Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Last November I lost a friend..

This friend helped me through my toughest times..Giving me the strength to carry on..

And just like that I lost this friend.. My other friends told me to give him up..That he was no good for me.. He was slowly killing me inside..

But now I got my friend back.. He has since come back into my life full force..

I missed ya..

My Red Bull..

Hehehe...I love Red Bull..On its own..With vodka (Esp yummy!!).. Now with projects and tests burying me alive, I need my dear friend back.. I should have sooooo bought cans of it from Batam..Only freakin 50 cents!!

I had a bloody long day in school today.. Econs is killing me..OSD and SO projs are dues next week..I'm doing the freakin lit review which is a major fuckin headache.. I don't understand anything in SO... I feel like digging a hole and burying myself deep in it..

On to a happier mushy note.. I smile like an insane creep whenever I pass by my roses in the hall.. They just remind me of my bf and how much he actually cares.. We are both insanely busy esp in the coming weeks and I have this feeling we won't be seeing much of each other.. That sucks.. But I'm just happy to have him in my life.. Which leads me to another mushy section..

I was talking nonsense to him as usual last night..He was extremely tired but still patiently listened to all my crap.. Then I asked him this question.."Am I part of your life OR am I your life??"

Without hesitation he replied "Of coz you are my life..I am nothing without you"

Everybody go Awwwwwwwwwww...

Hahaha..I sure did..

Gtg bury myself in books now..