Tuesday, February 15, 2005

First of all..

Happy Valentine's Day Ya All..Muacks especially to Joanne and Saras..

Soo..I had a pretty crummy first half of a Valentine's Day..Mainly coz I had this bloody report to hand in today..Can you imagine the cruelty of the course coordinators?? To have the bloody deadline of a 35% project due on VDay??? On top of having a bloody Sherman lecture as well??

Sadists I tell ya..

So spent like bloody 6 hours in school editing the report after collecting my cash for the Vday cookies.. I could get used to this.. The startings of being my own boss..

Caught a bus to Toa Payoh to meet my baby.. We decided not to make this VDay a big production.. So decided on not so expensive gifts and a simple dinner.. I was already very tired and headachy by the time I reached bloody Toa Payoh..And he was late!!!

Then finally he walked towards me..with this heart melting smile and THIS...

My Love..

Awwwwww...Cho Chweeeeeeettt... He was so cute laa.. This bouquet was quite huge and bloody beautiful... Now coming from my bf this was a BIG thing..You know he isnt the romantic kind..So this was a bloody big shock for ME.. I was so touched.. Then I had to ask this very stupid question.."How does one carry this kind of bouquest ah??" Hahaha..It was quite some time before I got the hang of it..

Went to Sizzlers to have dinner after much insistence from him..I didnt wanna spend too much money coz why pay more just because it's VDay? But Sizzlers was damn yummy.. I love the salad bar and the all important sundae bar!!! Ate way too much..mainly coz I was happy! ;)

Valentine's Day 2005!!

I agree that you shouldnt only show love and passion on VDay.. Then what about the rest of the days??? But there's something about VDay laa.. It brings out the romantic in everyone.. ie my bf!!

When I was single, I'd shrug off VDay with a casual noncholance.. Ya know how it is..The whole world seems to be attached and girls would be swingin their roses under your nose.. Couples hand in hand and deep inside..You'd wonder..I want that..When will I get that??

Now that I have that.. I'll tell ya one thing.. I never want to let it go.. Not when I know its so right.. Not when I know he's the one.. THE BLOODY ONE.. He keeps telling me he's lucky to have me in his life..But god knows what state I would be in now if not for him.. He's my sun..my rock..my Vikram-Rock fantasy come to life..Hahaha..

I love ya baby..