Sunday, February 27, 2005

Phew..What a relief to drop that damned report in the submission box.. Then it was off to Marche at Orchard to meet the rest of gang for Derek's and Richard's birthday dinner.. Didnt have much of an appetite and the bloody $10 min spending rule at Marche didnt help too.. *Mumbles*

Headed to Indochine in Derek's lil TownBee..hahah..That car is just TOO cute... Wahh..Havent been to the Indochine in Clarke Quay before.. Damn gorgeous.. Its called the Forbidden City and has this cool Chinese relicy looking decor..Ultimate chill out place.. Comfy too with all the cushions and couches.. Had loads of drinks on our table..Vodka lime..Vodka Red Bull (ALL MINE!)..A bottle of Chivas..Endless rounds of beer.. Haha..I decided to get Derek tequila shots..Customary rite?? So we got him 3 shots...I think he was a lil gone after that!!

If you check out the photo in the centre of the collage..You will see one of Derek's prezzie.. His very own blow up doll!! Hahah.. Since he's been single so long and keeps wanting a chick..We got him one!! And another real funny gift was this cup shaped like a boob!! And the part where you drink out from is the nipple!! Haha..After he unwrapped that gift, he had to drink all his drinks from that cup..

So much fun!!

Indochine Madness..

Had very good intentions of studying at my bf's place on Sat..We went out to eat with his parents after which we promptly went home and fell asleep!! Haha...Bunch of pigs la.. Went for some CC show in the evening..Quite boring save for a bloody cat which kept swishing past me under the table! Eewww..

OMG..Jurong ppl..You all have to go check out the Milo Godzilla at the new 24 hrs shop near St 42.. OMG...Its heaven on earth.. With ice cream!!! MMmmmmm.. (See Joanne..Everyday I give you more reason to come back fast!!)

Milo Godzilla Madness..

Sigh..Have to go hit the books now..Bloody econs test..*Grumbles*