Thursday, June 29, 2006

Okie..My hair used to be this brown, blondish mix (points right)...And as
know I got bored of it..So I went to my usual hairdresser..Now this lady has never failed me before, hair wise..The only thing is, she doesnt let me do things I want to do sometimes.. The othertime I did my hair, I wanted a lighter blonde but she's like "Nooo laa..Dun want k.. We just do it this colour"..Like its my hair, my money..But then again, her way always turns out good..

Same thing happened this time..I wanted to cut my hair short for a change..But it was like I told her the worst news on earth la..Her face changed and she wailed.."Nooooooo cannot.." Hahaha.. So I said I want my hair colour to be obvious..And guessing from the pic on your left, you can say I got my wish..Its SUPER red now..Hahaha.. But I like!! Its very me..

Now if I can only stop all the Indian aunties from pointing and staring..
Like seriously..Stop it..The red fades out very fast anyways..To this disgusting brown..

I had a lovely time out with a fren last night..Dinner, movie and hilarious clubbing anecdotes..But I couldn help but stare at everyone who was shopping.. I want to shop too!!! I want my white halter dress from Forever 21..I want my Aldo heels..I want my Topshop skirt..Sigh..I want..I want..I want..


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vote Mathilda in!!! Vote Vote Vote!!!

500 hits on Friendster..500...Wtf????

So on Sunday I decided I was uber bored with my hair and decided to colour it myself.. Yes ppl eat when they're stressed or bored..I change my hair.. I should have known better.. Coz those DIY colour kits never work on me..I chose this plum colour which looked so yummy but all I could see after I dyed it was BLACK..Hmpph.. The next day I could see shades of purple and red..But only under the sun or the light.. At night I looked like I had virgin black hair. So I'm goin to visit my favourite hairstylist and get my hair done tml..Courtesy of Daddy dearest.

Typical and hardly the type I fall for..
You say you're a big boy,
But I can't agree..
Coz the love you said you had
Ain't been put on me
Take a chance to recognize that this could be yours..


PS: Shankar..Dun worry k? Much love and hugs..

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Well fuck me..That Mathilda girl on SI can sing..I mean reallllllllyyy sing.. All the rest can just go cry in a corner laa..But then again..This is Singapore..And she is part Indian.. Who cares if she's talented..Who cares if she looks every bit a Singapore Idol..Yeah I beg to differ Mr Ken Lim..She doesnt look like an Idol??? Why??? Coz she doesnt look like all the other anorexic brooms on the show who think wearing black eyeshadow makes them look cool?? Girl pls..You look like you kena punched in the face by the other black eyeshadow wearing broom next to you..

Yesh..I think the woman has style..Though she should have worn the black outfit for the piano show..But hey.. She still looks very Idol..Hopefully ppl vote based on talent and not 'Oh he's sooooooooooooooo cute' or 'Man she's hot'.. But then again.. This is tv.. And again..This is Singapore.. Ah fuck it all laa.. I wonder why I even bother watching local shows..

Random Thoughts:

How hot is Tyra Banks?? I think the woman's bloody hot.. Like lesbian-feelings-inducing hot.. Yeah just thought I had to let everyone know that..

I spent the whole day organizing my accessories.. I have ALOT..I have TOO much.. But I still want MORE..

I want Ricky Martin served on a platter wearing nothing but that yummy stubble..

I had a lovely night out with my 2 girls at Holland V..Seafood bbq, cheesecake and loud conversation rocks..

I want to be on Project Runway..I can't sew..I can't design..But I just want to be on it..

I wanna go Bangkok..Seriously..I wannnnnnnnnnnnnttttt

I am alone..

I STILL don't understand men..And have given up trying to..

Yesterday was the last night Exotica was in town performing at Gotham..And i DIDN'T go..How sad rite..Half naked men gyrating on stage and I DIDN'T go..*mumbles*

Apparently I not only intimidate men..I intimidate women too..Go figure..

End of random thoughts..

Pshhh..I went shopping with the folks and all I got was a sports bra.. How sad rite..Very sad..Nvm there's still tml.. I get to go shopping tml and you dont! Neh neh ni boo boo..

Yesh I know.. I have become a lil..okie.. ALOT crazy these days.. Its due to the lack of human interaction and not being able to stimulate the grey matter..



Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Okie..Ya know what irritates the crap outta me???

On Friendster that is..

Ppl with bloody annoying backgrounds, eg: Picture of themself..Like seriously, if I wanted to see your pores blown up x 100, I would follow ya around with a magnifying glass..

Ppl with not 1, not 2 but 4 music videos playing on the page.. Why?? Why would I want to come to your page to watch a music video?? And even if I did wanna, how can I concentrate when there's 4 videos playing??

All those annnnnoying emoticons..Ya know..The ones that say..Diva..Princess etc.. Yes adorable to a certain extent on their own.. Wah liao.Some ppl just take advantage that its all free and paste EVERY available emoticon on their page..Yeah I get it.. You're confused..You started out wanting to be a Princess..Then you saw the irresistable Bitch emoticon..So you put that on too.. Then the Diva one..Then the Love one.. Then the Boys Suck one..And on and on and on.

And a more recent annoyance.. Testis that actually make noise.. Wahhhhh..Bloody irritating laa..

Yeah I know..I spend WAY too much time on Friendster.. What else is there to do..Hehe..

After gym today, I was doing my normal window shopping on the way to my bus stop..And then suddenly this vision in green stands next to me.. *Waves to Malini* Hehee.. Strange how 2 virtual strangers (we know each other thru the blog world only) can click so fast..Hehe..She was a blast to shop with. She made me break my resolve not to shop.. "Its only 9 bucks Sumi!".. The woman knows the way to my heart..She bought me a vanilla milkshake.. A VANILLA MILKSHAKE!!!!! Can I say I love you for that Malini..I really do..Hehee..

Wokay..Off to spend my parents' money..I LOVE shopping with them..I get to buy stuff and not feel the pinch..*Evil grin*


PS: Shankar reminded me that I forgot to mention he's drop dead gorgeous.Hehehe..

Monday, June 19, 2006

A post dedicated to Mr Rameshwara..

The place: Gotham

So I meet this guy..He's wearing a denim jacket..with denim jeans.. (I hate denim with denim..just makes ya look 5 yrs old..But he claims you can only wear denim with denim). Anyhoo.. we get into this whole Rameshwara vs Movesh spat..The next thing I remember doing is daring him to dance on the table top with me..Which he did (Alot of alcohol was consumed i guess).

Fast forward to morning..and still we're having the dance group arguement over yong tau fu noodles he bought..

Fast forward to today.. Since then I have come to known he thinks actress Shalini is his wife (I personally think the woman needs to invest in good hair conditioner) and Nicole from PCD is his girlfriend (Yeah you and the other disillusioned millions of men in the world). He also makes clubbing plans with you and then disappears.. Oh and he thinks Italy's gonna win the World Cup (Yeah right.. Brazil all the way..Rite chicas?)

So my darling Shankar..You got your shout out.. Though it might not be the one ya wanted.. Okie fine.. I'll do a lil publicity for you.. My lovely single ladies.. Shankar is a sweet, intelligent but somewhat arrogant guy who'll probably take very good care of you.. So you may ask..'Sumi why don't you go after Shankar?'

The answer is very simple..

Movesh and Rameshwara cannot laaaaaaaaaaa... Its like a crime..



(PS: You wanting Shankar's number..You calling me ok?? Or messaging me??)

(PPS: *evil grin*)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Yay.. Sumi gets to clubbbbb...

Yah I know..I've been deprived..I can't wait..

I bought this bloody cute dress from Forever 21..for 48 bucks!!! How cheap.. Btw they are having a sale section..Dig deep and you will find great buys..

Its a Friday nightttt!! And I get to dress up and wear make up and get sloshed and dance..



P.S: Btw the whole point of this post was to make sure everyone knows I'm clubbing! Hahahhaa..Yeah and that I might have gone bonkers from staying home so much.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

I miss photoblogging..

So much so, that I'm actually contemplating dragging my lazy ass to go fix my digicam..Which btw, everyone thinks I spoilt with my countless self obsessed pics..

Yeah whatever. *Flicks hair*

I didn't go out the whole week except for gym..Sad eh? I know. I think its PMS, but I am feeling the loneliness big time.. BIG TIME. I know I have loads of friends..But sometimes we women just like to torture ourselves and drive ourselves further into depression by listening to sad Tamil songs and crying ourselves to sleep. Or watch sickeningly lovey dovey Hindi movies and cursing viciously at the screen, "Like fuck that will fucking happen in the fucking real world". I was actually snarling at Aishwarya's character until I noticed my sister backing away from me. PMS can be a bitch. And all the weird cravings..Vanilla ice cream and sour prunes..Bleh. Not helping with the weight loss at all Sumi..Not at all.

To add on to the loser-like feelings I was having, I actually went out on a Saturday night with my younger brother and his friends.. Yes.. Me, the social princess.. But his friends are all darlings and we decided to go to Gold Dust to watch Kumar perform..Boy it did wonders for my mood. Kumar is MY SINGAPORE IDOL!!!! He is fuckin hilarious laaa..Laughed till I couldn laugh no more. Then a dose of cheese prata totally vaporised any PMSy feelings I had and I went home a happy girl..

What more could I ask for on a Sunday afternoon than vanilla ice cream and a Vikram movie?? *Drools*

And here..I have a shout out to this very persistent friend of mine, Mr Rameshwara aka Shanker..Who has been begging..ahem..I mean politely asking me how come he's never mentioned on my blog. This is just a preview..Once I get incriminating pics of him, I'll dedicate an entire post to him.. Ok Shanker??? *evil smile*


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Wasnt able to post for a week coz I was busy having dance practice..Yes.. Dance practice.. I'm finally dancing again after 2 years..And of all songs.. Varathu varathu..Hahaha.. Yeah..I know. Was fun though..Bonding with Ananthi and Gaya after a long time..It'll only be out in July so I'll have 1 mth to prepare myself emotionally to see my bleh self on TV again..

OOoooo exam results in ohhh..2 hrs or so..Bloody nervous.. Sigh..I cant afford to screw up my bloody last semester.*crosses fingers* I can't believe how relaxed I'm being about my current state of unemployment.. I just wake up..head to the gym..or the library..veg out on the countless hours of constantly annoy my sister. Hehehe.. Oh well.. Good things happen when you wait right??

Have I mentioned how much I love my house??? Its super happening! I even managed to persuade my parents to get me my swing..The indian kind..Hehehe.. And my room..Ohhhhh.. I LOVE my room.. I just wanna stay there all the time. New stuff has been coming in the whole week.. New fridge, washing machine, aircon, cabinets, beds, stove,sofas.. Phew.. The amount we've been spending is crazy.. I feel guilty at times..But its all worth it!

Okie.Gonna go bite my nails in nervousness now..