Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Yes peeps..Once again I've been cheated out of being connected with the rest of the world...Yes.. I am computerless once again!!

My computer's stinking motherboard was fried..Just 1 month after I replaced my hard drive...Couldnt the stinking guy have noticed anything before??

Sighz...So went to get a new pc at Courts during the Comex weekend so it was cheaper!! Got a spanking new computer,new printer and totally unrelated new microwave oven! Haha..Can't wait for the comp to come!!

So here I sit again in the sch's comp lab..doing projects supposedly..But sneaked off to surf the net.. Haha..I'm up to my hairline in projects.. Have a presentation on Friday which we soooo have not prepared the data for..SPSS anyone???

Oooo..Happy belated Onam wishes everyone!! Stuffed Shawn with vegetarian food when he came over on Sat...We had like 11 different kinds of vegetarian food!

Aaahhh..have to get back to the discussion..


Thursday, August 26, 2004

Finally I have time to post my birthday pics..

These are two of my dear friends at SIM..Kelly and Daphne..Daphne's the one who shares the same birthday as me...Pretty pretty girls!!

After Lecture..

My bf wanted to bring me to Hard Rock for my birthday dinner but I wanted to eat ice cream so we ended up at Swensen's Orchard...And I was happily ordering my club sandwich when I noticed this notice saying that if it was your birthday you could get free Firehouse icecream..Woohoo..So it came after our meal with a candle in the middle of the banana!! A lil embarrasing but sweet...


Managed to get a shot in the car...was rushing off to cut my cake at home...Poor baby came after work so he looks so tired..


Watching serials is a given in my house..My mum's hooked on the SunTV serials in the afternoon..and me and my sis are hooked on the 7pm and 9pm Chinese serials on Ch 8.. So fun laa to watch mindless drivel..

Okie laa..Gtg do my MOR project now...Sighz...


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My ER 1500 word essay was due today at 5pm...Yesterday I switched on my PC, clicked on A drive and tried to access my file...BUT NOOOOoooo!! It didn't wanna open.. Only that bloody particular file in the entire disk could not open!! And me being the kuku I am, didn't have a backup to my disk..So after one hour of trying to retrieve my complete-one week's worth of effort-1500 word essay- I gave up and admitted to myself that I had to bloody redo one week's worth of work in half a day..As I had to give the file to my mum to print at her workplace at 9pm..and it was already 1pm..Aaargghh..Major panic..

So I sat down and typed and typed..reffered and read..typed and typed..And ya know wat??

The new one was way better than the old-missing-in-my computer one..

Yes..i actually produced a better piece of work in 8 hrs than in 1 week..Amazing...This is why I love me!! Chehhhhhhhh....hehehe..

It was such a relief to slip the project into the project box..2 down..6 to go...

More blogging later..


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I'm too bushed to blog the day's events today... Still have to finish my ER essay tonight...So I'll prob blog agin tommorrow complete with pics!!

Till then... You Know You Love Me....


Sunday, August 22, 2004

I really was not looking forward to this weekend..But suprisingly it wasnt too bad... I took loads of photos..So that would explain the load of photos here.. I left to meet my baby around 3 plus.. Took a cab to Costa Sands coz he couldnt get the car.. He took the photo when I was sorta snoozing off in the cab..

In the cab..
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I was so suprised when I saw the amount of effort they took to decorate the place..But it's also because it was a joint celebration for me and Mark...I got bored after my bath coz the rest went swimming..So that would explain the two below self obsessed-self taken pics...Haha..

In the room
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Self Obsessed..
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See...The deco quite nice right...They actually went to buy all these stuff..There were loads more inside but I didn't post them here...

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And this is my cake!!! If you notice, the bloody people at Sweet Secrets apelt my name Sumiha...Hahaha..But i forgived them after tasting the cake...Another orgasmic Chocolate fudge experience.. ;)

My Cake!!
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This always happens!!! But at least its not with the cake..I got the bulk of the spray-ie string-ie stuff...It stuck onto my hair for ages..

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Eeeee....I look so gross in this pic..But it was the only one with my prezzies!! I got flowers!!! But not from my baby...Hehe...so ironic right...My first bouquet was from my friends and not my bf..He felt quite bad..But I understand coz he's not the flowers-obvious romantic kinda guy.. But it felt damn good to get flowers..And the CD in the pic is a choccie CD!! So cute right...

Me and my prezzies...

Some side shot I took of my bf..He's so cute laa...Brought me for midnight walk along the pool all..I was so suprised!!

My babyyyy...

I just had to put in a shot of my flowers again...So nice right...Hehehe

My flowers...

And to think that my birthday is tommorrow...And I've already celebrated it to the max!! What's with my sentence structuring..I guess it's from the lack of sleep..Disnt get to sleep till 7 in the morning and woke up at 10!! Hahaha..Well..it happens at all the chalets...

Wonder what's in store for me tommorrow..On my actual birthday!!!

I love me...


Friday, August 20, 2004

I asked my dad to get me Twirl...I even told him its a purple wrapper with yellow writing..T.W.I.R.L...

But he bought me....... TWIX!!!! I dun really like Twix..I prefer dairy milk choccie..without any interferences like nuts and other stuff!!! Hehe...But I was REALLLY in need of choccie..So i ate 1 piece and stole a few of my sis's M&M's...hhehee

I'm so proud of myself today..i could have stayed at home and slept whilst it was raining BUT I went to the gym before my 7pm HR class.. *Kisses herself* Wah liao...the HR class damn boring laa...I kept yawning and yawning...Didn't have Daf next to me to keep me occupied coz she had her chalet to be at...

Daf and I have weird similarities...We just met in July but I feel like we've known each other for so long...We share the same birthdate!! AND the same freakin anniversary!!! And her bf's super nice too and he's so sweet coz he helped us with one of our projects.. ;)

Sighz..I'm tired...and sleepy and I feel lost...I need my gals with me..I wanna go JE swimming complex and scream with them..i wanna go Starbucks and order raspberry fraps and talk for 5 hrs...I wanna go watch Tamil movies in Yishun and make fun of the movie with them.. i wanna go window shopping and try clothes at Chaos with them..i wanna go clubbing and have loads of fun with them...



Thursday, August 19, 2004

Basket..Its so blurry...

I sorta like this pic..But its so blurry here...Damn..This was when we were going clubbing before the gals went back..But my face is a li pink and strangely glowing coz Monica tried this new glowing powder thinghy she bought...Damn I miss my gals..

Oh I had the bestest news during lecture yesterday...I have an extension for my essay which was due tommorrow..yay...If i didn't I wouldn't be blogging now..But i probably will finish by tonight..No point dragging it on and on..

Mmmmm...My brother just made me lemon tea using real tea!! I was so impressed..and it actually tastes quite good too..

My birthday's on MONDAY!!!! yay for me!!! Hahahaha..so thick skin la I...Anyhoo..I have this chalet my bf's friends are holding sorta for me and another guy who's bd's on the 25th...Its gonna be a total booze weekend and I am SOooo not looking forward to it..Trust me..These people can drink like there's no tommorow...

I miss my bf...


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Bitch..Slut..Whore..Bloody Fucking bitchoholic SLUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

Aaahhh...That feels so much better...I've wanted to do that since Sunday but Blogger did not let me sign in..*Grumbles* Know how meeting one crappy person can spoil your whole day?? Let's just say that almost happened...

Anyhoo...Up to my armpits in projects..I absolutely loathe citing and referencing.. Its soooo bloody tedious and cumbersome..Writing an essay is not that tough but to be able to cite from at least 10 different sources is another thing.. Stoopid regulations..

I watched Catwoman yesterday at JE Entertainment..There was this annoying couple right behind us..I have to explain that the rows of seats in JE are bloody close together.. I was disgusted to notice the bloody fucker sitting right behind me took off his bloody shoe and had one stinking leg across the other!!!His foot was gonna make contact with my hair!!!! I had to maintain my straight back posture for like 10 mins,whilst I made sure no one else was gonna come and sit in the seat next to me..Then I got up,shot the bloody fucker a dirty look and changed seats.. Ewwww...how gross rite..You come theatre and treat it like your bloody stinking house..

On the other hand Catwoman was okie I guess..I only watched the movie for Halle Berry..OMG wat a bod!! Mmmmmm..Ooops...there goes my lesbian tendencies..Hahahahaaaa

Yikes...gtg finish another essay..


Thursday, August 12, 2004

I haven't been updating as much as I would like to coz I have deadlines approaching... The most impt one being this Fri for this mind stretching subject called OE..You don't wanna know..

So that explains why I am up at 1am in the morning..I am only up at this time of the night when:

1) I am clubbing
2) There's CSI on AXN
3) There's Charmed on Starworld
4) I'm out with my bf

Since I am NOT doing any of the above..i should be in bed under my comforter, hugging my bolster...Hmmph..

How funny is Spore Idol??? Don't ppl know that we can recognize them on streets here?? Its not like AI where we make fun,laugh and then forget abt it...Here we actually do take time to point in public and laugh... I know I will if I ever see that Lemon Tree Guy...Hahha..

Gtg piece my project together..


Sunday, August 08, 2004

Centro soooooo sucked!!! Like big time... hahahaa...Actually the first few hours when they had the RMIT thing was not too bad(I got saboed into taking part in the drinking comp-which I sooooo lost-I can't drink beer!!!!)..They also had this pageant thinghy which was quite fun..After that,they started with the TECHNO SHIT!!!!

Arrrgghhh..Couldnt take it..so left around 12 am..Went to our fav mee kuah stall in Yishun where my so clever bf ordered...Mee Kuah PEDAS PEDAS!! Hahahaha....Poor kid..

Today went to the gym..Starting on my gym routine again regularly...It sucks when I have to stop for a while coz of the freaking flu! Then we went to Marche (Looks a lil guilty) and had...What else...Caramel Banana Waffles!!(Looks even guiltier!)...But Ohhhhhhhhhhh...It was sooo GOOD!!

Mmmmmm...Okie okie..Enuff of food...I have to go and do my project now...


Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Hey..I can do this!!!!

I bet most of you can as well rite?? I'm just a lil late..

*Blows nose* Yesh..I have the dreaded flu!! Again..I'm prone to the flu bug..I get it like once a mth..Every mth!! It soo sucks.. Having to go to school and do projects whilst your head feels like its filled with a ton of bricks..

RMIT's having a bash at Centro this fri at 9pm till late..I'll prob go coz its free for me..since i paid 15 bucks during registration..and i get 2 drinks as well..For members of the public i think its 18 bucks with 2 drinks.. I havent been to Centro at all..Have no freaking clue how the music's gonna be..I bet its techno..Fuckin Techno....I hate techno!!!! Oh well...student bonding and all that crap laa..

Mmmmm...Smell that?? That's Choc Chip cookies baking in the oven...My oh-so-clever sister voluteered ME to bake them for HER thinghy at Sentosa this sat..Quite clever ah...NOT!!!

Okie gonna watch CSI..


Monday, August 02, 2004


Oh God..It feels so good to sit at home and use the comp..And finally being able to MSN!

Hmmm..I tried my very best to do my projects this week..But I so totally failed at my attempts..I went for my brother's band performance on Sat and I just came back from Saras's sis's birthday party...So there went the weekend..

Sniff sniff...Saras is flying off on Tues(Oh and speaking of Saras,she rebonded her hair and she looks GORGEOUS!! I mean really..This coming from a person who used to make fun of Indians who rebonded their hair! Hehee..But it looked great on her!)..I miss my girlies already!!! Clubbing and hanging out just ain't the same without them..Sighz..

Yawnnn..I need sleepp..I have early project meetings tommorrow...*Makes face*