Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Madagascar was great fun.. I loved Melman! Maybe coz I was picturing how David Schwimmer looked like whilst he was voicing the character.. Thank god parents had the sense not to bring lil babies for the show.. Like the babies are actually gonna enjoy the movie and discuss the finer points of the movie over bottles of milk at the next playgroup..

I Like To Move It..Move It!!!

Now..I wanna talk about guys carrying their girlfriend's bags..

Somehow its just wrong, right? To see hunk-y guys toting hot pink, dainty, flower-printed shoulder bags.. *Shivers at thought*

I've seen this phenomenon happen so many times in town, it makes me wanna puke.. And most of the time, it's usually the guy who offers to carry the bag. It's not as if the girl's shoulders are going to be strained from carrying lip gloss, her wallet and her ezlink card. And the dumb girl willingly surrenders her bag not knowing (Or perhaps she does), that her bf ends up looking like a poofy, wussy, sissy...

The only time my bf carries my bag is when it's filled to the brim with my gym stuff or when it's project time and I borrowed 10 books from the library. Even then he only carries it if the bag in question is not wussy in any sense and scans around first to make sure he doesn't see a familiar face.. Not that I want him to carry my bag.. I'm perfectly capable of toting my own bag around and I have security issues on top of that.. I need my bag with me at all times, even when I'm eating..

Coming back to the topic.. So what's the point of it all? What does carrying a girl's bag prove? That you love her so much you don't care you look like a poof?

Boy, please...

I'm off to get my trucker cap in town.. I finally found one I like.. Only thing, it's orange so it'll be bloody hard to match.. Oh well, all that means is that I need to shop MORE for stuff to match my cap! GSS here I come!


Saturday, May 28, 2005

IBM was awesome!!!

I was late..As usual.. And a group of 8 women stood waiting for me at Woodlands MRT.. Thankfully all with smiles on their faces and not you-are-sooo-in-trouble looks..

All my fears of "Oh shit we are going to have awkward silences" quickly disappeared as soon as we started walking into CWP.. Conversation flowed as if we knew each other since forever.. 9 indian women clicking so fast is quite a feat..

Of course we had to go window shopping.. And of course we had to pig out.. So Swenson's it was.. Over Coit Towers and Sticky Chewy Chocolates, we talked, laughed over dirty jokes and had a good time 'eye washing' one particular waiter.. *Smiles*

It was strange at first to call each other by their real names but I got used to it fast. I think I shocked the hell outta all the babes when I revealed I haven't danced the horizontal dance before and that Shawn is my very first bf.. *Grins* I know..I don't look like the virginal sort huh?

What more can I say about the meeting..It kicked major ass.. Need I say more?

IB Babes!!

From left to right: ThugChic,Ambi, Ket, Me, Kaanz, Moon, Pinks, Desimadness and Hudz

Can't wait for the next meeting..We should make it a shopping one.. Preferably after the 9th of June..That's when my personal ATM comes back from Taiwan!

Sigh.. It was a wonderful afternoon..Was great hanging out with all females after a LONG time. IBM was a freaking great success!


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Is it corny if I say I miss him much...

Is it corny to say I wait and long for his once-a-week phone calls..

Is it corny to admit that my face lights up with a mile long grin when I know its him on the line..


Sigh.. My maid just asked me the other day if I didn't miss him at all.. Coz I was still dressing up and going out and chatting on the phone..

Well..I could have moped around the house with a woe begone expression on my face with my family waiting for me to burst into tears at any moment.. Coz that was how I felt right after I sent him off at the airport.

But I am pretty good at hiding my emotions especially from my family. Not a really good thing in the long run. I hide too much behind my veil and reveal very little. And I did feel better after the 1st week.

But I do have bouts of 'missingness' especially,

*When I see his pic on my phone's screensaver,

*When I go to the gym (What to do..the guy's a gym rat),

*When I see the can of Red Bull in the fridge and remember how much he would scold me for drinking it and then secretly buying it for me when I begged and begged for it coz I needed it for exams with a promise of never drinking it again.

*When I see the dried bouquets of roses in my balcony

*When I pass by Ang Mo Kio MRT station

*When ppl ask me "Where's Shawn?"

*When I think of KL

*When I am all alone at night and I can't sleep..So I go thru all the pics in my phone and miss him like mad.


I know..I'm a pathetic-in-love sad case.

So sue me.. *Grins*

(P/S: I know this must be extremely nauseating for Sunil and Sujitha..But who cares!)


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

*Reaches for YET another tissue*

Sniff sniff.. I didn't know having the flu was so fun..

Blowing my brains out through my nose into countless tissues till my nose has turned a very fashionable shade of red and has become so scaly it can rival Barney the dinosaur's..

Turning wherever I sit, into a tissue-littered pig sty..

Popping endless amounts of Clarinese and yellow flu tablets (Also known as the Happy Pills) and drinking cups of not-so-reliable Panadol Hot Remedy..

The only good thing that has happened is that I have a very deep, husky voice like Phoebe in the episode where she gets sick and sings in this sexy voice and then gets better and wants the sexy voice back so she tries to get sick by inhaling all the germs left by Monica's tissues..

I know..I watch too much tv..

It doesnt help that I have this sprained nerve thinghy near my neck.. It hurts so bad and I feel stiff all over.. I can only sit and sleep in one position and walk reallllly straight.. *Mumbles*

On the other hand, I'm really excited about the IBM this Sat..I've even started planning what to wear.. Duh..I've been planning what to wear since the topic of meeting up started. But as ThugChic mentioned, what if we have nothing to say in person??? But highly impossible right, what with NINE INDIAN girls meeting up for the 1st time??? *Bites fingernails*

So what is everyone one else wearing?? Just so that I won't turn up overdressed (which is,sadly, often the case!!)

Buhbbai my babies *In sexy Phoebe voice*


Friday, May 20, 2005

I was just thinking how important our mums are in our life. I cannot imagine my life without my mum- her love, sacrifices,comfort and ability to know what I'm thinking at all times.. And this brings me to my next question. How often do you kiss/hug your mum?

I kiss my mum everyday-whenever she leaves for work or whenever I leave the house during the day. I'll go kiss her even if she's sleeping. It's just a thing in our family. That's why I found it so strange to see my bf NOT kiss or hug his mum at the airport before he left for Taiwan. His parents were in the lift and they just said bye and left. I was dumbfounded. So I asked him when was the last time he kissed his mum..

"Hmmm..I think in Pri 6 after my PSLE"


Apparently affection's not a big thing in his family. But it still saddened me to think that both parent and child are not expressing their love and affection. Somehow the bond is not as strong and the relationship is not as intimate. I immediately started thinking way into the future and asked him if he would kiss our children when they grew up to..

Not suprisingly he said "Of course!".. And I was ashamed that I even asked him that question as kids are his life.. He loves them more than I do, I think.. But for him, it's so difficult to project all these feelings out especially since he stopped all the affection-showing so young. He said his mum would probably faint if he suddenly went up to her and kissed her.

But I think she would be so happy..Don't you?

So my last thought provoking question is this..

Why is it so hard for men to show affection and open up? Is it some programmed code they all have instilled in them? Or do they just wanna act all manly all the time?



I forgot to mention that I went to Ashoka after Pradhana Vizha..

In a sari...

In a freaking sari...

I know..I was equally embarrased for myself when I went in the club..but there were quite alot of people in saris coz lots of PV people came down as well. It was an experience dancing to 'Turn Me On' in a sari though.. *Cringes*

I just came home from a henna party.. Another new experience.. I didn't know such customs existed.. Ananthi had a make up gig for the bride's sisters, who were dancing at the party.. The whole event was so exciting.. She's Arabic which explains the whole henna party thing which is strictly for ladies only.. They cordoned off the multi purpose hall and turned it into a mini harem complete with sequin pillows and exotic songs..

The bride entered the hall with a veil covering her lips and nose with her relatives who made that sound old women make with their mouths and tongues. Then she danced with a few close relatives in the middle of the hall before proceeding to take her place at the front, like a princess! Then they had all these performances by her sisters and cousins..They choreographed Hindi songs like Dolare from Devdas and looked bloody professional. I was amazed throught the entire event. I never knew these events even existed..

And all her relatives looked damn gorgeous! Arabian ladies are so freaking good looking.. Even the old aunties looked delectable..I was so darn jealous when I saw an auntie with 2 grown kids with a waistline of 24 and really perky boobs! Hahaahaaha.. Damn that auntie.. Threw me off eating the delish spread of food they had there..

Oooo..My muscles are aching so bad..3 days of gymming is taking its effect on my poor tired body.. But I intend to hit the gym at least 5 times a week no matter what.. If Oprah can freaking well look that good at 51, I can too!

Oooo..Bed..Comforter...Nice fluffy pillows..


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I agree with ThugChic..Ads are annoying.. But for me the ads are a constant source of temptation.. Let me explain

I worked out with Ananthi today at the Thompson gym..Worked out REALLY hard, for like 2 hours.. Walked out of the gym and what do I see at the bus stop? A bloody KFC advertisement claiming I can get an entire meal for less than 3 bucks.. *Stomach starts to grumble*

*Ignores grumbles as new resolution is to look amazing at upcoming birthday party*

So I get on the bus and proceed to listen to my favorite radio station on my faithful MP3 player.. *Da daa Dat dat daaaa..McDonalds! Buy a meal at blah blah blah* Damn.. *Stomach starts growling*

Then I decide to just switch off the radio and hear songs stored in the player..I look up and see a bloody advertisement for Walls ice cream on TV Mobile.. *Stomach demands food*

I lost all hope and decided the world is against me losing weight when I turned to look outside and saw a Cadbury's ad on another bus, passing by. *Stomach starts a protest and refuses to stop making rude sounds*


But amidst all that temptation, I still peservered and managed to just consume soupy noodles when I got home. But all those ads really got to me on the journey home. I was so tempted to jump off the bus and run to the nearest KFC/Macs and binge my way home.. *Slaps myself hard*

Losing weight is never easy huh? Fuck..I just want all the weight to melt off.. I have recurring dreams where the fats are being liposuctioned out of me and I walk down Orchard Rd in swanky clothes which fit me like a dream. Then I wake up and look in the mirror..Damn..

The main reason I'm on this mission to lose weight would be for my birthday. What started as a simple chalet gathering has turned into a big hoo-ha.. I wanted to celebrate my bd for 2 reasons..

1) I didn't really celebrate my 21st bd..Ya know, the whole princess thing with a DJ, catered food, dancefloor and people you don't really know coming..

2) I'm turning 23 on the 23rd of August!!! That happens only once in a lifetime..

But my darling bf decided he wants to throw me a bigger celebration complete with a DJ, catered food and a dancefloor! Haha..It's still at a chalet but just more grander!

Then I realised that "Oh shit, everyone will be turning up for ME! To look at ME! Me..and all my wholesome fats!" I then started rolling on the floor laughing like a maniac..More like panic laughter. So I mapped out my exercise regime and stopped eating after 8.30pm. Let's see how it goes..

And oooo..I decided on a theme for my party.. Bollywood Fusion!! I think it's gonna be fun but only if people who are invited are spontaneous and agree to dress up according to the theme. All my IB girls, you guys are so invited k! Start planning watcha gonna wear!

Look who's talkin.. I'm the birthday girl and I still have NO clue what I'm going to wear. *Faints*

Oooo..F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is on..


Monday, May 16, 2005

I was settlling down in my couch on Saturday, The Incredibles DVD was playing and I was happily snacking on choc covered strawberry gummies (I know..I shouldnt be).. Then the call came..

"Wanna go Pradhana Vizha?".. asked Ananthi.

"I have NOTHING to wearrrrrrrrrr!!!".. came my reaction.

So next reflex action... pack anything that looked remotely Pradhana like into a huge bag and head for Ananthi's house.. The only reason she decided to go at the last minute was coz her sister was nominated for best actress and she didn't want to disappoint her..The only reason I wanted to go was coz I've never been before! And it was at the Ritz, so the desserts were heavenly..

Hmmm..My first Pradhana was certainly an experience..

It enabled me to appreciate the finer points of back stabbing and media politics.

I was there when females exclaimed "Oh your outfit's sooo gorgeous! I love the way you did your makeup etc.." and then turn around and whisper to their friend "OMG..She looks so slutty..What was she thinking?"

I was there when nominees congratulated the winners without sincerity..

I was there when nominees who didnt win stormed out of the theatre when the winners were announced.

I was there when females started bitching about each other whilst the award show was happening live and then preening when the cameras started swinging by them.

Certainly reinforced my feelings about certain people in the media..

Anyhoo, I still had a blast with Ananthi and her sis.. It's certainly different when you're at the actual show and when you're watching at home.. But I do think certain awards were given to the wrong people.. Oh well..

Pics From Pradhana

I went out with my Mel, Daf and the gang today and..*smiles sheepishly*.. bought new shades.. Which are soo retro and so me..

Random Me..

Here's a bigger pic if ya can't see clearly in the collage.. Excuse the expression.. Was feeling a lil tired after a whole day walking around Orchard..

Retro No??

I should be blogging a whole lot more nowadays since my hols have started.. And I should be commenting more on all my IB members blogs as well! *Winks*

Ooooo..New Chinese drama..Gtg..


Friday, May 13, 2005

I just wrote a bloody long entry on Tiger Girls..

Just as I was going to publish..It vanished into cyberspace..

I am pissed..

And fed up..

So am not going to bother to write again..

Well at least not for today...



Monday, May 09, 2005

Finally..Exams are freaking over.. I can't believe how little sleep I have been surviving on these past 2 weeks..

I also can't believe how horrible my eye bags are.. To assure myself they weren't THAT bad, I took a photo of the myself whilst I was studying.. *Covers mouth Indian actress style* Arrrggghhh..Yucks.. I have like 20 passengers' over-the-limit baggage on my face.. Need sleep to recover bad cruelty of cruelty.. After the Econs paper, I had to drag myself to discuss and prepare for the DPP presentation. During that very *yawn* interesting discussion, I met someone I've always been waiting to meet..The even-more-zombified-than-me ThugChic! Finally I get to put a face to a name.. Darling you so need rest more than me. Don't be stressing the small stuff (Yeah rite, I'm a basket case when results are going to be released..So watch this space for future whinings about grades)

Headed to Bras Basah to get supplies for the presentation..I can't believe I've never been to the Art Friend shop.. Its so fucking cool.. I'm a sucker for ALL thing DIY.. But sadly most of my projects start with great enthusiasm but I lose interest and that's why I have half-sequinned blouses and half-finished paper crafts in my closet. The only thing I really finish are my cross-stitch projects.. I LOVE cross-stitch...Lil known secret actually. But I think I'm pretty darn good at it. *Slaps myself*

I have to go finish a 700 word reflection paper on my thoughts during the whole DPP process.. And also do some cognitive mapping.. And finish a 500 word part on leadership styles.



Friday, May 06, 2005

Sniff sniff...Shawn left for Taiwan on Tuesday..That was a bloody miserable day for me.. I thought I would be able to handle it..I did initially.. But when he went into Immigration and after he waved till I couldn't see him anymore, the tears just flowed.. I couldn't help it..

And I SO didnt want anyone to see so I hurried away but sadly the wife of his colleague saw me and called her husband to inform him that I was crying.. Then my bf called me from the free phones inside.. I was sitting dejectedly in the train by then.. When I got his call telling me not to cry and all, I started blubbering again... On the freaking train! Sigh.. 5 weeks.. 1 and a half months.. And its only been 3 days.. Ah Fuck..

I Miss My Man..

Just came back from a secondary school mate's house.. She's getting married over the weekend and needed someone to do henna for her.. Another good friend of mine, Azie, saw my post with Monica's henna pics and recommended her.. So I accompanied Monica as well as took the chance to catch up with my sec sch friends.. Oh gosh it's been so long..about 7 freaking years.. So fun gossiping and exchanging tales.. And yet ANOTHER friend getting married.. But all the preparations seem so fun.. But its the 'after the wedding' that's the tough part..

OSD paper today was like shit.. My mind drew a blank so many times and I wasted so much time trying to remember stuff.. Sigh.. Good luck to me.. Next paper is freaking Econs.. Then DPP presentation.. Then holidays!!!! But without my bf or my besties, its not goin to be much fun..

It so doesnt help that his phone has no auto roaming and I have to wait for his call.. Just the idea of not being able to talk to him whenever I want to sucks.. Knowing that he's not just a phone call away..

Sigh.. Am dead tired.. So gonna crash soon..