Sunday, August 31, 2008

The 26th Birthday at The Fullerton!!!

The darling boyfriend knew how much I was in love with The Fullerton so he booked us a room on my birthday!! *dreamy smile*

It was also Vijay's last day of smoking!! Hehe he made a promise to quit on my birthday!

Reading our package details..The Fullerton staff are so nice and accommodating and they planned lil suprises for me as well..

Yeaaa we got a lil touristy and starting taking all the posey pics whilst waiting for our room..

Hehehe..yeaa..I know..I was a lil impatient..

I FAIL at doing the Karen Cheng!!!

Our fantastic view! We managed to get an upclose view of the fireworks as well that night! So romantic!

They delivered my suprises!!

A bouquet of my favourite red roses and complimentary bathrobes to bring home!!

They also included 6 different kinds of bubble bath soaps for us to enjoy..Sighhh

My darling ran me a bath complete with rose petals..*Smiles like a goon*

And he gave me yet another wonderful present..The Viewty which Ive been eyeing for god knows how long! *squeals*

After an afternnon of shopping and a wonderful lunch at Khansama (Ooooo the naans were yumm!), we came back and I was having my shower when I heard ppl moving around in the room. I came out and they had set up this intimate 4 course dinner for us in the room!!

The awesome dessert!!!

I HAVE to feature my new love..My $195 Aldo bling bling heels!!! *drools*

Arent they purdyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!
So purdy!
My bling bling headband..Do you sense a trend here?
The boyfriend and me! I just love using that word these days! Hehehe
The hotel also sent up a yummy cake!
My thou!
These pics was prob after the alcohol..
Camwhoring as usual!
I had to sneak another shot of the heels!
The sexy back dress!

The darling that means the world to me!

Ragi and me at Gotham!! Thank you for coming down even though it was for a while!

Nisha the dessert monster!

The 2nd cake of the night!

God knows what we were doing but it was such a cute shot!
Malini came to say hiiiiiii!

The thou who has been there ALWAYS!!! Me laus you long time!

The bloody waterfall Shanu bought me!

My favourite shot of the night!

Yes..We were pretty much flying..

*loony smile*

Buffet breakfast the next morning!

I wanna thank the bestest boyfriend ever for a wonderful birthday..You made me feel like a princess! Then again you treat me like a princess everyday..You have always been my pillar of support and you never fail to make me smile with just a call or sms..Thank you for coming into my life and making it complete!

And I wanna thank all my friends who wished me, came down for the party, sent me smses etc. You guys mean alot to me as well. As you grow older, your group of friends become smaller. But that group are the truest bunch you could probably find. And I thank all my friends for being who they are.