Thursday, March 31, 2005

I am still computerless..Sadly..

Havent been getting much sleep the past week..Had an Econs test yesterday..Which yours truly aced!! And I just printed out my HR report which is due today...Another 2 more major reports to go and exams in 3 weeks!!! Arrrghhhh...

I so miss being able to blog at will..Nowadays I'm like a bloody sex deprived pervert only I'm internet deprived.. I look forward to coming to school just to boot up the comp at the lab an hear the gentle whirring of a working computer.. Now that I'm not blogging all the time, it's so hard when I get to blog..I seem to have blogger block!! So I shall just vomit out all my thoughts...

-I actually have loads of pics to upload and share but ya know the drill..No fuckin pc..

-My bf's birthday is tommorrow..Yes I know..It's April Fool..What to do..He refused to stay in any longer..He wanted to be a fooll..Heheh..I still love ya hun..

-I have horrible eyebags!! I never used to have eyebags!! I loooooooooooookkk yuckyyy!!

- Monica's sister is getting married in November!! I'm so super excited for her.. Thank god I'm not the first.

- Uncle Toby's strawberry yoghurt covered muesli bars are super yummy..

- My sandal broke just before my test in school yesterday..So poor me was hobbling and dragging my sandal around sch whilst ppl were showering concern over me, opening doors for me coz they thought I sprained my ankle!! I eventually took a cab to Clementi to get new heels..Which I love!!

Okie..Enuff of my memory vomit.. Gtg for a proj meeting now..No rest for the weary..


Sunday, March 27, 2005

This sucks..

I'm reduced to travelling ALL the bloody way to Hougang to use the comp at his house.. And I can't freaking open Gmail using his comp!! Arrghhh..Bloody headache laa..

I was travelling on 157 today and there was this girl who reminded me of a character from Finding Nemo.. Who you ask?? Katieeee!! The evil-fish-killer girl.. Oh god..This lil girl had two plastic bags filled with water and this bluey fish in it..And she was swirling the bags around, bouncing it up and down, hugging them and swishing the water inside..I thought the poor fishies would die of heart attacks!! God knows what she did with them once she got home.. She'll probably have to perform open heart surgery on the poor fishies..

I went for Panguni on Friday for the 1st time in my life..And I so regretted it..The whole 'anjadi kootams' of Singapore turned up in all their finery..And the heat so didnt help.. I almost fainted whilst waiting for the processioin to move on..Luckily my bf noticed me swaying and brought me aside to sit for awhile.. I saw so many familiar faces and some whom I really didnt want to see.. And it didnt help that the kavadi I was following had 3 women who kept 'saamy eranguraaning' (Supposedly being possessed by God) every 3 metres.. Every time one got into I trance, I shrunk back behind my bf..It got worse when we reached the temple..ALL 3 started at the same time!! *Shudders*

After Panguni I went to Ananthi's hse for a gathering cum party for Sathais.. It was nice hanging out with her and her sisters..I like the whole idea of family gatherings once a month..But sadly my own family lives too far for gatherings to happen..Sniff sniff..

Phew..all blogged out for now... Oh and Happy Easter evryone!!


Saturday, March 26, 2005

Hey Ppl..Sadly my comp decided to take a vacation without informing me..So I am computerless again!! Had to come all the way to sch to get internet access..Sniff sniff..

First things first.. My darling Michie..How could I EVER write ANYTHING mean abt you?? I adore you and your blog!! As Ambi could be someone who accessed your page from the comp's history coz I have been using my sch's comp alot nowadays.. Anyhoo..I'm so sorry anyone said anything mean abt you (though I dun know what they said).. *Many hugs*

Secondly, I apologise for not blogging these days..One..I dun have freakin internet access..Two..I have lots of deadlines to meet in the next 2 weeks..But I will be blogging quite frequently in school though..

Lastly.. I wish I could blog a longer post..But sadly the librarian is about to chase me out coz its closing time! Till later my darlings..


Monday, March 21, 2005

Phew..I am so tired..Had a lovely time with my group mates today.. Will blog abt the day more when I get the pics..

EVERYONE seems to have a blog nowadays..EVERYONE..Haha..Most just jumped on the whole blog bandwagon..But hey as long as it allows you to rant and rave to your heart's content. But I do have a pet blog peeve.. PpL WhO tYPe LIkE tHiS.. WTF?? You expect to read your blog typed like this and NOT have a freakin headache?? Do you REALLY think it looks nice?? Phsshh...

Yawn..though I don't have class tommorrow, I'm goin to be virtuous and go start my project in school tomorrow.. And since you guys have been deprived of my ugly mug for so long..


Much love ya all..


I did nothing over the weekend.. I should have been studying for my econs test next week..But noooo...I did nothing..

Can't blame me though..I was cramping since Sat and you should know I can't function when I'm cramping..The bf came over on Sat and we were watching boring tv progs whilst he very sweetly massaged my lower back..Sun was spent watching my lover aka the delicious Vikram on TV..Then saw my hideous self dancing on TV in a red and blue concoction of an outfit..Hehehe.. I miss dancing so much..

I met Ananthi for a while after that to pass her a CD..We went to this accessories shop where they had mirrors around the top of the ceiling..And I tell you..I got a shock when I saw my reflection next to hers.. I looked damn hideous..It was like seeing a deformed giant next to the dainty princess!! So I immediately moved myself out of view so as not to cause multiple heart attacks in the store..

Why don't my blogders comment??? Ya all hate my blog so much?? Or am I not deserving of comments?? I WANT COMMENTS!! Hahahaha.. Excuse moi..Not enuf sleep+cramps=Cranky Sumi..

Have a freakin morning lecture after which we have to go down town to meet with the owner of the organisation we're doing research on.. I've been spending alot of time in town..And alot of money too.. Die..


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Totally self obsessing but I just realised that I'll be on TV today!! Haha..Its a repeat of a dance performance Movesh did 2 yrs ago..So ppl who watch Dhool..Maybe you'll get a glimpse of me slipping in and out during the dance!!


Saturday, March 19, 2005

I have a new fetish..

T-shirts with funny slogans on them.. Slogans like "Kiss Me, My Boyfriend's Away" (Smiles at Joanne).. "I'm Gorgeous..Deal With It"..Haha..Unfortunately, I havent been able to find them in Spore at a reasonable price.. I saw some in a shop..But they were pretty lame and the material of the T's were yuck and they were priced at like 70 bucks!! Wtf???

Then I saw this yummy 'Princess' shirt at a cart in Jurong Pt..Bloody nice..And reasonably priced but I'm so broke..My mum would kill me if I brought any more clothes and bags home.. But if anyone knows where to get those funky sloganised T's, do inform me k?? Thanks alot peeps..

Had a bloody evening class tonight but I was so hyper at class..Must be those Reese Peanut Butter Cups..Mmmm..Another one of my finds during project meetings..These are the most heavenly cups of chocolate I've tasted..But also bloody expensive..5 bucks a bag.. Anyhoo the bf came to pick me coz I was too lazy to take public transportation home.

My mind's drawing a blank right now.. Damn it..I'm serious..Total mind blank..

Oh well..Guess I could go and sleep now..

Night night my lovelies..


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sigh..They just had to right..They just had to air a program on wife abuse.. And it just HAD to be an Indian family..*Mumbles*

But its so strange how women who are abused keep going back to their abusers.. Its like they know in the back of their mind that this is the monster who hurt them..But what to do.. Kaathalz..Lovez... It just clouds their judgement and pulls them into deeper misery. I know my friends and I have commented on how we would soo leave our bfs/husbands or do some bodily harm to them if they every abuse us.. But will we?? Will we have the courage and strength to not only give up the life we're used to with this person?? Will we be able to give up the stabilty?? I guess that eventually we will..Coz we are women.. And though it will take us time, we will eventually do the right thing..

Today was tiring..Woke up super early to head to Orchard to do some observation for our report..After threading, me and Daf happened to pass by a warehouse sale of bags at the Meritus Mandarin!! Wahhhh...I was super impressed at the variety of bags..And me being me had to shop although it was done vicariously through Daf..I chose this really nice purple shoulder bag..But she took at least 1/2 hr primping in front of the mirror deciding if she should buy the bag or not..But she did in the end..Hehehe..

The bf has been so busy recently..We only meet like once or twice a week.. Sometimes I feel like we are so apart all the time.. We only talk for a few mins on the phone each night before he's sleepy..Cant blame the poor boy coz he works so hard and has to study at the same time.. But all I ask for is a lil alone time..

Sometimes it sucks to be me...


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Since everyone wants to know what a trucker cap is..

This is a trucker cap..

Hehe.. Been sick the past week..I know..I get sick a lot..My doctor once told me I needed lots of Vitamin C..But its so bloody leceh to put the bloody pill in water..wait for it to bubble up (Ooo, pretty bubbles) and drink it everyday.. So bleh to that..

The desire to be thin is so strong it eats me up.. It consumes me..Everytime I see a mirror I wanna cringe or I scrutinise every single angle.. I stare at the horizontally proportionate ppl in my lecture theatre with burning envy.. Oh to be able to walk into a shop and change into a sexy outfit without worrying abt my arms, tummy,ass and thighs.. Without staring at the changing room mirror and wishing away all the imperfections.. To just waltz out wearing a halter and not have to worry abt people whispering "What the fuck is she thinking wearing that top with that body?" (Not that I have heard ppl say this..I'll prob live in hibernation eating tubs of ice cream if I ever do..Total destruction)

Ah fuck..

Anyhoo..On to happier news..My twin Daphne passed her driving test today!! Yay..On her very first attempt too..She was soo super nervous at lecture in the morning..Had to keep reassuring her..She's such a perfectionist..Hehe..Congrats babe!!

I miss my Aussie babes..I'll give you the bloody honours.. Honour of being with me..Hehe..Just hurry home..I have chalet plans!! Haha..


Friday, March 11, 2005

Havent you ever wished you were someone else?? Or have something someone else has?? Like usually people are placed into categories..Well most people do.. For the purpose of this entry I'm only gonna use females..well..coz we rock.. *smile*

There's the rich girl..The one most superficial people want to befriend on account of her picking up the tab whenever they go out.. The one who doesnt give a rat's ass on blowing $10,000 on a fucking bag.. The one who goes for weekly spa/manicure/pedicure visits..The one who looks at you incredously if you say you are broke and can't go clubbing this week.. *Looks at checklist..Nope I'm not a rich girl..)

There's the amazingly gorgeous girl.. The one who sooo irritatingly manages to look bloody beautiful at a 9 am lecture on a Monday morning.. The one who does not makeup to cover flaws..The one who does NOT have ANY flaws.. The one who pooh-poohs at compliments on her looks.. The one who attracts the most attention in a group from guys.. ( I am DEF not a gorgeous girl)

The clever girl... The brainy one who manages to get amazingly super high grades without effort.. The one who puts us all to shame with her wonderfully analytical mind.. The one whom the lecturers will announce as President's Scholar etc during graduation..The one our parents will point at and say 'Why couldnt you have studied like her??' ( Once again..NO)

The socialite.. The one who's job is to party and have fun 24/7.. The one who's network of friends extend across the fuckin globe.. The one everyone knows of at a club..The one who constantly has a gaggle of people surrounding her at all times.. The one who most of the time doesnt need to pay to get in at clubs.. ( I prob could have become a mini-socialite if I didnt get attached!! Haha)

The loner.. The one who is considered anti-social..The one whom everyone would prob try to draw into their group initially but only to discover she actually LIKES to be alone.. The one whom has difficulty finding a group for projects.. The one who is truly calling out for friends.. ( Nope..I dun think so..)

So who am I?? I get so irritated at myself sometimes.. Why couldnt I be this way..Why couldnt I be that way?? I don't really fir into any particular category..I suppose practically, no one fits into one specific category huh?? Its just amazing how humans want to,or rather need to, shelve everybody accordingly..It makes us feel safe knowing we are not part of the weird group as defined by us.. That we belong..That we truly have friends who are like us..

Till I find myself..I guess I should be content to have a great family and wonderful friends.. I feel I'm getting old though.. That I should not dress or act a certain way.. But in my mind I'm still young..Why the fuck shouldnt I get that trucker cap I want??? So I will..After hunting for a perfect-not so loud one..

Just needed to blog that down..


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I've realised how old I am...I was lookin thru Friendster pics and saw this girl wearing this very cute trucker cap..And imagined how I would look in it..

Gasp...I think I would look horrendous in it..Like an old woman trying to look good in tight clothes and hooker heels.. Hahaha.. Sigh..Is 23 old?? Like in 7 yrs I would be 30!!! *Gasp* I think its my hair...Making me look old..I so wann chop it all off and have my old hairstyle..The bloody short one.. Watcha think?? But everyone would SO kill me..The first in line would be the bf..

But being old doesnt mean I can't have fun..I love these badges..I can't get enough of them.. And some of them are SO me..Like these..

This one was a prezzie to my brother from one of his friends..He happily paraded arounded with it pinned onto his bag till I made him read it carefully...Hahaha..

My Daily Admiration..

This one's on my phone cover..and it is SO, most definately me.. Everytime me and the bf get into an arguement I just shove the phone cover and badge in his face...Hahaha..

You Know It..

This last one is a key chain which Daf gave me whilst we were browsing through the shops.. Cho Chweet...She so knows me..My Chinese twin!!!

Haha..Damn Right..

Okie..Gtg eat my Maggi meeeee...Love ya all..


Monday, March 07, 2005

I remember you...I remember me.. In the bus.. Just ONE Halls mint.. Both of us.. Lips tingling..

Went for the NTU Taal show on Sat coz the bf's brother was taking part in the dance competition.. Caught the NP drama group whom left me laughing and laughing.. They were bloody good.. But the whole show was quite poorly coordinated.. I mean they invited the guest of honour up to stage but no one was there to lead him up..And when he got there..there was no podium or anything..Quite rude actually.. And they charged 10 bucks a ticket!!! *Mumbles*

Then on Sun went to TCS for a Movesh recording..Was good to hang out with Ananthi again..Had a good talk and great laughs.. Was feeling under the weather so thank god the bf drove me home.. And I guess the feeling continued coz I'm SOOO sick now.. Popped 2 yellow flu tablets in the afternoon and zonked out for 5 hours.. But I had to wake up to watch Desperate Housewives.. How fun is that show?!!?

Project deadlines are so getting to me..I have a freakin major presentation due the week after EXAMS!! Its like..You don't get to rest even AFTER the freakin exams..Still have to prepare the final DPP proj and presentation..

*Sneeze..Reaches for yet ANOTHER tissue* Gtg take a few more of those happy pills and sleep..I feel so wretched and horrible..Someone save me..


Friday, March 04, 2005

Okie..Finally got into the mood.. Wed was my dreaded Econs test.. Wasnt too bad in the end..Qns were mostly repeats from the last paper.. So was lucky that I did the practice paper..

Now here's a rare sight..Me taking a pic of myself in specs.. I hate how I look in specs..So bloody nerdy.. Like a teacher.. Hehe..

Speccie Me..

We all decided to head to Zouk that day czo we REALLy needed to destress.. But first we headed to Pizza Hut for a well deserved lunch..Enjoyed myself coz I was laughing away at Charles's and Kelvin's antics..

I bloody well overslept and was rushing to get ready to meet the girls at Orchard.. That's why I look so bloody tired and harried.. But still had time to take lots of self-obsessed pics!!

Lala..I'm a Zoukster..

Yes..You Can Watch.

Mambo was okie I guess..The company was good but the music..err..a lil off laa.. But i still had a bloody good time..Mel decided to I knew I had a great dancing partner!! We had LOADS of drinks..Vodka Lime,Vodka Red Bull, Vodka Cranberry, Vodka Orange..Phew..All that vodka made me feel damn good..

We took alot of photos at Orchard too..Jiahui's camera phone is so fuckin happening..Bloody big and clear..Sumi Envious*

Rest Of The Night...

Am so bloody tired now..Went for Sakae buffet again just now..Spur of the moment thing.. Damn satisfied.. Then went to Daf's toy shop and relived my childhood and embarrased myself at the same time by getting excited over all the cool toys in the shop and playing with them..Haha.. Cant believe I'm a fuckin undergrad..

Then went shopping for my baby's birthday prezzie..Might as well get it done whilst I have the cash..Got him something i KNOW he really wants..Cant blog it coz he might just read this blog..

An oooooooo... Guess who I saw in Bloomington's at Heeren?? The scenario goes at below..

Me- Browsing through the cute cards and stuff and notices a tall male lurking near the romantic card section..complete with aviator shades and trucker cap..proceeds to ignore male..

Me- Suddenly turns back and looks again... Gasps a lil..Runs to Daf..

Me: (Whispers) Daffffffff...That's Taufik right?????

Daf: (Turns to look, Eyes go wide) isss!!

Then both of us pretend not to affected by the presence of a local celebrity within touching distance whilst I sneakily take a pic of him choosing a romantic card!!

Hehe..Spore Idol sighting..

Actually he's quite tall la..Taller than you would think..And he didnt stay incognito very long..Very soon girls were also jabbing each other and then gusshing over him..asking to take photos with him..Sigh..Must be nice to have ppl fawn over you like that!! Then again..the poor guy couldnt even get his shopping done and left soon after...

Wokay...That was a bloody long post...*Yawn* Gtg get some shut eye now..


Fuck all spyware..

*Moans* I soooooooo dun wanna lose another comp to the dreaded viruses that seem to LURVEEEE my pcs.. I can't even open up my IE browser..It just gives me this box that says that they encountered some shit problem and has to close down the browser.. So I have to use Mozilla..Which sucks coz my blog layout looks damn funny on it. I keep scanning my system with 3 kinds of anti-spyware and virus programs but I keep encountering the bloody Trojan virus no matter how many times I quarantine it.. And the irony of it is all the bloody pop ups that come up are ones that advertise anti-spyware software!! *Mumbles*

Dieeeee....Helpppppppppppppppppp...Anyone knows how I can solve this prob of mine???

I don't even feel like uploading pics and blogging about the wonderful time I had clubbing on wed.. Sniff sniff.. Right now I'm using the bloody sch comps to blog.. Which sucks coz i cant upload pics at will.. Fuck la..

Anyhoo..Will try to get into the 'mood' to blog with pics soon.. I just hate to think what will happen to my pc if this goes on..