Friday, February 11, 2005

Batam shopping soo kicks major ass...

So we awoke bright and early to catch the ferry to Batam.. I seriously thought that no one would be going along with us considering everyone would be busy visiting and all..

We walked into the ferry ticketing place and saw...



Sighz.. So waited whilst my dad got us the tics for the 10 plus ferry.. Was pretty excited considering this was my first trip there.. So as usual I got camera-whorey.. These are a collage of self-obsessed pics throught the trip..Hehehe..You know me laa..

Me In Batam

Once we reached Batam..I started to get seriously creeped out by the stares the locals gave me.. Seriously..Very creepy..

But we had a very nice cab driver who drove us to wherever we wanted in the 2 days.. Our hotel was damn niceeeee... Went for a swim..Experienced the sauna with my mum and sis..

And the most impt part..SHOPPING!!! I bought 3 bags, a top, a corset and other goodies.. All bloooooooodyyy fuckin cheap... Cheeaapp cheeaap cheeapp... Haha... I'm so goin back to shop again.. At first it felt weird to spend like 1/2 million on shopping... I almost had a heart attack the 1st time I saw them ring up the cash register.. 500,000!!! Aarggh... Then I realised its in rupiah and it was only about 100 bucks..*Phew*

Us In Batam..

Another reason to go to Batam..The FOOD....The extremely delish but damn cheap FOOD... We went to this nasi padang shop and this guy carried about 15 dishes at once in his hands to our table!! I was just worried he would accidently drop the whole thing in my lap..

Here's like half of the dishes..


And here's when we were done!!!


But I couldnt wait to get back to Spore by the afternoon of the next day.. It was bloody hot there and I just felt ick.. But I had to get this shot of the toilet display in our hotel lobby.. I was lookin and wondering why the hell is the girl shorter than the guy?? First I thought "Basket..They think all girls are shorter than guys ah!!"

Then I looked closely...

You look toooo...

Can you see???

The girl is freakin sitting down to pee!!! With her hands under her chin..

And the guy is standing up to pee..With his hands ermm..positioned the way it should be..I guess..

Hahahahahahaha..So cute right...

Funny Toilet Sign

I was so bloody tired when I reached home..But I still had to compile my project which is due on Mon.. Sigh.. And I had to wake up early today to go for a proj meeting at Checkers again.. After which I came home and got ready to go to the temple with the bf.. Who is going to KL tommorrow!! Basket.. He didnt tell me till today!!! I was majorly pissed..

Then I started thinkin of all the times I blew up in his face coz he went out with his friends.. And how he doesnt say anything when I go out with my friends.. But you see..I'm just worried he'll start drinking again.. I despise him drinkin with his friends coz they never know when to stop.. If you know Indian men..Most of them are really strong drinkers and can drink till the cows come home.. But they never know when to stop.. And drinkin that much will hurt them in the future.. Sigh..

But I calmed down.. He deserves some fun after all that exam stress he's been through.. Anyhoo I prob wouldnt have time to go out with him this weekend.. Have to bake my V Day cookies!! I've gotten many orders and I thank all those who have supported me so far!! You guys rock!!

Yawn.. Gtg hit the sack now..Pleasant dreams everyone..