Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I'm in business!!

The cookie business that is..

I brought sugee biscuits to school coz I made an extra batch when I was baking for my mum's colleagues.. Didnt know my friends were SO responsive to the biscuits!! I got like 3 orders for sugee and 3 more orders for cornflake cookies during the morning lecture!! Hahaha.. Imagine if I had started 'advertising' earlier!!! I would be rich!!!

Anyone else wanna order?? Just msg me..

Love is confusing aint it?? You wanna keep spending time with that person..But sometimes you just wanna scream ans hurl abuse at him.. You can't help but feel insecure at times..But when you see that face, you just forget all that anger and melt in his arms..Weird eh??

I'm sooooooo tired after gym.. Wanna go sleep but have my projs to handle first.. My Econs class today was damn confusing..And its gonna get more confusing..

Demand elasticity anyone???