Thursday, March 29, 2007

Okie so I got bored of my old template..And I needed some colour in my life..But changing the template is a bitch!!! Since Haloscan decided to be an ass and not be compatible with the new Blogger..All my comments from my lovelies are GONE..Blehhh...I hate my life.

But I still like my template..If I can work out the kinks..Its quite me..For now at least..

And Sarah darlin decided to photoshop one of my pics whilst she was obviously bored at work..Hahaha..Yesh yesh I KNOW its obviously edited so dont start msging me abt how fake I look..I happen to like it!! Hehehe..Thank you my lau..

Ooooo..I'm going for Pradhana tml..Super last min decision. But I'm going to support Ananthi and Movesh!! Now what to wear!!! *Scratches head*

Now that I think abt it..I may change the blogskin again..Im not a very blue person..Hmmmm..Wat do you think??

Oooo Grey's Anatomy..


PS:I changed it to another skin which I LOVE.. ;)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Yay..The Zoo!!! Hehehe..

As usual Ms James was late so Saras and myself helped ourselves to curry puffs..Mmm.

I adored the white tigers! So majestic. The lions were a disappointment though. I REALLY wanted to see the lions. All I saw were the lionesses lazing in the sun. Hmph.

We sprung a birthday cake suprise on Saras at the Elephant show!! Hehee. I bet you've never cut a cake at the zoo before, right Sarasii!!

The birthday girl insisted we feed the elephants so we bought a basket of fruits and fed the lil elephant! I swear elephants are my new favourite-st animal.

With the 2 whom matter the most..Awwww..I laus you guys many many!

No matter how hard I try NOT to club every weekend, I still end up clubbing due to one reason or another.This weekend the reason being Sathais's suprise birthday party at Bumblebees. I had a bloody good time plus I didn consume alcohol! Yeah I'm trying to cut down.I realise my liver cant take much abuse. I had an awesome time dancing with Ananthi! Plus something else happened that has been making me smile whenever I think about it. *Happy sigh plus googly eyes*

And that concludes my exciting weekend. Hope you had an equally smashing weekend!!
I'm gonna go have an Ugly Betty marathon now.

Friday, March 23, 2007

So I got a new laus..

My Sony Ericsson K800i Cybershot with 3.2 mp camera!!!! Woohhooooooo...

Hehehe..And what's my current fav ringtone? Kamasutra of course..*winks*

I am also in love with Cafe Del Mar!! *swoons* What a SEXY place!!! Unfortunately I dont have pics to show ya.But trust me it's gonna my new fav hangout. The beach,beds,alcohol and topless men.What more could you ask for??

I've been in a funk the whole week. I seem to attract men from the extreme ends of the spectrum. The creepy ones who just wanna sleep with me and the creepy ones who want to marry me within days of knowing me. I'm so confused and annoyed with the world. Can you tell I'm pre PMSy??

I cant wait for our Zoo outing tml..Yes the Zoo..I love the Zoo. We're celebrating Saras's bd at the Zoo coz she didn want the normal clubbing celebration.Which made sense coz I'm getting sick of that shit too. Not clubbing per se..But clubbing on your bd.

As you can also tell..I'm NOT in a blogging mood. But I tried.

Maybe I'll be happier after looking at lions and elephants.


Monday, March 12, 2007

I swear Im becoming an online shopping junkie..My brother thinks its disgusting the way I spend money I DONT have..My sister is just happy coz whatever I get, she gets to use as well..My mother made noise initially till my sister told her how much everything costs, then she was just amazed at how cheap everything is.. My fav item from the below batch is my Revlon eyeshadow..Helloooo..Its like 25 bucks here and I got it for 7 bucks online!!!

I had a makeup appt on Sat with 2 lovely ladies..Who've been reading my blog and wanted me to do their makeup for their cousin's wedding..Thanks for the support ladies!!

I was super tired when I came home..But how could I be home on a Saturday night!!! So made plans with Ganesan and his friends to head out. And of ALL places..we went to Chakravarthy..*Makes urgh face* Hahaha..Aiyo it was an experience la. I was bored so I did what I usually do when I'm bored..I camwhored!!
And ppl..PLS..Me and Ganesan are NOT a couple..So if you see me in a club with him and you are of the male species..Just say hi. Hahahahaha..I wont bite..Unless you want me to of course..Geezz why am I so flirty on a Monday afternoon?? *slaps herself*

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

So I was bored..And I had all that new makeup just staring at me.So I got my victim..Ehem i mean model..aka my lovely sister and started my makeover.
So after much persuasion I managed to get a before pic..Hehe. Presenting Sujitha slacking at home before her makeup maniac sister whips out the digicam.

And presenting my sister after I got done with her. I am in love with this green/teal combo so I've been doing this alot these days.

I realise I've been posting alot of makeup pics recently. But I cant help it..Its what Ive been doing with my time. I have no life.Hehe. I've also been shopping ALOT..*bites nails* My sister needed formal shoes and pants today so we went to Dorothy Perkins after gym.I swear it was so hard not whipping out the ATM card at every store. I want that red and black top from DP!!! But i did buy this gorgeous pair of heels from Charles & Keith at a steal..I have been droolin over them for like 3 mths and finally they decided to have a sale!! *Happy Sumi*

Oooo Dance Floor..


Sunday, March 04, 2007

My first few batches of online shopping treats arrived over the week!! It was like Christmas multiplied by 1000!!! Hehehehe..I'm serious. I was like so happy!! Check out my lovely pigments!!!

So what does a makeup junkie do when she gets her loot? She tries them on of coz!! Hehee..This was what I did when I went to MOS on Thurs..Which btw was super fun! We were making fun of the wannabes, the cannot-make-its and the underdressed!! Hehe..Pls excuse this 1st pic.I dun have my lipgloss on but I liked my eyeshadow in the pic..

This was when I met Preyaz on Sat for a bout of girly gossip and major shopping!! I swear my brother's room has the best lighting..

Okie enough of my face..I just wanted to show off my eyeshadow..Hehehehe..I cant wait for the rest of my stuff to come! Lalallalalaa...


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ive been having a blogger's block these days..Explains why my blog has been pretty picture heavy. You can't blame me..I have nothing else to blog about..

On to happier news..One of my besties, Saras is getting hitched!! I am sooooooo happy for her..Though she could have said something earlier instead of waiting till my shrimp was in my mouth. I almost choked!! But oh joy..I get to do her makeup on her special day. Congrats my darlin!!

And of course when I told my mum this news, she started with her daily nonsense of, "So when are you planning to settle down and give me grandkids? You know when I was your age, I gave birth to you already..Blah blah blah". So as usual, I tuned her out till she was done and just gave her a power bang bang look..That shut her up. Sheesh.

I don't understand why people keep pressurising me to get settled down. I mean, it'll happen when it happens! Seriously..I cant just pull a guy off the street and get married to him just to make ppl happy. Maybe that's why I'm so reluctant to open myself up to a having a rship. Coz ultimately I would like my next rship to be my last..Meaning I would want it to last forever. Sound whimsical but who doesnt want the fairy tale ending. So that's why I dont wanna settle with any guy who seems interested in me for the sake of being in a rship. If I did that I would have been attached a LONG time ago.

Okie okie..Lets not get all depressed. Its a Thursdayyyyyyyyyy..And you know what that means.. MOS babyyy!! Hehehe..I want another flashing red ice cube! I promised to 'steal' an extra one for Ganesan too.But it all depends if I decide to go. Me and my moods.