hahahaha..So hopefully this post clears the air..Coz we've been both getting info from ppl that we are a happy couple..Sheeshhhhhh..

*Yawns* I SO need more sleep. Seriously.

(P.S:Ganesan is not Ganesan's real name..Its what I call him..He likes to go by the name of Nesh. Hahahaha)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Busy busy 2 weeks..And since I've been too busy to blog..I've decided to do a random post..Ya know random things that come to my mind..Enjoy my NANSENSE..Haha..

* I adore smelling like fruits..I do..That's why I am a HUGE ass Bodyshop fan.My friends who stay over call my room a mini Watsons. Coz I have that many lotions,creams,soaps..Which all smell like fruits.

*I get bored easily. Be it homework,work,exercise or men. I need variety.

*I believe the man ALWAYS pays on the 1st date.No matter how feminist we all claim to be, its always nice when the man pays the 1st time. So stop being a miser and PAY! You'll earn brownie points instantly.

*If I actually find a man who doesnt want something from me and just wants to be with me for me..I might actually pass out and DIE..

*I still think Tyra Banks is a hot mama.

* I've started to realise that I am ogling more women than men..Hmmm.

*Contrary to popular belief (looks at Joanne), I do not, repeat, DO NOT have enough clothes. I have old clothes..Plenty..But nothing I would be caught dead in now.

*I admit I have a shoe addiction. *Blushes* I have shoes I haven even taken out of the box yet. Sue me..

*I wanna get my dip in cosmetology..soon..

*Dating used to be fun..Now I just feel jaded at times.But then the next hot guy comes along and I feel all better.Hahaha

*I love my thou very much. *winks*

*I want pink streaks in my hair.Badly.

*I like ppl patting me on my head..Makes me feel like a small girl..Haha.

*I hate awkward silences..So if I start rambling on and on, just slap me.I'll shut up. But that's after giving you a jab for slapping me.

Okiee..I cant think of any more randomness..If you want to add on to the list..Be my guest. Maybe I'll find out something abt myself I never knew before.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

I met Sarah! I met Sarah!! Hehee..aka Sassychix..Now I knew abt this gorgeous woman for a long time..Always have admired her makeup skills and her tell it all blogging style. So one fine day I receive a Friendster msg from her saying she loves my blog! So it started from there..So we've been planning to meet for quite some time but only managed to last week..And what fun it was. From corset buying at Dorothy Perkins to lunch at Swensons to random bitching!
So I reserved a table at my favourite chill out place at the moment..Cafe Iguana!! It had been so long since me and girls got together for some quality time.Plus I've been craving their signature drink..See below..

The MACHO margarita!! Hehehe..Yummyyyyyy..I had the entire mango one by myself!*Drools*

The food's not too bad too..I enjoyed my tuna enchillda..With yummy cheese..Mmm..

Saras on the other hand preferred her dessert..Sauteed bananas with ice cream.Heavenly..

Joanne had her own strawberry margarita.We had so many coz it was half price till 9pm..So each maragarita was only 15 bucks! Which is soo worth it..After margarita-ing I went to Phunk with Michael and his frens..Spontaneous fun,drinks and dancing..I had a very happy Friday! Though I was half dead in the morning when I had to wake up to go for threading classes with Sarah..Yes..Threading classes!!

Me with my thread!! Hehee..I didnt know it was so much work! I have to keep practicing like crazy though. We're taking classes at this lil salon in Selegie. Sarah's so funny laa.She cracks me up plus she's so pretty..I could keep looking at her eyes all day..Hehee.*Blush*

Oh and you'll never guess what shop recently opened along Selegie..A lingerie shop!! Omg so cute laa.All the stuff's very pretty and very affordable..The price range is like $3-$20!! Cheap no?

*Yawns* I need sleep.I've been staying up WAY too late these days..And I have the eye bags to prove it. Bleh.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Urghh..Singapore's shortest blogger has done it again.

Click here to read her post.

Omg..Like how bimbotic can one person get? First the whole racial Bangladesh thing..Then the handicapped toilet thing..Now of all things she blames a rape victim for getting raped!!

Wah..I was boiling as I read each sentence..She apparently thinks that just because the guy is hot and a US marine, he wouldn have had the need to rape a girl..WTF?? And then goes on to blame the girl for drinking and consenting to dance with him which she claims "kinda asking for it"..

Helllllloooo..Wake up your ideas can? You call yourself a female? Just because a girl goes clubbing,drinks or even agrees to dance with a guy doesnt give him the right to assume he will be sleeping with her at the end of the night. What stupid,fucked up,warped world are you living in?

I quote, "I know I sound ridiculous saying this, but Smith is totally hot. Rape is supposed to be traumatizing, but I don't see how screwing someone who looks like a hot US Marine, wait, IS a hot US marine can be so bad."

*Faints* Rape is rape..It doesnt freakin matter if the guy has abs and eyes to kill or fat and balding. Was she high when she blogged? Urghh..I am so pissed off now I cant even blog straight. So just because the guy is a US marine and the victim in question is a Filipino woman, it makes it right? I've always known she was a racist cow.Now she just proved it.



Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Acha!
I love my parents..I don't say it enough..But I do. They have been my pillars of support and a source of endless and unconditional love. They love me for me..The me who whines at home,who comes home late,who has moodswings,who has made countless mistakes. They might be angry with me one minute but never fail to ask if I want food from Tekka or murtabak from Zam Zam. They might nag at me for spending too much on stuff but they will still make sure I have money in my account or pass me 50 bucks whenever I head out. They supported me through my darkest hours when I was broken and didn ask questions..All they did was love me.
My dad has to be the coolest dad around. He has been the quiet giant that bonds our family together. He doesnt ask for anything in return for all he has done for this family. I went through this awkward phase in secondary school when I felt very awkward hugging or kissing my dad..Weird I know..And I regret every min of that phase. Coz I know how hurt my dad must have felt when I refused to hug or kiss him on his birthdays. For that I always silently ask for forgiveness and hope he understands that I was a stupid teenager with weird growing up habits. But now I always take the chance to hug my dad.Coz I've come to realise I only truly feel safe and loved in this one man's arms. For all the sweat and suffering,for all the times you 'pakat' with me and not told Amma I went clubbing,for understanding I am a woman and not a girl, for siding with me whenever Amma nags about marriage,for loving my mother the way a woman should be loved and for just being the wonderful person that you are..I love you Acha..
I really do...

Monday, January 08, 2007

So since I'm not your everything,
How about I'll be nothing?
Nothing at all to you
Baby I won't shed a tear for you
I won't lose a wink of sleep
'Cause the truth of the matter is
Replacing you is so easy
Telling me how I'm such a fool,
Talking about how I'll never ever find a man like you
You must not know about me
I could have another you in a minute
Matter fact, he'll be here in a minute
I can have another you by tomorrow
So don't you ever for a second get to thinkin'
You're irreplaceable...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I thought I got stronger.I thought I could deal with all the insecurities that come with meeting someone new.I thought that finally someone would treat me right.I thought I had finally broken the cycle. I thought that finally this time would be different. I thought he wouldn be like the rest.
I thought wrong.
*slaps herself*

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

I had soooooo much fun with my two lovelies..It didn matter we missed the countdown at the club..All that did matter was that we were together for the moment..We we walking along Clarke Quay when we heard the countdown from all the clubs..So we just counted down along with the masses of ppl along Clarke Quay.

And as everyone predicted we ended up in Gotham.We couldnt help it. We knew we would have a fantastic time no matter what. Ham was back rocking the console!! Great music,best friends and a wonderful crowd..What more could one ask for?

Then I logged onto Friendster to write a birthday testi for a mutual fren of mine and the psycho ex's. And this was part of the testi from the psycho.."also through out tis miserable six years i had with some people.."

Fuck you till the cows come home..I wont deny we had our bad times but ask anyone and I will say we had our good times too..So for you to proclaim you were suffering and miserable for 6 yrs is BULLCRAP!!! I hope you burn in hell for everything you've done to hurt me you spineless, ball-less,good for nothing piece of turd.

Phew..That felt good. And a piece of advice.. Dont start calling me and threatening me coz of this post. I WILL call the cops on you this time.I swear to god.I refuse to suffer in silence anymore.

Now that that's over.. A big hello to Zee,a fellow blogger friendd of Ja's, who was at Gotham and actually said Hi!! I was pleasantly suprised coz alot of ppl dont say hi even though they know me. And it was nice to bump into Michelle as well..*Hugs*

I need sleep..