Monday, January 31, 2005

What a bloody busy weekend... After gym on Sat..went over to my baby's place to get ready to go to a family friend's birthday chalet.. Was feeling down and tired all of a sudden..

Been feelin like that for quite some time... I always have horrible headaches and feel like sleeping all the time.. Sometimes I just feel screamin at anyone who asks me a simple question.. Sighz..Am I breaking down???

Anyhoo..Was all prepared to face the aunties at the chalet..Ya know.. The "Wah,Saravana your gf so pretty..(Total lies)..When you geting married??" Sighz...If one more person asks me that question, God help me, I'll scream in their faces.. What's with me and marriage???

I swear my bf will get married next month if I said yes... He so wants to get married and have kids like NOW.. We have HUGE fights coz of this.. I just don't get his logic..I'm only freakin 23 and him, 25..What's the huge rush?? I don't wanna depend on his parents or mine after marriage and all..I want my own house and be able to stand on my own feet,pay my own bills, buy my own groceries..Ya get my drift.. Sighz..

I digress..

Just as I was feeling down and headachy again at the chalet.. This small hand grabs mine and starts swinging my hand.. I glance down thinking a child held my hand without seeing who it was.. And this cute lil angel of a boy was smiling back at me and happily chattering away to me whilst still swinging my hand.. I was speechless.. He then takes both my hands and swings them whilst leading me to the kitchen.. He is soooooooooooo cute, I tell ya!! Just take a look at the pics.. Adorable aint he..

Me: What's your name boy??

Him: Roshan, akka... Akka...Blah blah blah.. (But adorable blahs!!)

Him: (leading me to the kitchen)...Akka I'm very hungry..(Proceeds to look at all the catered food)..But amma dun let me eat yet!! (Pouts)

Me: (Smiling away)...Awwwwww

Can I get any more maternal??? Sighz..Weird how I'm not into marriage but so into kids... Anyhoo..This lil angel brightened up the rest of my night.. I felt so light and breezy after that.. Even handled the kaypoh aunties with a smile on my face..

Saturday brought me an angel..

Anyone knows any good Batam hotels to reccommend??? I know laa..Batam not very exciting right.. But it beats bloody Singa-TurnsIntoBloodyGhostTownDuringCNY-pore.. But i can't seem to get in contact with any hotels over there.. *Mumbles* I just wanna chill out and have me a massage or two..

Oooooooo....Desperate Housewives!!! Must find remote..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: My Neck..My Back by Khia (This song's soo me..rite Jo and Saras??)

Book The Diva Is Reading: Artistic Differences

Diva Tip Of The Day:

It's a short one..But useful... Ever wondered why your lips are always dry no matter how much gloss or balm you put on?? It could be because you keep licking your lips!! Yes..Licking your lips don't give ya a gloss!! It dries your lips instead!!! Exfoliate by rubbing your lips gently with a dry toothbrush and then coating with lip balm...Enjoy those kissable lips!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Phew..Having a week of celebrations this week..My mum's birthday was on Monday..Rafe's today and Mel's tommorrow...But we celebrated hers yesterday with a Marche lunch and a Mambo night!!!

I know its hard to believe..But I haven't EVER been to Zouk before..


It's TRUE...

Sighz...Always thought it was a a very cheena place with bengs and lians only... So was a lil apprehensive when my SIM mates suggested going there for Mel's birthday..But it's Mel!! So I had to go..

And to my pleasant suprise, I actually enjoyed myself there!! It was Mambo night and I had a great time dancing with all my friends...Was suprised that many of them a good dancers.. Phuture in Zouk plays more my kind of music so we went there for a while and I loved it..So Joanne and Saras..I'm SOOOO bringin ya all there when ya get back...Trust me..The music's good..Just VERY crowded.. But I can't believe how much a good time I had.. I thought I'd be very out of place but nope..I loved it..Mel really let her hair down..what with it being her 'virgin' clubbing experience!! Hahahaa...

I bought my very 1st hair flowerrrr!!! Hahaha...It's from Future State and bloody exp for a hair accessory..Which my irritatin brother went and blabbed abt to my parents!! *Mumbles* But it's so meeeeeeeee....I like!! Not sure if ya can see in the pics..I think the bottom right one,ya can see a lil.. I dun look forward to taking photos with my SIM mates..Only because they are all so DARN small, they make me look like a giant!! So I cleverly always try to sit or stand behind them in photos...

Slept at 4am and had to wake up to meet up at Checkers Cafe in Orchard for proj meeting at 1.. *Groans* Really had a hard time waking up...Dozing off behind my shades on the bus.. But Checkers is sooo cool.. I love the fact that no one goes there much.. So much cosier..And the food's good too..

Mel's Birthday!!!

Bloody tired..So no tips tonight... My bed's singin my tuneeeeeeee...


Tuesday, January 25, 2005

God..I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6am today... But it's all in the name of God..Hehe..It's Thaipusam today and we wanted to go early to avoid the crowds at the temples..We were not carrying the milkpots but went to give packets of milk..So we started out at the Perumal Temple..So exciting!!! I love the whole feel of Thaipusam.. Many ppl would balk at watching ppl get pierced continously but I seriously go to watch the piercings.. Not that I only watch, I carried the milkpot years ago and also pierced my forehead and through my mouth.. Was it painful??

No..Coz the pain was more from my eardrums tearing from all the screaming that was done to help me NOT concentrate on the pain... You have to concentrate on the screaming instead..I think.. Anyhoo..We then prayed and began the journey to the Tang Rd temple... And the journey of "Morru" (Diluted Yoghurt Drink)!!!! Hehehe...They always give out fantastic,free cups of the stuff on Thaipusam and each stop is different!! Yummmm...My bf automatically knew I wanted a cup when I passed each stop..I gave him this hound dog look he just knew..Hahah...I do it often... And they give out pretty good stuff besides drinks...Sweets, Desserts, Rice packets.. Not that I took laa..Only the Morru..

Wah Indian women come out in full force on Thaipusam sehhhh... Silk saris, so much gold it looks like they bought the entire stall, flowers...But some do look very nice whilst some just look plain overdone.. And guys!! What's with the animal print pants and shirts?? Sighz.. Beyond hope..

Came back and wanted to start on the cookies for my brother...But was pretty much a walking zombie by then.. Craved sleep so I zonked out on my mum's bed and slept for 4 freakin hrs!!! That's a record for afternoon naps for me.. Not that I can beat my sister!! Hahaha...She once only woke up at 4pm in the afternoon after sleeping at 11pm the previous night!!! How DOES she do it??? *Hides in anticipation of pinching and beatings I'll get later when she reads this*

Do ya all know they have an all chocolate cone Cornetto??? As in..NO wafer...The cone is CHOCOLATE!!! Yummmmm....


P.S: Desperate Housewives ROCKS!!! OMG....I love the freakin show... It's a toned down version on SATC which I also love...But it's still so freakin funny.. Definately a keeper..

Thaipusam 2005

Music The Diva Is Grooving To: You Make Me Wanna by Jadakiss and Mariah Carey

Book The Diva Is Reading: The Other Woman's Shoes

Diva Tip Of The Day:

With reference to the thunder thighs help request..I might not be the correct person to ask help from abt that!! But I have managed to lose SOME weight in that area so maybe I can give ya some tips.. First...Lots of cardio!! I KNOW.. It sucks to run and all but it does work.. Then do more repititions at the leg weights machines at the gym..High reps are better for toning and lastly.. When you're lazing around watching TV, do side leg raises.. Hope that helps!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

I hate being sick... I hate this fever..Ya know the kind..The kind where you feel the fever burning behind your eyes...

Anyhoo...I came across this in Friendster and thought.. 'Wah I can combine many tips into one survey!!" Hahahhahaa...So here goes...My personal beauty regime..

1. Facial Cleanser? Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Cleanser

2. Toner? Garnier's Pure Range Toner

3. Moisturizer? Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer

4. Sunscreen? Huh?? I dun laa..Which Indian does??

5. Foundation? Hmmm...Cosmoprof's Concealer and Mac's Studio range Foundation

6. Eye shadow? Wah Liao...Too many to count laa..But my favs are from Mac and Lakme..

7. Eyeliner? Avon's Liquid Liner in Black for the top and Avon's Pencil Eyeliner in Black for the bottom

8. Mascara? Avon's Volumnious Mascara in Brown (Brown's better for Indian skin ladies!! less harsh looking!)

9. Lip liner? So many again...Revlon's Lip Liner in Blackberry and some other nude shade..

10. Lipstick? Lip gloss more like it..Again I have many..But the new Revlon's range is my fav..

11. Powder? Body Shop's Powder in White Musk

12. Body Lotion? Body Shop's Lotion in White Musk and some other peach smelling one.. (I'm a sucker for fruity smelling lotions)

13. Body Soap? Lux Revitalising Shower Gel in Orange

14. How do you care for your hands? Moisturizer from Body Shop..

15. Perfume? Again..Many.. Sexy Graffitti from Escada, Deep Red from Hugo, Red Door Revealed from Elizabeth Arden.

16. Breath Freshener? I think oral hygiene is VERY impt so I have a mint breath freshener from a catalogue and also pop many mints..

17. Do you drink lots of water? Yeap..Water is essential to good health and also aids weight loss!

18. What's your favorite beauty magazine? Cleo..Shape...Female

19. Would you ever have plastic surgery?so, where and why? Technically I would never do anything to my body coz I dun believe in plastic surgery but when they show Extreme Makeover...I do think abt it..

20. How often do you look in the mirror and think you look good? Hahahahah...Constantly...But I dun think I look good laa..I just see all the bad points..Hahha..

So there you go..By now ya knwo that I'm a Body Shop fan..Recently converted one..I adore the Mango Body Soap/Lotion/Butter range.. (Hint..hint!! August's not that far away ppl!!)

Okie laa..I better go and pop some pills and zonk out..Got an early project meeting tommorrow..


Hahaha...How do ya like the new video thinghy?? My brother got it on his blog first and I went..

"Arrrrrghhhhhhh I also wantttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!"

So I did... Unfortunately ya folks with very slow connections and such will not be able to view the videos which I love...

And the very 1st video to grace this page would be..The Divas close to my heart...

...Destiny's Child...

Sighz...What I won't give for Beyonce's body.. What I would give...Hmmm..All my clothes (Alot ya know!!)...All my heels..My boots..My makeup..My bf (Take him..just give me the bod!!!).. Hahahaha..

Ya can also leave comments now..If ya notice below each entry..There's now a 'Speak To The Diva' comments section... Ya can tell me what kinda tips ya want..If ya wanna stop seeing my ugly mug so much (I'll still keep putting them is MY blog!!)..But leave me comments laaaaaaa... It intrigues me that I have quite alot of ppl viewing this blog...

Okie...Enuff modifying an already happening blog...Cheeeeeeeehhhhhhh....Hahahah..

Sumi No Shame..


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ya know..As years pass by..anniversaries arent just as exciting to celebrate...Esp in Spore...There's only SO many restaurants you can go and eat.. But we managed to have a wondersul time anyways.. The highlight of the day..*Drumroll* I got my first bouquet from him!! Haha..Hard to believe rite..After 4 yrs I'm finally getting flowers from him... But as I've mentioned, he's not the obviously-romantic sorta guy..But I love him all the same!!

4th Year Anniversary..

Yeah I know..I'm kinda slow in the whole you-can-make-your-photos-into-a-collage part..But I finally know how to do it!! Hahaha.. ya all dun have to bear with endless close up photos of me and my pores anymore!!!

Have ya all noticed how girls your own race tend to stare at ya when you're out??? Its reallllllly strange.. I came out of the theatre after watching Elektra and 2 Indian ladies waiting to go in to watch a movie kept staring at me!!

Staring..Like REALLLLLLLLYY staring..Not the 'I think I know you' look.. It was THE STARE.. All the way till I walked to the stairs!! WTF???? I kept looking down at my outfit..maybe something was wrong with my clothes?? Nooooo... I got pissed off and mentioned loudly to my bf..'Do I have an extra head or something?? Some people seem to find me very interesting..' That certainly did the trick.. Hmmph... But this happened many times..I have NO clue why..Sighz..

Gtg hit the gym now..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Gift From Virgo by Beyonce

Book The Diva Is Reading: The Other Woman's Shoes

Diva Tip Of The Day:

Want to have outstanding glowy eyes but hate over-the-top glitter mascaras and eyeshadow?? To open your eyes and have subtle shine in the eye area..Use a lil of your glitter/shine lipgloss (which is all the rage nowadays!!) and apply on your top eyelashes..The result is significant but not an overdose of shine which will set ya apart from teh drag queen wannabes!!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

It's been 4 years...4 years of ups and downs...Mainly ups..But several downs as well.. Many people doubted us..Thought we wouldn't make it past a year.. Those same ppl are now asking us when we're getting hitched.. We proved them wrong..All of those MF's!!!

Anyhoo...Happy 4 Yrs Anniversary to Me and You, Baby... Although its sucks that we cant go out today coz we both have evening lectures.. But tommorrow will be a blast....It betta be.. *Stares*

Okie blogders..Gtg enjoy my lemon red tea with extra pearls now... More blogging later!!


4 Yrs And Still Goin On Strong...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I just discovered the joys of Picasa..Editing photos like crazy..Had a busy weekend.. Went to watch this REALLY lame Vijay movie on Friday..Thirupatchi..Like seriously..What a dumb movie..Even for a Vijay movie, this was really bad!!! *Takes cover from all Vijay fans*..

Went to ECP on Saturday and discovered a new love..Malibu Dream from Coffee Bean!! OMG!! How yummy! And to think all this while I was drinking the Pure Chocolate and thinking it was heaven..Mmmmmmm... Took lots of pics there and this is the result of one of my first editing projects today..Nothing fancy..Just a lil glow here and there..

You Know You Love Me..

Sunday brought me to the Loyang Temple where my bf's brother was performing at a Pongal show.. Never been to the Loyang Temple before..Its apparently very famous coz 1) It houses ALL the 3 religions (Chinese,Hindu and Muslim) under one temple and 2) There are no priests around to conduct the prayers.. Didnt know such a temple existed in lil ol' Spore... And there were many people staring at this lil round slab of stone.. I was like..WTF??? Then my bf explained that the stone supposedly 'revealed' 4D numbers if you concentrated hard enough!! WHAT??? Then I better stop studying and working and just go there everyday to stare at the stone laaaa... *Mumbles*

You Go Boys..

My dad went to Batam and brought back alot of yummy goodies like kueh lapis and all... But this time he brought back chocolate..

Not just any chocolate..

Toblerone chocolate...

Not just any Toblerone chocolate..


Bloody Huge..

Hahahaha...I was so shocked at how huge it was... See..I even placed my phone next to it so you can compare the size diff...

Believe Meee.. Its hugeeeeeeeee....1 piece and I was stuffed already..

Having a bloody headache since Sunday.. And it got worse when I attended Sherman's 1st OSD lecture..Wah liao...He wants us to think..REALLLLLLLLLyyy out of the box!! Sighz...But at least our DPP and OSD projects are underway now..So that gives me a lil sense of relief.. A lil..

I cant believe how diff this photo looks from the original..Hahahah... Another result of yet another self obsessed night with my camera!!

Wanna Say Woah..

Sighz.. Have to go research for my projects now..And I still have this pounding headache..

Is it possible to feel all alone though you're surrounded by people???


Friday, January 14, 2005

Have I mentioned I hate cramps??

Cramps that rip you in two and will not allow you to awaken from the bed??

Yeah...I hate cramps.. And I hate it even worse when I don't have Ponstan to help defend me against the powers of the bloody cramps... Bleugh...

My whole house has been infested with the bloody flu virus... My siblings both,have had the flu for a week plus..with like 2 days mc each.. and my sis's flu has gotten so worse, she has some blood infection because the fever hasn't gone down yet.. Scary.. I keep making the 'X' sign at her and warned her i better not get sick coz I really can't afford to get sick and miss classes and project meetings!! Hahah..I know..I'm such a meanie... Eh but in this week she has already got 4 days MC lehhhhhhhhh.... I can't even afford to take MC..I will so fall back in all the subjects..

Donation volunteers are becoming younger...and CUTER.. After class yesterday, on the way to the canteen.. we were bombarded by a group of the cutest lil nursery kids..who came up and asked us

'Excuse meeeee...Would you like to donate to the tsunamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii???' ...Insert cute smile.... to resist??? And then they offered us ice cream which was free..But declined laa.. Bloody paiseh taking ice cream from a kid!! But so cute laa... Donate to the tsunamii???? Hahhaaha...

Okie.. gonna go shampoo my hair in Organics Fruit Fusions... Anyone for an orgasmic experience?? *Sly smile*


You Think Ya Know Me??

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So there I was minding my own business..walking towards Big Bookshop in Clementi..When this woman hands me this leaflet..So i took it and started to walk off...She jerks me back by the hand!! And ushers me to a seat and says I can have a free trial massage before I can say NOooooooooo.... I REALLY didnt have time nor the patience for all this..But once she touched my foot!!! Sighzzzz....

What a feeling!!! I felt so bloody relaxed... But at the same time I was wondering if I had shaved my legs that morning!! Hahaha...Needless to say I signed up for the full 40 mins massage for like 35 bucks which came with some lymph drainage massage too.. Pretty good deal... I went yesterday and had a bloody good time being pampered... Slept like a baby..

Had a bloody long day today in school.. OSD is pretty interesting considering I hated OE... But the visiting lecturer was pretty pissy today.. Anyone who entered the class after 9.30.. She was like.. "Hi..I'm Margaret..You're late.. Take your notes and sit in the 1st row".. Complete with silence at first and then a steely stare.. Thank god I came on time..I would have been super embarrased if I had to go through that.. Every time the lecture door creaked open, I would cringe in anticipation of her tirade..

Today is Joanna's birthday!! So a huge grp of us went to NYDC in Holland to celebrate.. Again we were the bloody noisiest..But so much fun and laughter.. I can't believe how close I've let myself become with these guys.. It's so funny.. But I really feel super comfortable with this bunch and we have so much fun all the time.. Except when it comes to projects.. Sighz..

Gonna have a long day tommorrow as well.. Lectures in the afternoon till 10pm..Shit.. I really hate myself.. I can't help but feel inadequate.. On the outside,I'm a superconfident go getter..But deep down, I'm super insecure..low self esteemed..and bloody self critical... *Gasp* Yes..I don't like who I am..physically and mentally.. I make fun of myself and laugh at myself before anyone else can.. That helps me coz I die a lil death everytime someone makes fun of me..of how I look. I laugh it off most of the time..But when I start thinking about it, I just feel like disappearing.. I break down all the time..Inside... I start questioning my bf..'why the fuck are you with ME and why the fuck do you want to be with ME??'.. I get pissy at everyone.. I am a paranoid bitch..


P.S: I cant believe I just bared my soul..just a lil bit...But still.. This has been with me and prob will always be, for my whole life... You think ya know, but ya really don't..

Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Killin' Me Softly by The Fugees

Book The Diva Is Reading: The Not-So-Perfect Man

Diva Tip Of The Day:

For a night out, you definately wanna shine and stand out right?? For wonderful night shine lips.. After applying your fav lip shade and gloss.. Smear a dab of shiny/glittery lip gloss to the middle of your lips only... Trust me..You'll have delish looking lips all night..

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Sometimes I just wanna pull my hair out and scream...

Or better...

Pull my bf's hair out and scream...


That aside..I had a pretty good weekend..Went to my grandma's place in JB...Been so long since I last saw her... She's the only grandparent I have now..And I seriously love her loads..Though I know I don't show it enough... Family has and always will be the most important aspect of my life..

We ate so much in JB...I felt like a pig.. Seriously.. But we bought ridiculously cheap sushi at the Giant in JB..I felt like laughing.. Yummy too...

Actually I'm not in much of a mood to blog tonight... So I'll end here..No Diva Tip today people.. Something's just not right... I don't feel myself..Just feel like rolling into a ball and sleeping... Maybe its the stress THAT HAS ALREADY STARTED from projects.. Maybe it's him.. Maybe it's coz Joanne left...Maybe coz I feel I look like crap..

Maybe its just me..being me.


Saturday, January 08, 2005

Joanne's leaving on Sun.. Sniff Sniff... Sobbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.... Boo hoooooooo....Dun go laaaaa....

Haha..Bloody drama queen...

Gonna meet mah girls!!

Anyhoo...we went out and had a blast on Thurs.. Had to go send my Mp3 player to the Philips Service Centre coz I can't bloody turn it on!! *Swears* Then met Moni at Orchard and went Cahaya at Far East to have dinner..

Bored..Was waiting for Mon..

Then decided to catch a 9pm tamil movie at Yishun *grumbles at having to go to YISHUN*.. I tell ya..The rest in the theatre prob thought we were 3 very weird and noisy girls.. From the moment we went in till the end.. But we had so much fun!! But I hated saying bye to Joanne, knowing it would at least 6 mths till I saw her again.. Sighz..But at least she'll be back for good the next time! Yay.. Go finish your honours and hurry back k pandi!! That goes to you too Saras pandi..

At the cinema..

Reached home pretty late..But had to wake up quite early to meet my SIM mates for sushi buffet at Sakae sushi... We made so much noise in the restaurant, we actually got 'shushed' by the other patrons a few time... Bloody no-fun-in-their-lives, sticks in the mud.. You mean when you eat in a restaurant with your just stare mechanically at your food and don't make merry with your friends ah?? Stoopiaks...

We were sooooo the loudest...

Daffffffy and her boy..

We were monsters laa.

We ended up being quite late for our bloody HR class at 7pm.. Had to take a cab from Dover.. Then ended up having to sit next to this bloody bitch of a part-timer, (Part-timers are mostly old hags who have no lives and think they are more clever than us full-timers).. I had the attendance sheet passed to me and I passed it to her after I signed..She said "I signed already" and turned back to her notes.. I was thinking...Okie so just pass it on to the next girl laa..You want me to throw it over to her issit.. *Mumbles* So I like try to pass it to the next girl when she 'tsks' me and gives an impatient sigh... *STUPID BLOODY BITCH*

She 'tsked' me!!! The old hag 'tsked' me!!!!


Anyhoo..I just totally asked Daf and Mel to shift one seat down so I could get away from the stupid bitch..I would have so liked to pour her bloody carrot juice down her top...*Grumbles*

The lecture was also bloody boring... The lecturer actually said that in Spore, employers are colour blind and that we didnt need an Equal Employee Opportunites Act like Aussie has to protect the minorities' employability!!! I was like WHATTTTTTTT!!!!! You fucking hell state Mandarin speaking in the ads..which is a not-so-clever way of saying 'I do not take in any other races except Chinese'...Sheesh... I'm so not against the Chinese race..Not at all..I have MANY Chinese friends.. I'm just so pissed with the whole system... If he ever brings up the topic again, I'll so speak my mind...

Bored during lecture..

Any one else notice the increase in those charity ticket touts in MRT stations??? Usually Indians or Malays??? Basket..I keep getting asked all the time laaaaa... They seem to target Indians and Malays!! And they don't seem to get it when I said I donated already... I even show them the bloody ticket! But they still persist, they're freakin adamant I get one more..Its 5 bucks leh!! And I don't even know if its real or bogus.. I have a feeling its part bogus..

Okie laa..Quite long entry.. Need sleeeeeeeppp....


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Book The Diva Is Reading: Accidental Virgin

Diva Tip Of The Day:

Eyeshadow's great...But powder ES is boring and cream ES creases... Get with the times ladies!! Get gel eyeshadows!! It gives ya a great sheen effect and shine..Be bold and different.. You can get them at various cosmetic houses but you can make them yourself if you're adventurous.. Just add a lil Vaseline to your fav shade of powder eyeshadow in a pot and you have yourself a new toy to play with!!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Okay I finally have time to blog about my NYE celebrations since I don't have lectures today.. This NYE was one of my most carefree ones.. I loved the people I was with...I didn't have to bother about irritating specimens ruining my NYE...And we danced till our feet felt like dropping off!! We decided to head to Ashoka instead of the Stage 4 countdown coz of various reasons including not wanting to get wet in the rain!

So as usual, we all went to Monica's house to get ready..I of course had to torture myself by going to the gym first.. Somehow this year I wasnt that bothered about what I was gonna wear..


Hahah..yeah i know..I just wore a top I got on sale at Mango with my Chaos skirt..Pretty simple.. But my 2 lovelies were the brightest at the club in pink and blue!! Trust me...I have good looking friends..

Getting ready...

See what I mean...I lurves ya Joanne and Monica..And Saras who did not come back for the hols!! I miss ya darlin..

2 of the 3 who matter the most...

Now all of us have curly hair!!! Hahaha...

We know..We look good.. Haha

Alamak.. Me and half of Mon..

Curly Wurlies combine powers!! Me and Jo Baby..

Ashoka was getting crowded when we arrived..Thank god Mon's cousin got seats earlier..I would have fainted in pain if I were to stand around the whole night in my heels..

Shawn and his friends were also there..I have to say..My baby did look especially delectable in his new oriental-silk-printed jacket...Which I chose, of course... DO not underestimate the shopping powers of the Fashionista...

You ARE my world...

By the time the club closed around 4am...He was pretty much wasted... The pic explains it all!! I was content with my free vodka lime and long island tea which he bought for me...Yum..My fav drink of all time.. I didnt drink much..Why?? Coz alcohol has all those un-needed calories!! Which I certainly DON'T need!!

He is SO wasted...

I had sooooooo much fun dancing with my gals...Even though the stinking DJ played like 5 rnb songs the whole night!! *Hmpphh*.. We went for supper..errr no..breakfast at reski .. Had yummy prata... Went home content and loved...

Suprisingly I woke up pretty early the next day... Lazed around..Watched the marathon series of CSI from 11am to about 5pm... Then left for the temple with Shawn.. Which was freaking crowded.. I don't understand why everyone has to push and shove.. Even at the temple!! Sighz..

1st day of the new year!!

My bro's friend Hasinah (Ello Hasinah!! *Waves*)..suggested a new addition to my blog... So from today..I shall implement...





The Fashionista's Diva Tip Of The Day!!!!!!

Hahahahaha...I may not be able to do this everyday though..Coz I may not have the time.. But don't worry..Every tip will set you on the path to looking divalicious!!

Okie I promise ya the foot story in the next post..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Who Is She To You by Brandy and Usher

Book The Diva Is Reading: Her Man Friday

Diva Tip Of The Day:

Want your hair to shine without applying tons of products?? After conditioning your hair and getting rid of all the gunk... Just blast your hair with cold water before leaving the bathroom... (Assuming you know that you have to wash and condition your hair with warm water first...Coz that gives you the best results!)

Monday, January 03, 2005

So how's everyone's new year been?? Mine has been pretty good so far.. Today was the first day of school and I was pretty excited to see everyone and for everyone to see me!! Hahaha..

But what a headache the first day was...All the project details and such has started.. But we just have to push on forward... I think this sem, our groups will prob be more closer since we got to know quite a few people from other cliques... Sometimes being the only non-chinese may seem awkward, but my friends are all great and understanding. I love spending time with them..

Will be quite busy the next few days..But I will post with photos from NYE and so on soon...*crosses fingers*

P.S: Happy New Year Saras Babbbbeeeee.....We all miss ya here in Spore and you are a pig for not coming back!! Hahaha...

P.P.S: Interesting after school experience I will share with ya SOON... Involves my feet and another woman's hands!!