Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I know a blog's all about expressing one's self and feelings.. But some ppl really write degratory remarks without even thinking... Not one to name names..This is an excerpt from a young Singapore Chinese undergrad's blog..

"i feel like an ah bu nehneh drinking in the afternoon"

WTF??? You mean only Indians(quite sad that we automatically know that 'ah bu nehneh' means Indian) drink in the afternoons??? You check out any neighbourhood coffee shop and you see Chinese ah peks surrounded with bottles...Not that I'm saying Indians don't drink..But the point is NOT ONLY Indians drink.. *Mumbles*

Another comment by her..

"have you wonder why all, or rather most money changers are ah bu neh neh? cos' they are more calculating?"

WTF again???? WE are calculating??? Hellllloooooooooo... I should very well think not.. But if I state my reasons here, I would come across as being equally racist..So I shall keep my racist thoughts to myself..*Hmph*

In my previous post, I wrote about the aunties at functions..These aunties don't just stop at the functions..There is the all important debrief which happens the day after the function..

Auntie No.1: Did ya see X's daughter with that guy yesterday?? Her new bf ah??

Auntie No.2: I think so laa..So close and all..X's mum no shame ahh?? He looks like he's agang leader with his tattoos and all..

Blah blah blah blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....


My bf updated me on the aunties' debrief on me..

1) Apparently we are a good match(Or rather we looked compatible)
2) I look like I can bear healthy children ( WTF??? They have ESP??)
3) I definately will look very good in sari (And they can tell this coz I was wearing pants??)
4) I'm so smiley (I'm supposed to burst into tears or scowl at them instead?)
5) I look very familiar (Perhaps coz I went on a nation wide Perfect Couple contest with him??)

Sighz... I'm gonna have a tough time pleasing everyone..