Friday, May 25, 2007

What's better than spending a Tuesday afternoon at Sentosa?? Spending it with the Baramundis!!!

Me and the laus..

Sarah at her most unglam..Hehehe..Auntie auntieeeee..

It had to rain like mins after we settled ourselves near Cafe Del Mar..So out came Sarah's umbrella!! Hehe..So we took the tram to Palawan beach and decided to go eat at Samundar Indian Fusion restaurant..Yummy lamb and cheese!! Mmmm..

And of course I had to indulge in a cocktail..Tequila Sunrise..Mmmmm..

And of course, the bloody garnish had to fall off mid sip and Sarah just happened to be snapping away..Hmphhh

The we decided to cross the bridge and lepak at the top of one of the towers..What's not to love..Bacardi Breezers and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream..Singing 'En Chella Peru Baramundi'..Bitching abt men in general..Coming to the conclusion we cant live with them but we cant live without them as well..Pffftt..

I didn plan on going into the water but the minute I put one tentative foot in,I knew I had to!! Here's where the story goes a lil crazy..I was wearing a bikini top under my spaghetti strap top and I was NOT planning to take it off..Like hello?? Its me you're talking abt..A woman with self esteem issues..But Sarah dared me once we were in the water..And so I did!!! I felt so liberated..Like screw the world..I know Im not your typical slim-bikini-wearing babe..But who the hell cares laa..You live once..*Snaps to Sumi* Hehehe..Then I dared Sarah to take her top off..And she did!! Sleeveless for the 1st time! *Snaps to Sarah* So all you haters can take your comments and stuff them where the sun dont shine!! We are women so hear us roar!!! Hehe

I had an awesome time with the Baramundis and Lilah who joined us after a while..I love Sentosa!!! Cant wait for the next time!


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weeeeeeeee...Another fun filled weekend!! My Baramundis needed a day out desperately so we decided to meet on Thursday..Pre drinks at Harry's where I had my very first Mojito..And then sheesha at Sahara whilst we waited for Chillies to open..Yummm..Cherry flavoured! Finally Stan came to open Chillies where we had complimentary rum and chocolate milk shots! Hehe..I'll let the pics do the talking..

I know I look bloody wasted in most shots..But I swear I wasnt even high..I just look naturally wasted..*Grin*

Lilah,My laus and Me!! Alco babes..Hehehe.

She's one of my constants..*Muacks*

Awwwwww..You should really hear her pronounce Baramundi..Hehe

The Baramundis!!!
The DJ who plays my 'Sexy Love' song which makes me happy..
Lesbian lovinnnnnsss..

Friday I had planned to meet the lovely Priya and gang..We went to Harry's for pre drinks..I swear I've tried almost all the cocktails at Harry's..I LOVE the Long Island Ice Tea and the Bellini there..*Drools* After which we headed to Chillies to chill and wait for Nesh to finish work..We ordered 15 shots..Okie I didnt down ALL 15..But still,I got excited by the sight of 15 shots on the tray! After tat we headed to N9..Yesh Naughty 9.I know..I know..I had no choice..But I swear after the bottle of vodka I got in touch with my tamilachi side and started dancing with Gayatri who I met after a LONG ass time. The night ended with breakfast at McD and I finally hit the sheets at 7am..

I got 3 hrs of sleep before realising I overslept and missed my threading class..Sowwie Sarah laus.. I had planned to meet the fellow IBM gang for bowling..But we were too lazy to walk over to Chevrons from JE so we ended up playing pool instead! Hehe Kanz was our pool guru coz the rest of us just sucked at the game..But it was loads of fun what with the camwhoring,indian songs blasting from Ket's phone and random spewing of Tamil vulgarities..

I then met the gang to catch the match at Chjimes..Not many ppl know this but I is a closet Chelsea fan coz of their manager..I swear his arrogance is SUCH a turn on. Priya shares my secret as well so we were both secretly cheering Chelsea on amongst the sea of Man U fans..I swear both Nesh and Sobban got SO upset when Chelsea scored and sealed the deal. Their faces just dropped.I guess the only time I will feel such disappointment is if and when MAC decides to close down..*Shudders and touches wood*

I sooooo need sleep..

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mother's Day was soooooooo fun..Brought my mum to the Sakura International Buffet place at Clementi..My goodness..The amt of food they have there!! I went bonkers..With the prawns of course..Hehe..Mum was pretty happy..I love seeing my parents smiling. *smiles* And as usual..Plenty of camwhoring.

And presenting the prawns!!! *Drools* I swear I could eat prawns every day..


PS: I know this was an ultra short post..More VERY soon..

Friday, May 11, 2007

I've had a pretty good week so far..I caught Spidey 3 on tues with my new movie kaki Will..This guy cracks me up laa..He's a really good companion esp when you're feeling like crap! And no..He is NOT my bf..Sheesh..Everytime I post a guy's pic up some anon creep will see fit to make a lame ass comment..Pffftt

On Wed I met my Sarah laus for a pampering pedicure session at
Nails@LacquerRoom at Vivo..I loved the place! As usual I got a variation of my hot red.I swear having red nails makes you feel sexified laa..Hehe..And the prices are reasonably cheap too..Then as usual we couldnt resist shopping a lil..I swear I am in love with that Nichii shop at Vivo! Dresses at 26 bucks!

Thurs my poor Sarah was on MC so me and Hema went over to keep her company..I made peanut butter brownies the day before and these 2 were already droolin online when I told them so I brought some over..It melted on the way over coz its the non-baking kind..But still yummy..So they said..Even Snuggles the cat enjoyed it! Hehe..It was fun bitching and webcam whoring with these 2..

And today I had an interview at 9am..*crosses fingers* Everyone pray for me k?? Hehe..And since I havent posted any self obsessed camwhoring pics recently..Here's one with my sister's hot new glasses..*evil smile*


Monday, May 07, 2007

Heyaaa.. Been travelling to JB almost everyday..Coz my darling grandmother was rushed to the hospital coz she had difficulty breathing..Sigh..It was painful to see my normally full of life grandmother lie in bed a shadow of her former self..But thankfully she's getting better. *Prays*

Other than that, I had an interview at Bugis last week. I swear Sarah was more excited than me coz she works in Bugis too! I would have a lunch kaki for life! And I'll prob be broke ALL the time coz we would be shopping all the time. Had a fantastic dinner with her and Hema at Clarke Quay..Baramundis!!! *Inside joke*

I know this has been a boring post..But I lost the mood to blog. But I'll be back soon..reallll soon k my lovelies..


Thursday, May 03, 2007

I am in love with one particular song at the moment..Atif Aslam is the sex..Seriously..Its songs like this that make me long for someone I cant be without..Even if you hate listening to songs on ppl's blogs..Do yourself a favour and click..And listen..Presenting to you..

Tere Bin..

And here are the lyrics with the English translation..

tere bin, main yun kaise jiya, kaise jiya tere bin
without you, how did I live, how did I live without you

tere bin, main yun kaise jiya, kaise jiya tere bin
without you, how did I live, how did I live without you

lekar yaadein teri, raatein meri kati
with memories of you, I passed my nights

lekar yaadein teri, raatein meri kati
with memories of you, I passed my nights

mujhse baatein teri, karti hain chandni
the moonlights is talking to me of you

tanha hai, tujh bin raatein meri
the moonlights is talking to me of you

din mere, din ke jaise nahi
my days, are not like days

tanha badan, tanha hai ruh
lonely body, lonely is my soul

nam meri aankhen rahe
nor have my eyes remained

aaja mere ab rubaroo
come back now

jeena nahi bin tere
don’t want to live without you

tere bin, main yun kaise jiya, kaise jiya tere bin
without you, how did I live, how did I live without you

tere bin, main yun kaise jiya, kaise jiya tere bin
without you, how did I live, how did I live without you

kab se aankhen meri, raah main tere bichhi
for so long my eyes have been watching your path

kab se aankhen meri, raah main tere bichhi
for so long my eyes have been watching your street/way

bhule se hi kabhi, tu mil jayen kahin
by mistake, meet me somewhere

bhule na, mujhse baatein teri
I can’t forget, your words

bheegi hai, har pal aankhen meri
they are wet, every moment my eyes

kyun saans loon, kyun main jiyun, jeena bura sa lage
how do I breathe, how do I live, living feels bad

kyun ho gaya tu bewafa, mujhko bata de wajah
why did you become faithless, tell me the reason

tere bin, main yun kaise jiya, kaise jiya tere bin
without you, how did I live, how did I live without you

Sigh..I wish..