Thursday, September 30, 2004

I had bad news from one of my friends yesterday..Relationship problems.. felt so angry and sad at the same time.. Hope things work out for her..

I love the new Blackcurrant Aloe Drink..Damn yummy.. Went to Jurong Point and bought loads of that juice,carrot and grapefruit juice..Mmmmm.. I reallllly want a 'S' charm necklace!! I saw one at this shop in JP..But they didnt have 'S'!!! how can they NOT have 'S'???? It's like one of the most important letters in the alphabet... STRAWBERRY, SEX, STIMULATION, SHAWN and most importantly....SUMI!!! Hahahaha.. Anyhoo..the ones I saw were very nice..Set with diamante stones.. The other ones at Perlini's is just silver.. Doesnt have the bling bling quotient!

Okiiieee.. Introducing mah girlies.... From the top left..Saras..Myself.. Bottom left..Joanne and Monica.. Pretty pretty girls!! Wah liao when we went to take this pic, we were really lost.. the machines have gotten so bloody advanced.. Then the lady came to help us and she must have thought that we are the most boringest bunch ever.. Coz we refused to have any of the stupid designs they offered or lil things sticking out of our heads..Like ewww..

Mah Girlies..

So I'm stuck with editing my last bloody project..HR.. prob finish it by this weekend coz really need to get my butt down to revision.. Time really flies.. Feels like I just started the term and now its already exams.. Damn.. Feels like I'm drowning in a swirl of notes and books.. i NEVER had this many stuff to read for exams..Not enough RAM space in my brain laa to remember everything.. Well at least I am thankful that a HUGE % of marks are from projects.. Thanks goooddd.. Worth all that whining and complaining!!

OE's beckoning..


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Sometimes i feel that I'm being taken for granted..Like.."Sumi's always gonna be there for me and she'll do anything I ask her to".. It feels like shit..

I had the most boring-est day ever.. Watched the 70's show.. Fez is gorgeous and extremely funny.. "Row row row your boat,gently down the stream, Soapy soapy scrubby scrubby,Fez is nice and clean!" or "Say America Fez.. Amedica..No it's A-ME-RI-CA... A-ME-DI-CA..." Hahahaha.. I love Fez..

Should have been revising but nooooo...went to get more Garnier stuff.. I love their products.. and got the new Shape magazine.. Not FAIRRR...the girls on the cover are always soooo gorgeous..Not stick thin but healthy looking..

Tonight we shall all have the honour of watching the GODDESS of the music world perform on TV for 2 whole freakin hours...'re right...It's BEYONCE... Who else didya think?? Britney Spears??? Ewww..Yuck.. Beyonce's Who else wants to make out with her??? hahaha..The rest of ya'll prob want to be her rite??? Hahaha.. I know I wouldn't mind..

I wanna eat MILO ice cream..Can't believe I havent tried it yet..What with me being a newly converted MILO peng addict.. By who else..But the original MILO peng queen..Joanne!!

Lalalala Lalalala....ELMO songggggggg!!!


Monday, September 27, 2004

Lalala...Only 1 project to go! Woo Hoo..

Went to watch Dodgeball today after class..Didnt go last week coz we went to eat and jalan jalan at ECP instead.. God..Ben Stiller is the god of comedy.. But I still think Something Abt Mary was his funniest..Haha..

How many of ya think that couples nowadays are getting younger and younger??? Like freakin 11 yr olds are goin steady!! I'm serious!!! Like where do they go on dates?? So creepy..I'm keeping my daughter/son locked up till 16..Even then I still think it's pretty stupid to get together.. Oh Well..My Two Cents..

And what's with women and their thongs showing over their pants or skirts?? Yeah yeah blame the hipsters and shit..But there's such a thing called a V-backed thong ya know?? Sheesh..I really didnt need to know that my coursemate was wearing a lacy pink thong..

Gotta get my ass back to revision..This soo sucks.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

I actually woke up at 9am on a freakin Sunday! Wat else for...My 2nd last project!!! Yay.. I'll only have 1 more after i hand the ER one tommorrow.. Yippeeeee..

Weekends without going out are a norm with me nowadays.. Either I have something to hand up on mon or my baby has to study..But he cant come out coz he ran in the army marathon thinghy..

So I'm stuck at home..Doin projects..staring into blank space..How super exciting!!!!


Who's happier than me??? No one...I got me a new phone!!!! Like after eons of holding a 'dappa' phone and then begging my sis to lend me her phone..I finally get a spanking new phone which is sooo me! Its the sony ericsson T630..and I luvs it! I love the look..the wonderful camera..the nice purple layout i chose..mmm.. My bro told me that the ad for this phone was the one where the guy looked like he was taking a photo with a camera then it turned out to be a phone..It's that phone!!

My New Phone!

Finally manage to steal some photos of mine from my bf's place..This is my bf's extremely cute and bright cousin, Kirthika.. Everyone say awwwwwww.. She clung to me the whole day when i went to my bf's place for Deepavali last year..and everyone who came to the house was like..'Woah when did ya have the kid? never call me for the wedding also!'..haha..dumb jokers..


This was taken at the end of a very looong day of Deepavali visiting..Explains the tired but satiated faces.. I love my sari here..But not sure if i can go through another day of Deepavali visiting in a sari again..But saris nowadays damn nice laa... Hmmm.. And notice how Extremely long my nails were!!! My god..I didnt realise what the big hoopla was all about when people kept telling me they were really long..Until i saw this pic.. Unfortunately I cant see to get them to grow at all now..Damn..

Deepavali 03

Okie laa..So sleepy..need to catch up on me beauty sleep..


Friday, September 24, 2004

I slept at 5 freakin am... And woke at 8 freakin am... Sighz... My computer kept giving me heart attacks not wanting to print..I needed to print in colour! Then after much 'sayanging', it obliged by purging out the much needed colour pages..

So now I'm in school...Doing the final editing before going to bind the bloody thing..And then we will move on to the next task...Employment Relations projects..Sniff sniff... I hate this...No bloody break..But I DUN CARE...I'm gonna go see Dodgeball tonite..Prob leave my HR class halfway and go see with my baby.. I wanna wanna wanna go....

Ashoka's moving!! From an inaccessible place to an EVEN more inaccessible venue..Bloody Balestier!! Wah liao...But its nearer to go home by cab laa..Save on cab fare.. But dun think i'll be going very often..For one I feel 've outgrown the place...Two it's bloody expensive..

Oh Oh..Did ya know they have MILO ice cream???? MILO ice cream leh!!! How super happening is that???? Hahaha..must try soon... Till then shall sip my Milo Peng in computer lab now..


Thursday, September 23, 2004

Yaay..More photos...Can't seem to find the ones i want though..Oh well.. Let me introduce you to one of my good friends..tadaaaaa..Rooben!!! I was Rooben's mystery woman in a song he sang on TV (Venmathi)..Ya know..the one who comes in a sari, seduces the male singer, then leaves him all alone!! Hahaha..we actually parcticed steps all ya know..but in the end just impromptu stuff..And i wore this huge ass long wig!! Wah liao bloody heavy leh.. Anyhoo Rooben is a WONDERFUL singer..But unfortunately he's in the States at the moment..But i'll make sure he comes back in time for my wedding! (hhahaa..which is like years away!) I miss ya Rooben..

Me and Rooben..

And this is another pic of me my baby at the airport..He lurveeeees his denim jacket.. He has 2 and counting..I think this is the Levis one..The other is from Zara..i tell ya..this boy has more branded clothes than me.. Everytime we go shopping, its always Zara, Levis, Topman or some other shit laa..Expensive boy..But i still luvs ya!!

At the airport

Okie okie..My 7pm Chinese serial is on..


Finally managed to get my scanner fixed..So got all excited over being able to scan my old photos!!

This one was taken at Jeeva Gaanam 1999 i think..I'm on the left with the EXTREME short hair! How..nice or not?? Am contemplating cutting it this length again.. Let me know peeps.. And look who's in the photo with us???!!! CHANDRAMOHAN..only like one of the hottest men on Vasantham...Oh should soooooo hear his voice..As my lecturer says, its not about the looks..its the CHARISMA!! And boy does this guy have it...*Flutters fingers* Oh Oh..And this was the day my baby first saw me and in his own words, 'Fell in lust with me!!" hahahahaha..

Its ChandraMohan!!!

And this is a neoprint I really like..Nice???

Me and My Babyy...

Okay going to find more pics to scan..Later..

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Apparently there's something wrong with the bloody cookies and have to clear some cache thinghy in my computer(!!??!!)..Coz i can bloody post in school but not at home.. Sigh...Anyone can help with this?? There's always this strange outline in my post box as well as my hotmail accnt...Can't type in both!!

On to sch matters..In school now doing MOR and ER projects...Once these 2 are finished, i'll just have 1 more to go!! But can't be too happy then..EXAMS!!!

Don't even think i can enjoy my Deepavali preparations this year..well..the price to pay and all that shit.. I havent even seen my mum this the time she comes home, i would have left for school already..And i see my bf once a week nowadays..and that's only when he has the time during the weekends!

Joanne called from aussie land yesterday.. Had a long chat with her..laughing and laughing... Cant wait for them to get back... Miss all my girlies.. I have people inviting me to go clubbing all the time, but its just not the same without these 3 gals.. NOT that i actually have time AND money to go laa..Hahaha..No work life balance...

Need to go shopping laa..Bloody hell, i dun have any new clothes at all...And accessories...Need to get a nice belt and some earrings..Though my mum will kill me if i get any more earrings, shoes and bags..

I'll prob start fasting soon for Thimithi (Firewalking Ceremony)...Want to take Kumbudathanam(??) this year..Hope I'll be successful and not be unable to finish..For all my non indian friends..Its a ritual where ladies take 3 steps (one foot after another) and kneel..this process is repeated around the temple 1 or 3 times.. so its quite tedious and hell on the knees..But its only done when you pray for something.. My baby's doing the firewalking..It'll be his 2nd year.. No talkin,seein, touchin,no nothing for like 3 weeks!!!

Okie laa..Gtg do this project..


Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Isn't it strange that once you're attached..all the other guys who suddenly are interested in you come out of the woodwork?? Sighz...

Still can't post my pics yet.. Stoopiaks.. Well this weekend was quite errr interesting..

Went to meet Vijay and had lunch..rushed back to get ready to go for the lantern festival dinner thinghy.. Wat a disappointment.. The food sucked!! It was cold and eeewww... Then my dad sent me to Orchard where I met my baby and his friends.. Went clubbing andI actually fell asleep when I was in the club!! Like everyone was dancing around me and I was asleep on the table!!So damn tired from all those projects.. Quite embarrasing..

Then on Sunday went to Shuyun's ROM at the Carlton..Will post more on this with pics!

I really feel so burned out..Like one project after another.. Sighz.. I wanna see DodgeBAlllllllllllll.... Lovely Ben Stiller!!

I wanna go dancing!!


Monday, September 20, 2004

Blogger is screwing up on me time and time again..I'm typing this from the BlogThis function instead of the normal..which doesnt really allow me to post my pics!! I took quite a lot this weekend..At Shuyun's ROM!! My girlie got married!! Sniff sniff...So happy for her...

Okie..Shall have detailed blogging once Blogger fixes my lil porblem..


Tuesday, September 14, 2004

People can really misunderstand what's writtten in a blog.. I'm sorry if anyone has been hurt thinking i was writing about them..Actually I was not...Seriously.. But if you still wanna misunderstand, then I can't help it..

Once again... I'm Sorry...

Monday, September 13, 2004

Some people... Just don't get it..

Some people... Are just too sensitive..

Some people... Wants the world to revolve around them..

Some people... Just want the attention..

How do you deal with these 'some people'???

The best thing to do would to just ignore them..But this may not be as easy as it seems..

Hahaaha...Okie...On to more important things... I went to NP the other day and saw this girl I knew in Np when I was in yr 3...She lost TONS of weight!!! I was amazed..In fact i couldnt believe it! I went home, searched on Friendster and the pic there confirmed it..MY GOD... like seriously..she was quite big boned and she's like lean...and tall!!! Arrrggghhhh.. How??? I also wannnnnnnnnttttt.....It was such an amazing thing...Not one ounce of fat on her...Sighz....

I need new shoess...and earrings..and a few skirts.. and this top from Chaos...and new nail polish..Mmmm...Most importantly..I need cash!!! donate at right now and stand to win a balloon which Sumi blew up!! hahaha...

Yes..I do realize I've gone bonkers..What to do..Need to deal with 'some people' in my life.... ( Speaking f which..I received a strange call this morning around 6am..from a pte number...Only ppl with no balls will do shit like this..)


Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sometimes people can be so immature...Grown men and women..Behaving so childishly you wanna puke.. It sucks to be lonely..yes i agree.. But if a person has a previous engagement,can she help it???


Oh well..Went to buy my bro's birthday prezzie yesterday.. Bought Cool Water for Men..mmmm.. Such a yummy scent for a guy...Couldnt bear to buy him Hugo Elements coz that's what my baby wears..Would be tooooo weird! So then we had the regulation cake cutting and picture taking today before he left to work...

Oh ohhhhhhhh... Forgot to mention.. My brother has the coolest part time job..He's working in Eng Wah cinema!! How cool??? I get to watch free movies!!! Hahahaa...

I have to wake up at 8am tommorrow! Arggghh..Have another grp project due on Fri..


Friday, September 10, 2004

Lalala...Who finished their last individual project????


Hahaha...Just printed the final copy out... Phew... But now I have 4 grp projects to worry about..

Oh Well...

Gonna go NP to have lunch... After a freaking long time..Try 3 plus years.. So hungyyyy...


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Hell yeah I am...But I just don't have the time nor energy to do anything remotely fun related... To all my lovely friends, sorry I am unable to answer your calls or talk to ya for too long.. I would love to but I really don't think I would be a good conversationalist with anyone at the moment... God please let these 3 weeks of madness pass ASAP..

On a lighter note..I skipped class voluntarily for the 1st time in SIM...That calls for a celebration right??? Lychee red tea with extra pearls???? Mmmmmmmmm.... I just switch from Lemon..

Have ya all noticed young gals getting skinnier and skinnier??? Its quite scary laaa... To be slim is one thing..To be stick thin is another... Nowadays whenever I go for a wedding or function, I see all these skinny girls parading in next to nothing clothes...I'm not against next to nothing clothes(quite the opposite actually!!!).. But I think that actually having something to fill out the clothes would be a good idea.. No???

Hahaha... Guess some people would perceive me as being jealous..Hell No!!! Who wants to be a bag of bones..My bf would ditch me in an instant...Hahaha


Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I am so freaking bored and tired..So irritated to even wake up in the morning..It feels like all I ever do is do projects, study, go to school and go to the gym..So bloody freakin MUNDANE!!!! I wanna go parrrrrrrtttttyyyyyyy...Hahahhaa... I'm such an useless student...

But seriously, I feel totally drained what with another 4 plus weeks left in the semester and 5 projects to hand in..Straight after I hand in the last project I gotta get my ass down to studying for exams.. I am totally a zombie...I sleep at ungodly hours of the night, wake up at EVEN ungodly hours in the morning..and that totally throws me off my eating schedule...Which is the ONLY benefit from all this stress...Instant weight loss!

So to all the people who think that I am always whining, I say try it, then talk... I used to think it was gonna be easy too.. To the non believers i say....

BLAHHHH!!!! (Here's my blahh face)


(P.S: Notice the wonderfully beautiful earrings I have on...My brother's bd prezzie to mee!! So nice rite!!)

Speaking of which, his bd's on thurs..aargh super broke...but i always have my personalised ATM with me...Aka my Shawn...Hahahaha...Bad Sumi...


Monday, September 06, 2004

I forgot to blog about what my bf bought for me on my birthday... I know laa..abit late..

He came to fetch me after class and when he drove up..I saw this huge yellow thinghy sitting in the seat next to him..wearing the seat belt..i was like...WTF is that??? Then when I got closer, I realised its a huge ass Winnie the Pooh doll!!! It's soooooo big..As you can see..It's sitting on my sofa and its like a lil child! Cho Chweet No????


Okie okie...Need to go start on my Literature review on Job Analysis...So Sucks...


My very nice brother made real lemon tea for me..So yummy!! MMmmmmm...

Went over to my bf's place after a long time..been more than a week since I saw him.. What to do? Who had time with that MOR presentation?? I was surviving on an hour's sleep on Fri..Went to sleep at 6 am and woke up at 7am...and had classes all the way till 10pm!! How I survived..i really don't know!!

Have loads of photos, but too lazy to upload at the moment..Maybe tommorow..

It's so weird how some guys are.. I mean..I would love to have a really nice guy friend.. Someone I can confide in..But why are all guys wanting more than what I want out of the relationship?? It totally sucks..



Friday, September 03, 2004

The Good News..

My new computer's arriving Tommorrow..Yay!!!

The Bad News..

I have a freaking presentation tommorrowwwwwwww...Which we are still stuck in school doing...And don't get me started on my freaking HR indvidual project due next fri..Which I have sooooo not even started reading about...Arrrrrgghhhh...

I soooo need my banana caramel waffles..Badly...