Thursday, July 27, 2006

I got an interview tml..Am I happy? Hmm..Mixed emotions I guess..I have to give up bumming! But I'll have regular cashflow..

So graduation preparations are on the way..The big day's on 1st Sept and my grad ball is on the following day..I'm more excited about the ball! Speaking of which..I haven even bought my outfits for both. Dammit..See what I mean abt the cashflow..

The weekend was fun..Went to O Bar after a birthday party..Though I'm not a huge O Bar fan, I still had fun with my bestie..Who can't wait for my birthday to come faster..I know..Me too!! I wanna have loads of fun on my bd this year..With my darlings..In a club..Lots of alcohol..Lots of dancing..Lots of love..This year would be the first bd in years I'll be spending as a single hot mama.. And I can't wait!

Oooo..Big news.. Shanker got into SIA!!! Yay..I got a steward friend! I can't wait for the perfume, alcohol and chocolates..Thanks..I deserve it right?? *Stares at Shanker*

Things to do in August:

*Colour my hair (Told ya the red would fade fast)
*Buy an outfit for my birthday
*Get a job (Hopefully!)
*Have a smashing brithday party
*Buy graduation sari
*Plan housewarming cum Sunil's 21st bd party
*Lose more weight
*Find more reasons to smile..


Saturday, July 22, 2006

1. Do the following WITHOUT complains
2. Choose 5 person to do this after you completed yours
3. Leave a tag on the person's tagboard to say he/she have been tagged.
4. Start your post with "I have been tagged!" then do this.



Current Mood: Hmm..Post PMSy which means I'm pretty happy..
Current Taste: Carrot Juice.Yum..
Current Clothes: Pink Boxers and my comfy tank top
Current Desktop: Urmm the boring Sony desktop.
Current Toenail Color: A 2 tone purplish gold one from the Face Shop
Current Time: 1.38 p.m
Current Surroundings: My lovely red and orange room
Current Annoyances: Men and figuring out what to wear to a birthday party later..
Current Thoughts: I need to go get my graduation sari..Like ASAP..


First Best Friends: All my dolls from SQPS..Hehehe..Sharmila,Sadat, Ket,Hasnah..Hehe..
First Crush: Hahahaha..This is dumb but it was Rajinikanth..Sigh..I know..I know..
First Movie: I remember! It was some Roger Rabbit movie.
First Lie: Wahhh..How the hell am I to remember? Prob lying abt some after school activity and then running to the playground with my friends..
First Music: Wah Liao..Prob cartoon theme songs..Like My Lil Pony!


Last Cigarette: Urmm months ago at Zouk with my classmates..Blehh never again..
Last Drink: Last Wed's spontaneous Gotham clubbing..Vodka Lime rocks..
Last Car Ride: Last night to watch my sister in her musical..
Last Crush: and current one..My lovely Vikram..*Drools*
Last Movie: Sigh this is sad la.Thiruvilaiyaadal at 3am at my Macs with a friend.Don't ask me why.
Last Phone Call: Nesh at 1.30am..Yawns..
Last CD played: CD ah..Urmm I guess it would have to be my Destiny's Child one.
Last song played: Buttons by PCD! I like..

Have you ever

Have you ever dated one of your best friend: Urmm nope..
Have you ever broken the law: Yeah laa..The whole gum chewing thing..
Have you ever been arrested: *Touchwood* Nooo..
Have you ever skinny-dipped: Not Yet.. *Winks*
Have you ever been on TV: Yeap yeap..
Have you ever kissed someone you don't know: Now.. What is your defination of 'don't know'? Hahahaha..

5 things you are wearing: Pink Boxers, Purple tank, Purple thong, Leave in conditioner,Home made mask.
4 things you done today: Talk on the phone, ate yummy roti prata,made plans for the night,dreamt abt my future..
3 things you can hear right now: Buttons by PCD, The annoying host on the Food Channel, My mum asking me if I want lunch..
1 thing u do when you're bored: Shop..

I am supposed to tag 5 people, so1) Ragi2) Azie3) Ja4) No body else blogs anymore!!!


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ooo everything's aching..That's what I get for thinking I can work out like Superwoman.. But the gym is the only place I have control at.. I know it sounds weird but my life seems soo hmmm..How do I put it.. Aimless..Direction-less..It all boils down to me getting a job. I can't wait to actually start working..Every time a classmate asks me if I've found a job yet, I feel like screaming..Its not like I'm not trying.I've sent out countless resumes and applications..But still nothing.

Urgh..So I spend my days gymming and MTVing and talking on the phone..Fun right??? HELL NO!!! It gets sooooooooooo boring some days I feel like biting my own hand off. Then my sister calls me 'Vetti' on a daily basis, which basically means loafer in Tamil. *Gives sister evil eye* Hello..Its not like I DON'T want to work la.

So on Sat I spent the day tanning against my will at the National Stadium..It was the National Day Parade rehearsal cum Family Day for all the participants..And my very talented brother is one of the Official Presidential Trumpeteers or some shit laa..Hehe..So I had to endure at least an hour of tanning under the scorching sun.Urgh not fun I tell you..Plus no eye candy at all.. Double Urgh..

Me and Joanne came to a conclusion.. I have more male friends than female..Its true.. And its puzzling. Like if I have something exciting to share, the ppl I'd call first would be Joanne, then Saras or Monica, then 2 or 3 close guy friends.. And the ppl I talk to for hours these days all seem to be men. And not the wanting-to-get-it-on-with-me kind of guys.. Just male friends. How come I don't have more female friends!!! I want! Joanne says its coz women are intimidated by me too..Let me explain.. I met this colleague of Joanne's recently and I was being my normal self.And the next day when Joanne asked this colleague how she found me..She went.. "Errr" And Joanne was like "She intimidated you ah?" Hahhahaha..Apparently I was too loud and dominating for her liking.. Oh well..I just hate silences in a conversation, so to compensate I ramble on and on. And my darlings all are used to me so I pretty much carry on. And other women think I'm a snob before they get to know me..And when they do, they're like "You know, I never imagined us to be talking like this..You seemed so snobbish when I used to seeya around" A guy friend told me that too..Sigh.. Its not my fault..Most of the time I walk around dreaming laa. So I don't pay attention to my surroundings. So I don't make alot of eye contact and I don't smile. Sue me..Then again I wouldn want to be around ppl who are gonna be all prim, proper and quiet laa.

Okie..You can tell I have alot of time on my hands.. Long rambling posts, constant Friendster vists..Hehehe.. Oh well..I should enjoy it whilst it lasts right..


Thursday, July 06, 2006

#1 My ex is : a MFucking bastard of a coward whom I consider non existent in my life..

#2 Maybe I should: Stop shopping..But I can't..Help Me!!

#3 I love : my family and friends..

#4 I dont understand : Men with a capital I-Don't-Understand.

#5 Ive lost : my phone, friends,love,money..

#6 People say Im a(an) : drama queen..I prefer the term princess..Sums it all up..

#7 Love is : painful and sweet at the same time.

#8 Somewhere, someone is : Having sex..Hehehe..

#9 Ive had it with : Men who can't decide what they want..And indian mamas who think they're always right..

#10 Forever is : Not true..

#11 I will always : be who I am..I can't be changing according to your preferences..What you see is what you get..

#12 When I wake up in the morning : I check my phone and go to the gym..

#13 My past is : what I aim to forget..

#14 I get annoyed when : Ppl cancel plans last min..Seriously..I hate it..

#15 Parties are : an essential part of my existence..

#16 My dog is : an imaginary one..

#17 My cat is : playing with my imaginary dog..

#18 Kisses are the best when : they come unexpected..But not from psychos laa..From ya loved ones..

#19 Tomorrow : holds promise..

#20 I really want : earn truckloads of money and get married..

#21 I have low tolerance for ppl who: lie, cheat and abuse women..

#22 I can hate : a world without my family, friends, chocolate and vodka..

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Never mix tequila, vodka and wine.. NEVER..

Lets just say I got acquainted REAL well with Gotham's toilet bowl..Urgh..Never again..

And with a bloody hangover I woke up early and rushed to Raffles City coz I promised to accompany Shankar to his interview..

Yes..Shankar went for the SIA air steward interview!! I kept telling him he had to go coz I seriously think the guy can make it..I ended up waiting 4 hrs for him to get done.. He got thru the 1st round..And then he called me to say he didn't get thru the 2nd interview round. I was upset coz I seriously thought he could make it..Then the idiot shows up in front of me and casually hands me a piece of paper.. He made it through!!! Yay..I have a potential air steward friend..Who better not forget me once he flies the friendly skies..Or get too big headed for his own good..I'll come to the airport and kick your ass..And yes.. If you could intro me to your hot, not-gay fellow stewards, tat'll be good too..Thanks..

I've also been shopping alot..Esp at Mango which is having a mega sale..I couldn help but grab stuff..*shakes head* i'll never stop shopping...Its in my blood..

Have I mentioned I'm depressed.. I'm in mourning and I hate the French..My poor Samba boys!!! *Sobs and Wails* How can like thissssssssssssssssssss???? The whole day I moped around in my house..Then I decided going to the gym might help..But all the trainers were wearing jerseys and everytime I saw a Brazil one I got all sad..So I tot shopping would help..But I was just walking around aimlessly..I couldn concentrate.. Why Brazil.. Whyyyyyyyy??? Sigh..

Urgh.. On top of that I lost a bet coz Brazil lost..10 shots lehhhh...I will DIE!!! I will be lying in a corner of the club..dead to the world..*shudders at the thought of alcohol*

I'm gonna go be depressed now..