Sunday, December 07, 2008

Guess who's back..I know you guys understand..didn really feel like blogging much. And to the one insensitive arse of an anon tagger..Here's my palm to your face..
And OMG! Im a godmother laaaaaaaaaaaa!! Sarasi gave birth to the most gorgeous precious baby boy, Yuvadev Vinayak Menon. I've already fallen in love with him!
Anyhooooo..Random pics from the past 3 mths!! really bad with uploading pics..Just before Deepavali the wonderful boy suprised me with a Lomantic cable car ride up to Mt Faber complete with a Lomantic dinner at the outdoor restaurant that used to be Altivo..Its called Jewel Box now..So sweet this bf of mine!!!

In the cable car!

Deepavali pics! Yea Im super late..I wore this look with the red lippie for the 10 mins and then changed it to something lighter..Was a lil too strong for just sitting at home welcoming guests..And the sari drama! Oh boy was there drama! Hehe

The NIE brother..

I is liking the earrings..
And I found this wonderful mani/pedi place near my office courtesy of my colleague Kavi..Its by this gorgeous lady called Sonia and I got a full pedi and mani PLUS nail art, complete with bling bling toes..for just 49 bucks!!! And its gonna be 2 mths and not even ONE stone has come off!
The mum and sister
With the bf in his yummy Zara shirt! Matching matching purple!!
With the hot trainer Nick..The ever hot Razia and her hot boy Daun..

I bought tics to the Rihanna concert as a bd present for the sister!
We were WAY early so we were camwhoring at Kallang MRT Station..Tsk Tsk
Crowded Indoor Stadium
Oops..Got caught handing out gummies! That would be Nisha and Shanika..OOo I love my hair here..Totally random
I just had to put another shot..I love my hair here la!
Woohooooo..Wah liao her makeup was flawless laaaaaaa! Her skin! Oooo...

Random pics of ME!

On to the shopping hauls! The darling bf sponsored a Body Shop spree..He kept putting stuff in my cart if I spent more than a min looking at them. *Muacks* I loved this eyeshadow palette they had..Its so cute..You can put brushes and lipgloss in the lil drawer..

So pretty right! And its pretty pigmented as well! I likey..

A lovely LJ fren, Kimoko, informed me of a Loreal private sale that went on this weekend..And as a recent Vichy convert, I had to go and grab some stuff! Sadly they had sold out the stuff I wanted the day before..But I couldn go back empty handed right! Hehe..These items were going for like 5-15 bucks each..Super cheap laa..Considering each would cost abt 40-50 bucks retail..I only spent 70 bucks!

Since I didnt get the stuff at the sale, I had to get it at Guardian but the sets were pretty worth it! I spent $157 for all these! I love Vichy stuff la..VERY good for oily skin. And its not harsh at all..The toner is alcohol free and all the products are suitable for sensitive skin.or so Ive heard.

Oh yeahh my loot from the before mentioned Body Shop spree.. ;)
My new obsession would be with mineral makeup..Specifically Everyday Minerals. I hate wearing heavy foundation and concealer on a daily basis so i decided to try out mineral makeup which is light and is better for your skin. I ordered the free sample kit online and only paid abt USD 5 for shipping. You can choose 3 foundation shades, 1 concealer shade and 1 blush. I ordered 2 sample kits before I found my perfect shade, which would be a mix of Medium Deep and Medium Tan in the Intensive formula which offers the best coverage. So cute right the sample jars!
My favourite day time blush! I ordered full size of 2 blushes from a spree..and I laus them!

Photo Album is lovely for evenings coz its got shimmer in it..Yum!
Ive been indulging in ALOT of MAC recently..This would be the yummiest peach shimmer shade Ive ever used called, All That Glitters.

Love this blue...Freshwater

And the OMG How come Ive never discovered this shade before colour, Nylon

Ive also been buying alot of NYX Single eyeshadows from Cherry Culture sprees..Its abt USD 3.50 each which is VERY cheap considering how pigmented and lovely the shades are! This one here is Lanikai
This is my fav shade so far..Morroco

Beauty Queen



And that's all I have for you now. I'll be off to Bali next week so my next post should be after that!