Friday, April 29, 2005

Oh thank god for small mercies..

My Staffing The Organisation paper was an exact duplicate of a past year paper I had the sense to make a copy of.. Pheww..And I was taking a BIG risk by spotting questions and just concentrating on 3 topics.. And guess what?? The paper consisted of only the 3 topics I studied for!!! *Wipes sweat off forehead*

Oh my..Yay..I have only 2 more hideously tough papers to get through.. As well a wonderfully delightful major presentation 2 days after my last paper.. Oh how much I look forward to the next 3 weeks.. *NOT*

The bed beckons..


Monday, April 25, 2005

Friday was the Bollywood thinghy for TV12..Sorta like a tradeshow to introduce TV12's lineup for the coming year to all the advertisers and such.. It was so fun dressing up and taking lots of pics with the lovelies.. But I felt so out of place among all the skinny minnies in saris.. Sigh.. Now I'm damn motivated to do more cardio.. I also think I looked like shit in a sari..Now I'm not saying this coz I want sympathy comments from friends.. Seriously I was disgusted with myself.. Look for yourself..

I Like My Flower!

Bollywood Night..

Blah Blah Blah

Guess Who wasnt as funny as I expected.. And yes..I actually watched a movie again.. And my 1st paper is on Fri.. Wonderful eh?

The bf's flying off on the 3rd..Which is just wonderful considering I have 2 papers after that.. No moral support..No one to whine to.. No one to buy me banned Red Bull after I promise to make it my last (Yeah right).. For a whole freaking month!!! Hopefully my gals will be back by then..

I should get my ass back to studying... But the lure of blogging and blog surfing was just too much.. Everyone pls go read Ambi's recent post on Blog-entries-copiers and anon-comments-leavers.. You will understand how I feel then..

Back to structural issues and recruitment methods..


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hey PasserBy..You fucking piece of shit..Mind your own fucking business you piece of mindless crap..Bloody ball-less bastard..Irritating fuck..I'll break your face if I ever find out who ya are.. (Insert other vulgarities as you wish)

Were you expecting me to retort like that PasserBy??

Come on..Sure you were..Coz you thrive on that kind of confrontation so that you can hit me back with your oh-so-clever remarks and witty comebacks..

Well dream on..Coz I ignore ALL kinds of fools...

I am so freaking tired..And am also feeling soo arrgh and bleh.. Will update later with pics from last night..


Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Some people have no originality..

I hate it when people copy my style..Esp my writing style.. I spent alot of time on my blog and how I want it to flow.. So when I see duplicates of my writing on other people's blogs..I get hopping mad.. Maybe its unintentional..But it's so damn obvious at times.. I mean a blog is supposed to be your own thoughts, feelings and your own way of expressing yourself.. Not copying certain key ideas and key words.. *Mumbles* You know who you are..

Now that I got that out of my system...I am sooooo fucked..Revision wise.. *Kicks myself*.. And to think I actually went to watch not one but two movies over the week.. Die..So gonna die..

And I still have the gall to agree to accompany Ananthi to this tradeshow thinghy for TV12 on Friday..Its some Bollywood themed thinghy which we have to get all dressed up for..And I can't wait! Coz its been ages since I last REALLY dressed up and felt all feminine.. But guess what..That means there goes one more whole day during which I COULD be studying.. Bleh..

Okie..Super sleepy and tired from jogging round the track 6 times..


Monday, April 18, 2005

Was feeling pretty lousy over the weekend.. Mumbai Express sucked..Quite badly.. Went to watch Sachin today and was pleasantly suprised.. It was quite good..Prob coz of the hottie Bipasha Basu...Oh God..She's soo hot.. *lesbian tendancies alert*


Just feeling so bogged down with everything..School, reports, exams, bf.. Sigh..I just feel like escaping to some exotic beach with a few good books on one side of my beach chair and a long cool glass of champagne in one hand..With a hot, exotic guy waiting with warm massage oil...

Hahahaha...Yeah yeah..Total fantasies..

Ooooo..Joey's gonna start soooooon..I sooo can't wait.. Ever since the bloody Friends team decided to let us grieve the end of Friends, I've been eagerly anticipating the start of Joey just so I can taste a lil bit of that Friends flavour..

Oooo..Desperate Houswives is on.. Shit..


Friday, April 15, 2005

I've been gymming the past week and discovered this HOT guy at Bukit Gombak gym... He's of some mixed race and OMG..He's so super hot.. I was with my bf using the cable machine and this embodiment of hotness turned and asked if he could share the machine with us.. Damn right you can..You can share anything with me!! Hehehe.. And my bf so instinctively knew that I found him hot coz he turned and gave me a smile that said "I KNOW"... He knows coz I rarely find any guy hot..I have very specific tastes..

I'm so mean.. But I cant help if the guy was there and sweating it out wearing a sleeveless tee which was sticking to his rock hard body.. Hahahaha.. Shall stop now lest I turn into a Sandra Brown wannabe..

But you want hot guys and dun wanna have to travel to places like Brazil to see them?? Travel to Malacca!! And then visit the Portugese settlement.. OMG.. The place is teeming with good looking dudes.. And if you're lucky, one might even be the one who takes your order when you're having dinner at one of the many seafood stalls there.. *Swoon*

*Slaps herself*

Oooo...Happy Belated New Year to all my Hindu blogders!! And Vishu greetings to my fellow Malayalee blogders as well.. Vishu is the Malayalee new year for those who didnt know.. Me being on a no rice diet, didnt get to eat the yummy vegetarian food and had to settle for the salad and papadam..Which strangely went well together..

I REALLY should be studying..I mean I was.. But I just HAVE to go watch Mumbai Express coz its a Kamal movie!! And Kamal's my first love..Way before Vikram.. Hehe..

So I'm gonna sneak in at least another chapter in before getting ready to go out..


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Don't go pissing me off early in the morning Fleur... Just fuck off from my page.. Seriously.. You're seriously starting to behave like a pesky mosquito.. So buzz off..

Okie..Now that I got that out of my system.. Today was the most boring day ever.. Was studying a lil in the morning..But then CSI:NY started and I couldn't resist.. After Oprah, I played Sim City 4 and am now blogging.. What a waste of a perfectly good day.. Kinda reminded me of my bumming days..I bummed for 6 months straight..I kid you not... I could tell ya what show played at what time, on what channel..

I was just uploading all my pics into Snapfish and discovered I have like 40 plus albums..And a whole album dedicated to shots of myself! That's alot of photos.. My siblings always complain that all my self-taken shots are basically the same angle and same pose..Just different backgrounds.. And I agree..The reason for it being I look so bleh in photos taken by others.. I have a specific angle that I look good in and I wish to look good in photos..

I can't believe RMIT is scheduling the DPP presentation 3 days after out last paper.. Bloody idiots.. And its a bloody major presentation as well..Not some basic power point slides thinghy.. I am so fucked.. Need to get my ass down to my revision..


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Phew..The worst is over..OSD's over and done with..Hopefull we'll get a good grade.. And I did promise ya all pics..So here goes..Told ya I got lotta stares coz i did my hair differently.. But I dun see anything extraordinary abt it...Do you??

OSD's Over...

Okie Okie..Enuff Of Me...

We went for sushi the other day and went camera mad..Posing like tourists in Heeren..Again ppl were staring..What..Its a crime to have fun and take pics with your friends? Sigh.. Can you tell I LOVE my Zara tops??

Yet Another Sushi Day..

Friday was Ananthi's birthday..So me and Bavani had a suprise birthday thinghy at East Coast..We told her we just wanted to meet her there for a girly get together.. But we called most of the dancers and her sis and bro-in-law.. Prima Deli has the most gorgeous cake..The chocolate fudge one..Ooo.. It took us a lot of will power not to gorge into the cake before she got there..

She was super suprised when she got there..Didnt really expect the cake and stuff.. I got her this cutest sunflower which danced and sang 'You are my sunshiiiinneee" Hehehe.. All in was a pretty good day.. And if ya noticed..Zara top again!!

Ananthi's Birthday..

Exams are cominnnnnnn...In 3 weeks!! I am sooo dead.. And the bf is going to Taiwan smack in the middle of my exam period, for about a month.. Sniff sniff.. Life is gonna be crappy... But hopefully the girls will be coming back soon..Like in 2 months..Just in time for my holidays..

For my parting gift..A pic of me doing what I do best..Whoring it up for the camera..

Ya Betta Like What Ya See..


Monday, April 11, 2005

Bloody Blogger didnt let me sign in for so long..*Mumbles*

In school 10am..Waiting for the rest of my grp members to show up..Again..

Xiaxue wrote a really interesting piece for the New Paper yesterday..About fashion in Singapore..And I so agree with her..Everywhere you turn, you see carbon copies of whatever one girl is wearing-the staple tank top with jeans or mini skirt.. And everytime someone tries something new, ppl either stare and point or giggle in their self obsessed cliques.. True, there may be ppl who take 'different and new' to a WHOLE new level..Eg: White balloon skirt with red polka dots and a green tee with white lettering..I swear to god I saw a girl in school dressed like this..

I have like 3 pairs of boots at home..Lovely high heeled objects of desire..And how I really wanna wear them is with my jeans tucked into them..How cool right?? But sadly I don't..cause like many others, I KNOW ppl will start staring and giggling.. Does that make me a coward? Well..Would you want the whole of Orchard laughing at you just because you dared to do something diff?

Hmmmm..But from what I've noticed..Ppl will laugh at ya initially..Then go home and think that the look actually kicks ass..Then they'll also start doing it..And very soon, we'll have a fashion 'Do' on our hands..And there goes the originality we craved for..

Today I decided to buck the trend and tied all my hair to the side..Very Beyonce in 'Emotions'.. And what do you know..Ppl were staring like I was an alien from outer space.. Well, screw them all coz I look good! Hehehe..Pics will be up soon..

The bottom line..Be original.. Don't be boring..Perk yourself up.. You never know who you may run into when you're out..Ex boyfriends, Girls you detest but who dun know you detest them so you have to give this fake smile to, Hot guys you are really into, Model scout, Your soul mate..

Wokay..Back to editing this bloody report..


Saturday, April 09, 2005

Soooo freakin tired..

Eye bags drooping...

Wrinkles around eyes forming...

Red Bull's profits going up..

Anyhoo..Thanks to all the sweeties who commented on the VERY baseless comment left by Fleur.. I apologise for not updating frequently..Not freakin time laa..I wish I could..This sem is so bloody demanding..Sometimes I just feel like throwing in the towel..But that's really not me..

So here I am on a Sat morn..In sch..Finishing up a final report on OSD.. The bf was so sweet..He drove to my sch and brought me cheesecake from Coffee Bean and a banned substance called Red Bull..Coz I REALLY needed it to shock my system into functioning..

Ooops..Should really be concentrating on structure and strategy now..


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Okie..Finally realising the down sides of blogging..Pls turn attention to Fleur's comments on my tag board.. And say WTF!!!!!!

Sigh.. As I've mentioned..We've been together too long and know each other too well for me NOT to trust him.. What's more..He's a useless liar!! Hehe..Really..He sucks at it..So no real chance of doing anything behind my back.. It really makes me wanna laugh out loud actually..The poor thing has no time eat what with exams and work at the same time..You think he has time to fool around??

Anyhoo..*Brushes the comment off her shoulder*, stayed in school for a good 8 hours today compiling OSD 2.. Was really tired by the time my damn-sure-is-NOT-a-cheater bf came to fetch me home.. But he bought so much food for my family for dinner..I was sooo touched.. Esp since I was starving from not eating the whole day before..

Oooo...They're looking for Spore's Beyonce lookalike on Sat.. Would really like to go down...

To see the show laa..Then what??

TAKE PART??? Hahaha..*Rolls on floor laughing*

Beyonce would instantaneously vomit blood and turn pale with the very thought.. So lets not cause the world's hottest woman any distress.. And not even think of joining..

Yawn...Have to go back to my compiling..


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Blogger is so screwing up on me in terms of photo posting.. *Mumbles*

So I've been thinking about phobias recently..And I seem to have quite a few..

1) Twisting my ankle.. This phobia is so bad..Everytime I walk out of the house (esp in heels)..the scene of me twisting my ankle keeps replaying in my mind..I can actually hear the crack of my ankle as I fall sideways and my entire body weight falls on the side of my ankle.. *Cringe*.. It gets so bad I physically cringe and grind my teeth in public whenever I get this mental replay..

2) Falling down a flight of stairs.. This one actually happened, that's why I'm so paranoid now.. About 4 years ago, me being me, thought that 5 inch heels looked fantastic on me (actually they did..but coming back to the point).. And happily proceeded to climb down the stairs at Lakeside MRT station.. Before I knew it, I was tumbling down the stairs.. And the best part..Instead of helping me up this bloody old man was tutting behind me 'Already so tall la girl, still want to wear heels' *Mumbles*

3) Being alone in this sometimes cruel world.. I like my alone time as much as the next person..But can you imagine not having ANYONE for you in the entire world??

Okie I guess these are my top three most terrifying ones.. The rest are pretty trivial, normal stuff like failing exams (Touchwood!)..

I was pretty down yesterday coz we got back out OSD report 1 results back.. It could clearly be seen that the lecturer circled the Distinction heading..But we got a Credit instead..Not that a Credit isnt great..esp for a module like O-bloodyfuckingtuff-SD.. But the thought that we were actually given a Distinction and then it was taken away from us..Sniff sniff..So sad.. But couldnt really feel sad for long coz I went out for yet another sushi buffet with the SIM gang.. And then to counter the sadness I felt, I went for yet another round of retail theraphy! More Zara tops and a gorgeous shade of MAC's lipgloss..Yum..Felt better instantly..

Okie..Gtg prove that lecturer wrong by working esp hard for OSD report 2 and earn that bloody distinction..


Monday, April 04, 2005

I know ya all havent seen my ugly pic for a while now..So here for your viewing pleasure..I present the pissed off-havent had my dinner-still waiting in the car look..

Miss Me?

My bf's so weird or sweet..depends on how you see it.. It was his birthday on Fri and I had already bought his gifts a month ago.. I knew he craved the big buckle kind of belt with a lil bling bling.. So I got him one.. A very expensive one... And what does he do on HIS birthday??

Buy me gifts!!! He bought me the 'S' necklace I've been craving..Bloody gorgeous I tell ya!! And on top of that..He got me Miami Glow by J.LO!!! I could have died!! I so love that scent..Was pretty touched, although at that point of time, I behaved typically Indian and went..' Aiyoh why you waste money!!'..Hehehe..

Happy Birthday!!

Movesh and Ananthi were recording 2 songs on Sunday so I went to help out.. I loved Ananthi's outfit though I would look like a pig in it..That girl has ideas for everything laa..

Movesh So Rules...


Woke up bloody early for a proj meeting today, only to discover half my members either late or not coming.. Was a lil pissed for a while but it didnt last very long coz they did have valid reasons..Just wished I could have slept in coz the weather was soooo tempting.. But we managed to discuss a few issues and then headed to Clementi for lunch.. Felt restless so went for a jog..

Discovered a new photo editing software and I can't stop playing with it.. Therefore I give you the new and improved me..

New Effect...

If you see carefully, I'm wearing one of my new Zara tops! Of which I'm going to get in another few colours soon.. I love it so much..So ppl go and get Zara tops.. I saw one off the shoulder top goin for $7.90..but I didnt like the colour..

Oops..My comedies are starting on StarWorld..


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Guess who's back..

My darling computer *sayangs computer*, decided to cut short its vacation and come back to me.. Yay!!

Went to watch Miss Congeniality 2 with my sibling's and my bro's friends at Great World..How could I resist going into Zara whilst I was there??? So I gave in to temptation..Saw Chandru there but zoomed straight to the off the shoulder tops.. I even made my sister buy a Zara top (which coincidently fits me wonderfully too..Hehe)

It sucks how people judge ppl based on looks.. Its actually quite sickening.. Just because you don't fit in with society's vision of how you should look (ie: stick thin with no flesh what so ever), you face subtle discrimination and outward rejection. Pls ppl..Wake up..Don't ever judge a person based on looks.. You never know who you'll be hurting..

Gtg get some sleep.. Need to get up pretty early and head to TCS..