Monday, December 31, 2007

And here we have it..The end of another year..The start of another semi-emo end of the year blog post.. Actually this year I wanna give thanks instead..

*Sarah-aka my laus..Whom I only met at the starting of the year but who has turned out to be one of my closest friends. I dont need to say much. You KNOW how much you mean to me.. All I can say is we'll be shopping in our wheelchairs and hanging out at FB with our IV drips in place!!

*Vijay-Thank you for always being there when Ive needed you..For always knowing me better than I know myself..For making me happy with just your presence..For making me smile with your lil antics..And for making me happy by appearing in singlets and Polo Black! Oooo..And plus your lapdances and striptease..Public and private ones..*evil wink*

*Priya-My pillar of sane-ness who always gives me in-your-face kinda advice..Which is something I need! Thank you for always being my lovable skippy and here's looking to creating plenty more memories!

*Sung-My blonde pornstar! Thank you for adding plenty of colour into my life!! You have also been with me when I have been at my lowest..Never failing to perk me up with your squeals and sneezes!

*Joanne- My thou bestie..we haven been able to meet as often as we would like to..But Im grateful for your constant calls and sms-es when you know I am going through shit. And you know I got your back too darling! You have always been the one who gets me in an instant and words are not needed most of the time..

*Saras-My married bestie!! Talking to you always makes sense. And Im so happy that you have settled down and found happiness with a man who loves you the way one should be loved. Although you will be in another country, I know I can always count on you no matter what. And pls..Can you produce a godchild for me soon?? Like ASAP!! Hehehehe

*My Family- Every single one of you get on my nerves at one point or another..But..I still love you the most coz you mean the world to me..Thank you for putting up with my nonsense all the time. I couldn ask for better parents or siblings. Muacks.

And thank you to everyone who has been accompanying me throughout these years on my blog. Some readers have become friends like the IBM crew, Nithya, Santhiyaa and Anita. And for that I am grateful.

So have a fantastic NYE and here's to a better 2008! Dont make stupid resolutions you wont keep..Just be happy and do what you wanna do..Make merry with friends and family..Be healthy..Have fun!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Longgggggggggggg overdue photoblog!! Sorry I have been too busy with work and dealing with my own personal shit..Ive been doing alot of random clubbing and partying with all my lovelies..Starting with the most recent..Gotham with the girls.. which ended up with the guys joining us later on..Rock on Gotham!

Pre drinking at Clarke Quay..NO...We did NOT bring our own vodka..NO..We did NOT add vodka to Red Bull.. *smiles*

Feroz..Simran and Me..

The smoky effect pic Feroz took..Hehe

I look god damn tired here and we haven even started clubbing yet!Proper drinks at Gotham!
My Skipppppppppppyy!!!
Then the men arrived..Not that I was complaining...Haha..And then the vodka kicked in...
REALLY kicked in..


So my laus finaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyyyy came back after 2 weeks in India..Gave me a lil suprise at my office..I bet UIC building will never be the same again! So we decided to have a lil get together at Fashion Bar first before heading to China One..
Camwhoring at TCC!

The lovely earring she bought me from Indiaaaa!

The lovely Aarthi who was demolishing a mudpie at TCC..All hail the queen of CQ!

The pornstar..

My thou came as wellllllllll..after SO long balls!!!

We took one normal sane pic..

Sarah kept asking us to give different poses..And we just COULDNT!!! Simply couldnt!!

See still couldnt..But this was my fav shot of the night.. *winks*In the end I gave up and just smiled while he did his thang with his tongue.. ;)
But with Sung he could pose!! Hehe
Family bonding???
I missed this one SO very much!!!
Off to China One..The live band rocks!!
The best friend..Me..The Vijayjay
I miss the good ol' days..
The ladies at China One..
Super tired but we had fun!

We had a pre Xmas party at Sung's place where we stuffed our faces silly with turkey and pasta!
And then drank ourselves silly with Absinthe! The green fairy!
Random shot at O Bar for Roger's last nite out

And a shot of me camwhoring as usual...
Many many weeks ago, we headed to Gotham coz Danny was back in town..I love RED!
As you can see..I was a lil gone even before heading to Gotham..Thanks to the vodka and Baileys I had at Sung's house before!

Sung's mummyyyyyyyy!!!
The other yummy mummy!
Someone say makeup artists???
Phewwwwwwwwww ....FINALLY done! Now I HAVE to get some work done..