Friday, December 31, 2004

2005 is only hours away...

I highly doubt anyone can fully enjoy themselves tonight coz at the back of their heads..They will realise thousands of others don't even have the comfort of their own homes or even have the possibility of celebrating the new year... Even Ch 5 is not telecasting the NYE countdown tonight..

However,that said, it is a new year...And we all need to usher it in with joy so that the rest of the year will prove to be a good one.. I had a horrible NYE in 2002 and my whole 2003 was pretty much fucked up... So I firmly believe in surrounding yourself with great friends and family on NYE and celebrating it the way YOU want..Not how the masses want to..

Do I believe in resolutions??

Nope...Not at all..

Not that I can't follow through with them.. But just the idea of it is quite dumb.. Why limit yourself to resolutions?? So if ya say you wanna lose weight in the new year and 1 month later you just can't keep up with the say 'ohhh...there's always next year to start'???? Quite stupid always fall back on saying there's another time..

But I do have wishes though...

I wish that my family and friends will be kept safe the coming year..

I wish that I can maintain my good grades and get even better grades in the next year..

I wish that all those who have lost loved ones find the courage to move on..

I wish for children never to be parentless..

I wish for children never to go hungry..

Okie I have to have this wish..else I'm not myself... I wish I can shop all year long with endless credit at all stores!! Hhahahahahaa...

So to all my blogders..Thanks for accompanying me these past 8 mths.. Happy New Year and may all YOUR wishes come true in the new year...

Don't drink and drive..Don't get into a car with a drunk driver... Be safe... We don't need to lose any more lives pointlessly...


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Thursday, December 30, 2004

I wish SunTv stopped showing such graphic images of the lost lives in India and Sri Lanka... It's really too heart wrenching to see all the bodies and their loved ones crying over them... The worst are all the images of the small childrens' bodies... I really couldnt bear to watch that channel anymore and snapped at my maid who kept wanting to watch the bodies and burials... What's the fuckin point get pleasure out of watching people bury their children ah?? Why does she want to watch it over and over again... I just screamed at her..

This year has been pretty fucked up... Many innocent lives have been lost throught the year.. I just pray for a better year ahead and that all the people who suffered some sort of loss or another find peace and courage to move on.. Closure is a very difficult thing to attain after losing a loved one..especially in such tragic circumstances...

Please find it in your heart to help those who must be suffering in ways we cannot imagine.. Instead of splurging on an elaborate NYE dinner or outfit, donate that money to the relief fund or buy tinned goods or donate old bedlinen and clothes... I know I feel guilty as hell for buying those boots and spending money at the Mango sale... But we're donating stuff this Fri to one of the worst hit region..Sri Lanka..Our lil contribution will mean a world of difference to those who don't even have drinking water at the moment..


Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic"-Joseph Stalin

This tragedy struck a lil too close to home for many of us..We were actually planning to head to Langkawi this hols instead of Malacca..We changed plans last minute..Langkawi was hit by the ripples of the quake and many lives were lost there...I uttered a prayer of thanks when I heard the news...

But many Sporeans have only been complaining about holidays being cut short in Thailand and how Thailand has been badly affected...Do they realise that an entire Indian city could very well been wiped out?? Sri Lanka was the worst hit after Indonesia...Yet not much coverage of the lives lost there in the papers... The only news about India that was being covered was the lack of help form the govt...Even in times of devastation, people still have to point fingers and complain..

Its quite sad to witness all the tragic stories unfold on the tv..To feel so helpless...It's a miracle our lil dot survived all this without as much as a vase falling off a table,from the quake.. Once again...Please don't take life for granted...All those holiday goers laying on the beach with their children prob didn't expect a huge wave disrupting their lives forever..

Take a moment...

Really think of what has just happened in the last 2 days...

Think about what YOU would be going through if YOU were in that situation..

And finally...Help in any way you can... For those who wanna help those in Sri Lanka..You can bring down dry goods (milk poder,tinned food etc), clothes, blankets, medicine etc to No. 19 Dalhousie Lane (begind Tekka Mall) by Wednesday... Every bit counts..

Pray for your fellow humans..


This year's annual trip to Malacca/Seremban was fun if not our new car...We were so used to travelling in our Trajet..It came as a shock when we had to travel at least 4 hours in the Liana...And me being me, had alot of stuff I just had to bring along with me..

My handy Mp3 player

I sleep alot when I travel...Alot...


We went to the Portugese settlement on Christmas Eve for our annual seafood dinner...The seafood was soo bloody fresh..And the crabs!!! Mmmmmm....

My mum and bro..

Sisters unite..

2 of my fav cousins..

We stayed in our uncle's house in Seremban since we couldnt book any rooms during the peak season..But I wasnt bothered coz I love staying in his house...The kids are sooooo fun to be around!! They're my favourite cousins out of the bunch... Sharmili,Soujiny,Dhivina and Yuven..

I got bored and decided to makeover the girls...Starting with their hair..


So cute no??

The elders..

The house..

Dhivina was born on the same birthdate as myself...So we do share certain attributes...
One..Being vain..
Two..Love photos of herself..


Sharmili is really quite attached to me...Since eons ago...And I really love her too...


Soujiny is the quiet one..who REALLY loves her TV..


So with mixed emotions we began our ride home.. Happy that we were going shopping at Malacca..Sad that it would possibly a whole year before we saw our cousins again..

Goin back...(yes..I do realise the top is a lil too low...So stop staring)

And this would be my brother and sister attacking the kesari my aunt packed...oh..about 5 mins after we drove off!!!


Who in Spore doesnt miss A&W's floats??? Everytime i go travelling in Msia..I try to drink at least 1 float.. There was once I had 3 floats in 2 days!! Its sooo yummy...

Root Beer Float anyone???

Who also doesnt miss Baskin Robbins in Spore??? We had the 3 scoop sundae..And my flavour was Chocolate Heaven!!


Monday was Ngee Ann Polytechnic's Concert Band's annual concert at Victoria concert hall.. This being my brother's final year in poly, it prob was his last performance as an official student..Knowing him and his passion for all things band oriented..He'll prob join as an alumni member and keep playing.. Since it might be his last perf we decided to suprise him with flowers..Coz every perf we went to previously, most players got flowers or teddies etc..

Not for me..unfortunately..

My brother and his love...His Tuba..


Proud parents...

Me and Sunil.. Handsome rite!! Hands off ladies...Ya gotta go thru ME first!

The man of the hour..

Although I don't say it to his face, I am really quite proud of my brother...He's like the only Indian in the band and he really enjoys being in the band (I think..Most of the time anyhoo).. I dun ever think I can play an instrument lest play the bloody instrument in front of an audience!!
I just had to get in a pic of ONE of my recent conquests....New Boots!!! Nice riteeeeee....It goes so well with all my new clothes...

My new boots..

Phew...That was ALOT of photos... OMG I forgot a VERY impt piece of news!! Joanne is back in Spore!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyy...She got back on Fri morn...and we are gonna suprise Monica on Thurs...Gonna go wait for her at her workplace...Hahaha...She's gonna soooooooooo cry.. This means my NYE celebrations are gonna mean SO much more and is gonna be sooooooooooo much more fun!!!


Just got back yesterday...Bloody tired...

Went out today..Finally caught the Incredibles..

My brother's band concert was today as well...At Victoria Concert Hall...

Will blog in detail about all the above tommorrow...

Too tired to think...

Hope everyone had a bloody good Xmas..


Thursday, December 23, 2004

Yesterday was Narain's 24th birthday..Ananthi and me planned this suprise celebration at Ashoka for him..

It was quite fun..He didn't know Ananthi and me would be at Ashoka..So he just came with his sis.. I bought the cake and met Ananthi at Ashoka..Went in bloody early like 2 fools..Haha.. Then the sms came..informing us that they were on their way up..So I lit the candles and burnt my hand as usual..And we waited...and waited...But they were still not there! And the stoopidddd idiots at the next table thought we were 2 sad cases who were celebrating our birthday alone.. *Grumbles*

Finally he came in and got the shock of his life..The poor boy was practically shaking when he cut the cake..Awwwwww...He's so sweet laa..

Have to say...The cake I bought was pretty yummy..With strawberries and all!!

The Birthday Boy..

His sister...

Ananthi and him..


Ashoka was bloody packed for a freakin Wed..Saw alot of familiar faces.. My knee almost gave way when I was dancing..I've always had this knee problem with the right one..and yesterday it felt like it was gonna pop..That's why I'm wearing this very unattractive knee guard at home..Sighz..

If you notice..The majority of photos of myself are usually taken by me..Coz I really don't like how the photos turn out of myself,when someone else takes the pics...God knows why..Its just a pet peeve of mine..

Leaving for Malacca and Seramban tommorow..More shopping!! Shoe shopping this time...I love Malacca coz I can get dirt cheap shoes which look damn good..and boots as well...And the yummy seafood at the Portugese settlement in Malacca!! Pepper crabs here I come..

I just had to include this pic..There was this poster cut out for Seed of Chucky below Ashoka..And we ended up taking photos...Actually ananthi's pic was the most believable...She really gave this SCARYYYYYY face!! But quite embarrasing to post it here...So here's Narain's!

Seed of Chucky!!

Probably won't get to blog till I get back on Sun...Sooooo..

Merry Christmas To All!!!!!


Monday, December 20, 2004

1. Open up the music player on your computer.
2. Set it to play your entire music collection.
3. Hit the “shuffle” command.
4. Tell us the title of the next ten songs that show up (with their musicians), no matter how embarrassing. That’s right, no skipping that Carpenters tune that will totally destroy your hip credibility. It’s time for total musical honesty.
5. Write it up in your blog or journal and link back to at least a couple of the other sites where you saw this.
6. If you get the same artist twice, you may skip the second (or third, or etc.) occurances. You don’t have to, but since randomness could mean you end up with a list of ten song with five artists, you can if you’d like.

001. Lose My Breath - Destiny's Child
002. I Like The Way You Move - OutKast
003. Why You Actin' - Destiny's Child
004. Jungle Book Part 1 - Dissidenten (My bro likes weird songs)
005. Karma - Alicia Keys
006. Slow Motion - Juvenile
007. Sunshine - Lil Flip
008. Balla Baby - Chingy
009. Fly Me To The Moon - Michael Buble (Again..My Bro)
010. Ayyo Ayyo- M.Kumaran s/o Mahalakshmi (I have a new love..the actor in this film!!)

Taken From:

Hehee...Actually I have loads of funny songs in my comp..Thank God not many popped up...Songs like Japanese Graffitti by teh Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra!!!! All thanks to my brother!! Sheesh...

Gtg transfer songs to my Mp3 player now...


Sunday, December 19, 2004

*Bites nails*

Yet more shopping...Hahah..Tis is the season to be merry, no?? Hahaha..I'm obsessed with skirts suddenly...It felt so weird to wear a knee length skirt on Sat (New by the way!)..Coz I felt my legs were so bare and had this paranoia that the skirt was gonna rise and expose my butt!!...I havent worn a skirt in eons...That might explain things..

Things were abit rough between me and him on Sat.. I feel like such a paranoid bitch sometimes...Sighz..

I went to the gym today after a week's hiatus...*Groan* I'm gonna suffer tommorrow...But it did feel good to hit the weights and the cardio machines...Quite stress relieving...

I know I'm just typing random thoughts..but I have a freakin headache and i can't think straight.. Aaarghh..Hols suck without your besties...

{P.S.: Ket darlin I saw the ad with you and your mum!!!! Your mum rocks!!! (",) }


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Thursday, December 16, 2004

I hate this scratchy-throat feeling...

Enrolment for next semester was tiring..coz such a simple process took so bloody long..But it was really great meeting up with my friends after such a long time...Went to Sakae sushi at orchard and had a blast...Those guys can really pack food away...They had like 50 over plates for the buffet!!! But we had a great time...Made a couple of new friends as well... But I was feeling really tired and sick like all the while...Must be coming down with something...I just know it!

The subjects for next year seem really hard...Prices and Markets (Ewwwwwwww...Econs all over AGAIN...Microecons somemore)...Organisation Structure and Design (Double ewwwww)..which is a follow up of OE!! Arrrgggggggghhhhh...That stoooopid subject... And of course DPP 1 which is an ongoing project for a year...Sighz...Have to go and pay school fees for the next sem...$4830...Sighz...I had this sinking feeling once I saw the invoice for the fees...It's like this guilty feeling..My parents having to fork over the money for my education... And they are so nice about it..They didnt complain or anything when I first told them about my plans to further my studies..They understood that in order for me to really acheive my dreams and settle comfortably in life, I have to get that degree...Coz with just a dip, there's only so much I can acheive and earn..

Not to mention being Indian also narrows down my career options..Bloody mandarin-speaking companies which only hire mandarin-speaking ppl..Come's gonna be 2005..Spore companies better wake up if they wanna achieve the Spore govt's goal of being a competitive country with a borderless attitude... So you expect your supplier from Germany to converse with you in Mandarin coz you only hire mandarin speaking employees or speak horrible broken down english??? Sheesh...

Seriously when I was working in the crane company, I had ppl call and ramble on and on in mandarin...I had to wait till they took a breath and then ask if they could speak in English... What do i get...Shocked silence...*OMG ppl in spore actually do speak in a language besides mandarin*... However having being in the system for so long (ie:system of being surrounded by mandarin speaking ppl)..I am able to understand mandarin quite well..So i can bloody well understand if you're talking about me!! So I can also understand what my customers wanted and then transferred them to the appropriate person.. Am I conforming to spore's society of mandarin speakers?? No...I'm just surviving till these people snap out of their lil cocoons...


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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

*Looks guilty*

Yes..I admit it...

I cannot deny it...

I went shopping AGAIN!!!

Hahaha...And it felt damn good...I found half of my NYE outfit...This long black flare skirt..A bargain from This Fashion (Of which I'm a proud member of..which entitles me to a further 10% off!!!)...Now I just have to find the perfect top..And new boots!!

Today's episode of The Simpsons was about Marge going on a date with her ex bf (whom tried to molest her on their prom date and is now a billionaire computer whiz kid) in order to get $1 million for Homer's life saving surgery... This got me thinking...Would I ever contemplate such a trade off? Would any girl ever agree to such terms to save her husband's life? I just can't imagine ever being in that situation..


What goes around, comes around.
What goes up, must come down.
It's called Karma baby.

Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Karma by Alicia Keys

Book The Diva Is Reading: Call Waiting

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I went a lil nuts after unwrapping 3 of our hampers the other day and decided my huge ass Pooh bear needed a makeover... So I did!! Tadaaaaa..

Someone Save Me Pls..

One of the hampers had this big paper flower which now sits prettily on Pooh's head..Hehe..I'm so evil...

Pretty No??

Candy canes are back!!!! One of my favourite parts of Xmas.. And this one is only $1.05 at 7-11!!! Go and buyyyyyyyyy...


Can you tell I went shopping from the glow on my face? From the huge grin on my face?? From the considerably lower balance in my bf's bank accnt?? I've been lusting for this brown jacket from Forever 21.. I tell ya..Forever 21 is my new favourite shop...Affordable and delish clothes in one shop.. I'm sooooo gonna get my NYE outfit from here...

The earrings there are very cheap alsoo....Now I just have to buy outfits to match these earrings!! Hahaha...Any excuse to shop more...

Quite busy this week..Have to head to school for enrolment of classes on Thurs..Should be fun meeting up with everyone I havent seen since exams...Have to go shopping..AGAIN!! For a new bag, shoes, pants and tops etc... So lil time...So many shops..

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Had a great time with my SIM mates..Xmas with the Kranks is quite amusing..The typical feel-good Xmas movie laa..Also went to the Gucci sale at Paragon..30% off but my friend Mel works at the head office so she has 50% off!!! But even at that price I don't ever think I'll be able to part with 1000 buckaroos for a bag!! But to my amazement there were many young girls there buying loads of stuff!! Sighz..To be rich..So on to the shops withing my price range..Forever 21 was also super crowded but the clothes looked pretty delish..I'm gonna get a jacket from there and prob a few tops from Mango as well..Did I mention I love the Xmas sales??

I swear Orchard is getting more and more crowded...I guess it could be due to the Xmas shoppers and all but seriously..Even on weekdays it can get freakin crowded...Bloody put off laa.. And it gets worse in the shops...Everyone grabbing and pushing and queueing...The holiday season brings out the worse in some ppl..

The Shopaholic series really scares me sometimes...Imagine going into debt without realising it... It can happen..It can very well happen to me! I can sympathise with the lead character Rebecca..Its like sometimes,you just HAVE to have those pair of lilac shoes... Coz you just have to!!! But I love the books coz they go into great detail of all the wonderful stuff Rebecca buys-shoes,clothes,accessories etc...I live vicariously through her...Sigh...

I crave sleep..


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Friday, December 10, 2004

Happy Birthday Joanne Pandiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! (Belated I know!!)

Finally, you're 22!!! I love ya hun..Hurry back so we can celebrate in style...

Just watched National Treasure...Quite nice..but a lil draggy..But has Nicholas Cage in it..So I dun care...I just love his acting..But I missed OC..Damn...And its like the 2nd last episode...Double damn..

Some people act like they've never seen cleavage in their life before..It's quite sad actually!!

Off to the land where I'm skinny and everyone else is not!


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Sunshine by Lil' Flip

Book The Diva Is Reading: 32AA-Size Does Matter

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Remember how nervous I was about my results??

Imagine how I felt when my friends called me to inform me that the results were already hour earlier!! And they all had passed!!...Die..I thought...I'll be the only one who was gonna fail and repeat... I was so damn nervous sitting at the comp and waiting for the portal to load....I almost pissed in my pants.. However I did have problems breathing when I noticed there were no NN(FAIL!!!) but there were actually 2 DI(Distinction!!!)...Hahahahahha...My sis and bf both think I'm a paranoid bitch...Not in their own words laa...But seriously I was really afraid i would fail and repeat...*Touchwood*...Phewwwwwww...I'm so freakin glad I get to move on with the same grp of ppl...

On to a more enjoyable topic...Tadaaaaa...Presenting my new Mp3 player from Philips...The HDD 070... Apparently its quite good,as stated in various review sites and magazines...And it's so freaking small...I went..Awwwww...when I took it out of the's the size of a freakin credit card...but thicker laa..And the sound quality is fantastic.. Unfortunately only my brother has been using it when he goes to work..*grumbles*...Since I don't have anyway to go this week..*Grumbles again*

My Lovely...

Must go out to celebrate results soon...Hmmm...Do I feel like Coit Tower from Swensens or Banana Caramel Waffles from Marche??? *Deep In thought*


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Monday, December 06, 2004

Finally got around to upload all the Deepavali visiting pics.. The visiting seems never ending for Shawn's family...Every weekend laa..Phew....

A rare moment where he actually was happy to take a pic..And it turned out quite nice..Me and him have a history with BAD pics..

Deepavali Visiting...

Over this one month plus of visiting, one thing has struck me about him..He's pretty good with children... I was pleasantly suprised coz I've always though Indian men don't bother playing with their younger cousins or brother/sister once they reach a certain age.. But he really got into playing with them..

With his cousins..

Cute ain't he..

So nice..

Sparklers have evolved since my time...The new ones have sounds!!! And pretty colours!! I got pretty excited and his cousins would have all been wondering what the hell got into me...Hahaha...Here I was attempting to get a shot of me and my pretty sparkler..But sadly it took me 3 tries to get myself and the sparkler in the same shot..

Damn.. Sparkler was not in the shot..

Damn again... My face was cut off..

Finally... Yay...

To end the whole night of sparkler games...We decided to light 3 packets of sparklers together..One of his cousins,Devan, built this elaborate rocket ship like structure so that the sparlers would shoot straight up from the ground...Woooooo Hooooo....Bloody noisy and colourful...The photo didnt do the sight any justice though..


Right now i'm a bundle of nerves...My stomach feels like its being pulled a million diff ways..and bile is just a moments way up through my throat... Why you may ask?? My exam results will be posted on the portal in about oh..3 hrs?? Arggghhhh... In my entire academic history, never have I been this worried about exam results...Not even for my O's...Sighz...

Okie...I cant handle being on the net now..I'll just log on again at 5.30...*Pulls hair*


Saturday, December 04, 2004

Busy busy day today..Why is it whenever I wanna get movie lyrics..I can find alllllllll the ulu-est songs in the world but not mine???? Sighz...After printing out the lyrics, I'm off to TCS to meet Ananthi..The guys are performing today so most prob will stay to help out...Then have to rush off around 3 plus to meet Monica at JE to do her D&D makeup,hair and clothes...

Then rush back home to get my ass into a sari in time for my baby to pick me up at 6.30pm!! Argggghhhh.... Wah liao his family is very into Deepavali visiting...Today it's at his house..That explains the sari..

My mum might get us a Mp3 player...Granted it's a Philips one..But still...My discman is soooooo screwing up on me ALL the freakin time...

Okie gtg decide what to wear..


Friday, December 03, 2004

So Taufik won...I admit I felt happy that he did...But although he might be the Singapore Idol..It does not mean he is the most talented one...I for one,believe that Olinda is wayyyyy talented than any one of the finalists...And what's more..He got the same prizes as the wannabe got..Quite unfair don't ya think?? What's the damn point of a 'final showdown' if both are gonna get the same prizes...Spore just sucks...Bloody racist country...Do you think Taufik would have gotten the recording deal if the wannabe had won??? Hmmph..I DON"T think so..

These shades seem to be everywhere huh??? Shawn got one too a few months back...And this is me with the shades, bored in the bus...So watcha do??? Take photos!!! Hahahaha..

Ray Bans Are Back In..


"I can call you my baby boy..
You can call me your baby girl.."

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I have been doing nothing..absolutely nothing these past few days...

I am bored..

Arrghh..Exam results are gonna be in on Monday...Pls just let me pass everything...

I know..I'm bored and it shows...I'm being boring...


~Imperfections can be tolerated,imbeciles can't~