Friday, July 29, 2005

The pressure of projects is back..

But somehow I'm stuck in a rut and can't seem to claw my way out. I have no motivation to get up in the morning though I have tons to do. My girls wanna go clubbing on Sat and I'm being a poo poo head by saying I'm not in the mood to go. But I'm sure a glass of Bailey's will cure that. *Winks at Joanne*

Why am I feeling this way? Like I've lost a big chunk of me.. Like I'm supposed to feel down all the time.. My friends tell me I'm overworking myself with the whole gym thing. I nod and say yes.. But I still go and work my ass off coz I know I am not at ALL comfortable with how I look. It's stressful living in Singapore where almost everyone's skinny and you're not.. Not that I wanna be skinny.. I just wanna be comfortable in my own skin and be satisfied with how I look.. And at this point in time..I just don't.

On top of all these unwanted feelings.. I still have a party to plan. A party which is less than a month away and I havent decided what I'm gonna wear yet! See what I mean.. I'm not even bothered about clothes nowadays..

Okie..Feeling all headachy..


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Talent does pass some "judges" by so easily..

All I can say is.. Come Sunday..Judge for yourselves my blogders..

Besides that...I've been having really weird feelings this past week.. I sometimes feel like I'm going crazy and that I just wanna scream and let people know that I am still alive and not invisible.. It's weird..

I'm here..Yet I'm not...

Do you get it??


Friday, July 22, 2005

I finally got specs I can wear in public.. I love my new specs so much that I've taken to wearing them to the gym in Orchard... Yes..Me and glasses in Orchard.. Hard to believe..But true.

I've learnt my lesson.. The next time Joanne says she needs to go shopping, I will leave my ATM card at home. Coz it doesnt matter if she finds what she wants to buy.. At the end of the day, I always end up with purchases I did not even set out to buy.. Like spending $106 at Bobbi Brown on foundation and concealer.. But I have to say I love them both! They work like a dream.

One of my besties, Monica has gotten into Vasantham Star and her quarter finals recording is this Sunday! I'm so proud and happy for her coz I know how much she has tried and how many disappointments she has gone through to get this far. So come next Sunday, be sure to check her out as well as all her supporters decked out in green!! Just another reason for me to go shop for a green top!

Oo..I have to go get ready for my yoga class.. Can the IB babes pls update your blogs!!! I have nothing to read nowadays!!


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Yes!!! Mah girls are back.. And we had so much fun over the past 2 weeks.. Hanging out at NYDC..Clubbing and knocking back extremely cheap shots.. Shopping..Gossiping..

I also cut my hair..Though many people don't see the difference.. Maybe coz its still long..But its SO much more manageable.. And I have discovered the art of blow drying my hair.. And I've been a cheapo and blowdrying my hair at the gym instead so that my mum won't keep screaming at me for wasting electricity..

Have I mentioned how much I love my new gym.. Now that I know that I'm paying for the sessions, I'm so much more motivated to go for every session.. Motivation also stems from the bikini-and-hotshorts- clad babes walking around waving to equally hot guys also clad in hot shots..

My brother has finally become a diploma holder.. You have NO idea how dismissive he was of the whole ceremony.. From what to wear to taking photos at the ceremony.. He was so BLAH about it all.. Unlike me.. I chose my sari for my graduation about 4 mths before graduation and if I had a digicam then.. Hmmph..The bloody SD card would be burning with the amount of photos I would have taken.. I already know what colour sari I'm going to get when I graduate from RMIT..

What.. You mean you're suprised? Surely not..Especially if you're a faithful blogder..

Anyhoo.. I'm off to the gym now..And then I'm going to go get the new Harry Potter book.. *Drool*

P.S: Sorry my dear IB babes..I really was feeling horrible yesterday and wouldnt have been good company anyway if I came for the zoo thinghy.. We'll plan for another time k?


Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Its been ages rite.. You missed me right??? Rigggghtttt?? *Hmph*

I know.. My bloody comp has been infected with fucking viruses that refuse to leave..

Anyhoo..I just joined California Fitness Gym..

Yes.. I'm now surrounded by gorgeous looking women who love to strip down to nothing in the locker room.. and who also love flashing boobs and butts and what nots in my face after their shower..

I'm serious..

I'm probably the only prude who changes in the toilets and changes in the stall after my shower..

But joining this gym was a great idea.. Now I'm even MORE motivated to get in shape..

I know I haven been posting..I would love too..Esp since I have SO many pics I wanna share.. But my comp refuses to cooperate.. *Pouts*

But I promise to get things going by this week..

And have I mentioned that school has started? And I already have blinding headaches coz of the projects? *Sigh*

Updates soon..


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

To Gajen:

I wasn't "judging based on my judgement", as you called it.. I was just expressing how I felt from an audience member's point of view. I know personally how hard it is to produce a show, so all I can offer are constructive criticisms..

I think your members need better communication during the show, so that you are not all running around looking for another person.. And the host during the show was a lil unprofessional. She actually peeked behind the curtains whilst she was talking to the audience and asked the group if they were ready..And it could all be heard coz she was speaking through the mike. And people were walking down from the stage stairs even when groups were performing. This was a lil distracting.. But my main peeve was that the entrance was totally blocked by your ticket counter. This resulted in big groups of people having to crowd around the entrance whilst waiting for friends etc. And what if there were Indian ppl who were not there for the show? What if they were there for some class or something? How would you verify that? So a better suggestion might be to have the ticket counter closer to the hall.

I hope you do take this constructively and not get all defensive about what I said. It's hard to hear criticisms about the show you must have worked so hard for. But I hope what I said will be taken with a pinch of salt.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

All my babes are back from the dreaded Aussie land.. WooHoo!!!

And I have chosen THIS time to be broke.. I blame the GSS..

So I made the mistake of going for DWA Night on Saturday.. For those of us who are above 18 yrs of age.. That means Dancers With Attitude.. Yes.. Very catchy huh.. *Snorts*

I made the even greater mistake of going early coz I was to meet Ananthi there..She was one of the judges for the dance competition. And the bloody entrance was barricaded off with the ticket counter.. So I couldnt even go to the toilet or wait for her inside.. I had to stand out in the carpark looking like an idiot whilst I desperately called everyone who would pick up my call and talk to them, so that I would at least look busy while I waited.

All in all.. I think the show needed better organisation and perhaps more experienced members in their committee.. But other than that, I rather enjoyed the night. What with Tiger Girls screaming their lungs out in my ear for Tiger Boys who were performing on stage.. And other Tiger Girls giving me the evil eye because I forgot to comply with the dress code of wearing something animal print.. Yeah.. Sure.. I enjoyed every minute of it..

And what's with TG and TB going hip hop on us? TG's are wearing racer back tops with baggy pants and visors..And TB's are wearing aviator shades and bling bling earrings with basketball jerseys.. *Shakes head*

School starts on Thurs for me.. On one hand I need to do something besides vegging out infront of the TV.. On the other hand, I think of project deadlines and exams and I want to turn back time. Crap..

And oh.. Men still suck..But maybe they can be trained to become good lil boys one day..
*Evil Grin*


Friday, July 01, 2005

I went shopping and it's ALL Joanne's fault..

I told her not to let me take out my ATM card..

I told her not to let me enter Forever 21..

But noooooooooooooooooo.. She had to drag me all over Orchard..

Where I spent and spent and spent.. *Guilty face*

But how can i NOT buy $5 pair of heels???

5 freaking bucks.. Not 25..Not 15.. Not even 10... FIVE..

It's White..

So I bought the same thing in black as well!!!

It's Black..

I have also been lusting over these pair of wedges.. But they were 39 bucks the last time I checked.. And yesterday they were $29!!!! Grab!!!

It's Gold..

I also bought my very first shrug.. Only coz I finally managed to get a long sleeved one... I also got 2 skirts.. But I'm so self conscious when I wear one..Only coz I feel it's ever rising and my butt will soon be exposed to the world.. Not a pretty sigh I assure ya..

I love Forever 21's jackets.. So when I saw one marked down to $39 from $78.. I almost had an orgasm.. I jest not..

Money Bye Bye..

I spent money, shopping again today.. I'm such a NETS person.. So I dont even think of how much i'm spending.. Only till I go to draw cash from the ATM, do I notice my balance getting lower and lower..

But hey... It's the freaking GSS!! I'm entitled to shop a lil.. Especially with such great bargains calling out to me left, right and centre when I walk down Orchard Rd.. So to all my ladies.. I say, Bring on the bargains! *Super Shopper pose*

On a another note.. Men suck.. Have I mentioned that? Their loser friends suck even more.. *End of mini rant*