Friday, February 04, 2005

I'm tired..Baking for pleasure is one thing..Baking for business is another.. But the batch of sugee cookies turned out really well.. Check it out yourselves from the pics below..Though you won't get the whole picture till ya tasted them.. I was bored as usual before class last guessed it..I took self-obsessed pics..

Yummy..The Cookies Or Moi??

I wanna get new jeans.. I sense a shopping spree coming on up tommorrow coz my bf suggested checking out new Zara jeans for himself..So I shall pout prettily (Or not) and get my jeans too..Hahah..Mean no?? Thank god I am not one to taste the end results of her baking..else all my gymming would go to waste.. Its weird la..I just can't bring myself to eat stuff I bake or on rare occassion,cook..

On the subject of marriage..Here's a lil plea to my besties..CAN YA ALL GET MARRIED BEFORE ME??? Plssssssssss..At least one of you laaaa!!! I don't wanna be the bloody first.. Ahem..Not that there is anything wrong with being the bloody first.. But I just don't wanna be first..

As to quote from "Just Married"..."Then everyone will know that we've done IT!!!"..


Lame.. (Ya have to have seen the movie to get it..)

My maid irritates the fuck out of me sometimes.. She keeps demanding to watch Metti Oli (A bloody SunTV serial that doesnt seem to end..Bloody going on for 2 yrs plus leh) everyday..I WANNA WATCH TV IN MY HOUSE...Is that too much to ask for??

Basket..As if I owe her sial..The way she asks with so much authority.."Naan inniku Metti Oli paarthe theruvaen (I will watch Metti Oli tonight)".. Then she get all upset if I say I have programmes I wanna watch.. *Mumbles and Grumbles*

Oooh..Cornflake cookies in the oven..Must go save them..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: In Da Club Remix by Beyonce

Book The Diva Is Reading: Diary Of A Mad-Mum-To-Be

Diva Tip Of The Day:

We all wanna look well rested and glowy in the morning right?? But its so hard with late nights and what not.. Most impt factor to acheive great looking skin?? Moisturize!!! Most women moisturize at night before they go to bed..That's good but moisturizer is most absorbed into the skin right after your bath when pores are still open.. So lather up with your fav moisturizer after bathing and apply eye cream at night instead.. Eye gel/cream is essential for those who suffer from early morning puffiness,dark circles and eye bags... Keep your eye cream/gel in the fridge for a cooling effect before you go to bed..