Friday, April 25, 2008

Ive been away for WAY too long! I think all my blogders have given up on me! But Im back! Okieeeeeee I REALLY like exclamation marks if you havent noticed.. Anyways Ive been REALLY busy with my first event, Secretaries' Summit, which finally ended last week! So I finally have time to update. Anyways here are a few random pics taken over the last few weeks!
Post Step Up 2 and Pre Arena!

Monica's wedding!!
Pre Street Kings!
Oooooooo...My new yummy Guess bag which Vijay suprised me with! I swear he's really good at suprises these days! I absolutely lurveeeeeeeeeee it!
Eons ago at Danny's going away party at O Bar!
Our post Valentine's Date!
My Sungstarrrrrrrr and me at Clarke Quay. Dont you just love dresses! I do!
Girls night out at Arena!

The 'You Sure..You Want..You Dare' Gang!
I swear Nurul was the star of Arena that night in that dress.. shaking that fine ass on stage! Hehe..And yes I am straight..Well sorta.. *Smiles*
Random makeup-showing shot
My lovely thouuuuuuuuu finally came clubbing!
She wasnt used to our cab photo taking antics!
Pom pom yallllllllll!
Fashion Bar..
I loveeeeeee this shot so much that its in a picture frame at work!
So all's been really good recently. Vijay got a really good job with a lil help from me. Ive been really busy with work which explains the appearance of the eye bags. But I love where I am now in my life. Its really peaceful and well..just nice! And god save me Ive started training for a 5km run! *shudders*
What I am looking forward to:
*June 6th ;)
*My birthday- I have been told by Vijay that I am not to plan anything ,so Im REALLY looking forward to this!
*Vijay's birthday
*More shopping..Oh god I love online sprees! I shop at work all the time!
*Watching Ironman next week at Vivo GoldClass..Reclining seats rock!
*My special date at Sentosa tml!
*Meeting the IBM chicas tml
*Halloween!! Weeeeeeee
*Sung's birthday!! OMG I LOVE her plan!
Okieeeee la..I gtg do some actual work now. I promise to update soon!