Sunday, May 30, 2004

My Rose!!

Oww..I sorta twisted my ankle falling down steps..I'll tell ya how shortly.. Soo yesterday I pretty much planned to stay at home,eat spaghetti and watch VCDs..But then the urge to go clubbing hit me straight in the face and since Anandhi had already asked me to come clubbing at Explosive,I called Shawn and rounded up a few other friends to go..

But as usual,Shawn's friends can't go clubbing without drinking first so they bought this disgusting tasting beer called Amsterdam..Eee..I don't drink beer at all but they made me try a sip..Yuck I really felt like puking.. So we finally entered the plce like around midnight..When I walked in Niru(Anandhi's sis,who's like events coordinator or something) gave me this rose!!

The place was filled with Indian Mediacorp artistes and the music was good..All in all it was a pretty good night! I danced alot and one of my irc friends(whom I never met before) came up and said..SumiSweet right?? I was shocked that he could recognize me..

Anyhoo..I was made to finish off the drinks at the end of the night and that was what made me fall down the stairs when I was leaving the club..Thank god I was one of the last to leave and only Shawn was next to me..So bloody paiseh! When I woke up today I had bruises down my left leg and scrapes on my hands..And of course I had the twisted ankle..Haha..But I had a really good time..

Flintstones..Meet the Flintstones..I gtg watch it nowwww!!


Friday, May 28, 2004


I just love my eyeshadow in this pic..By the by..these are 2 of my bestest friends,Joanne and Saras..This was taken on my first day in Brisbane..We went to Surfer's Paradise in Goldcoast and we were going clubbing when we took this pic..I bought that top for like 10 bucks!

I went to pay my fees at SIM today..%5000 plus leh!! So heart pain..That's why I wanted to use NETS so that I won't be actually hand over the physical notes..But they forgot to mention that the daily NETS limit is $2000!(Actually I should have known,since I worked in a bank previously..But hey!) So poor Shawn had to drive me back to my house to get the money from my mum and then go back again..So bloody irritating..Hmmph.

My hair's in two buns at the moment..I got the idea from this other ..Its to make your curls look really good..So I'm giving it a try..Check out her blog for this idea and also a good read.

Oooo..Lil Rascals are on..You are sooo beaauutiful to meeeee.. I gtg watch it now..


Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Phew..just got back after a whole day of roaming outside..Went to AIA to sort out my insurance,then went to Funan Centre to get my camera(finally!),then my dad brought us to Zam Zam to eat murtabak..Mmmmmm..Then finally we went to Tekka to buy groceries..Aiyoh so tired..although i did travel in the car!

My day at the gym yesterday was okay i guess..PF actually came up to me and said'Wait I need to look at my inspiration before I start'..HAhahhaa...I was like super embarrased coz alot of people heard.But quite ego boosting laa..

Harrryyyyy Potterr's so close..June 4th..And they're finally showing the first movie on Ch after 3 yrs since the movie came out!

Okie..I gtg finish reading The Prisoner of Azkaban AGAIN..So that I'll be prepared for the movie!


Monday, May 24, 2004

I went to watch Ayutha Ezuthu yesterday..And what a fantastic movie it was.Madhavan surpassed all his previous lovey dovey roles with this part as a villain.Surya was the queit calm in this storm of a movie and Siddhart has improved from 'Boys'..All in all, it was a wonderful Sunday treat..

And Pradhana Vizha is finally over..It wasnt as glamourous as the year before when it was held at the Ritz but it was just as interesting.

Hmmm...not really in the mood to blog now..Maybe later after I go to the freakin gym.. Maybe just the thought of the gym has put me in a bad mood..Shit.


Friday, May 21, 2004

Woohoo..I got into SIM! My mum woke me up at the ungodly hour of 8am to tell give me the acceptance package.ACtually it arrived on the 17th of May but it has been sitting in my letterbox since then because SOME people(stares at my maid and mum) did not open the letter box for 1 week plus..Hmph..Oh well,all is fogiven coz I got in!

After the initial excitement died down,I realized what this meant.No more waking up at 10am,no more morning TV,no more Oprah at 1pm! What it does mean is more lectures and tutorials,projects,travelling to school and STUDYING! Sheesh what have I gotten myself into? Hehe..

What a disappointment the gym turned out to be..My darling PF was not there!But I did bump into 2 of my secondary school mates in the changing room of the gym. Been so long since I last saw them and one of them is currently doing the same degree program as me in SIM and since I'm going direct into 2nd year,I'll probably end up with her as she just finished her 1st yr now..Yay..At least I have one kaki with me.

I'll probably be going out to celebrate my acceptance later..Any excuse to go out to eat! But what I really want to do is finally watch 50 first dates..I don't even know if it's still showing in theatres.Hmph..When it first came out I was in Aust so I couldn't watch and as my bf's not a fan of comedies(actually all he watches are movies with vampires and ghosts,so bloody irritating),h has been putting the movie date off for so long.

My brother just bought two new Archie comics so I gtg and finish them now..


Thursday, May 20, 2004

Me with short hair 3 years back..

I think I looked pretty nice then..This was when I lost all that weight..Drools.. But my boyfriend,being the typical Indian bf,refuses to let me cut my hair short..Quite unfair since he first saw me and courted me when I had EVEN shorter hair..Hmph..

How cool is PhotoBlogging?!? And it's sooooo easy! I can't even decide what photos to post..But I need my camera back first so I can take new photos..But my brother is too busy with his schoolwork to go get it from the shop..You may ask why can't I go..Ah well, I'm just plain lazy!! Hahaha..Ooo.and my brother got a part time job at Pizza Hut..Yay free pizza! I'm SO going to his outlet once he starts work to get him to serve me..I'm such an evil sister.

Gym..Gym..Bloody freakin GYM!!! As you can guess,I'm not particularly happy about going to the gym later..Who can blame me? Have you noticed the bloody weather nowadays??? Who exercises in these weather conditions?? Unfortunately the answer to my last question would be my wonderful bf..Sigh.But then again..Looking at this photo makes me more determined..Oh crap who am I kidding,I HATE THE FREAKING GYM!!! But I'll go because there is a guy crushing on me there!! Haha..quite hilarious actually..Let's call him PF (Planet Fitness)..It's this guy who's sorta friends with my bf and he's VERY into bodybuilding and this clever person actually went to tell my bf that he likes how I look and that I motivate him to lift heavier when he sees me..HAhahaa...I couldn't stop laughing when I found out.But he's harmless and he's quite cute.It's fun to see my bf jealous.

Some guys at the gym have HUGE egos..Wait,make it ALL guys. I mean some of them come for a day or two and start flexing their non-existent muscles in the mirror.Do they know how absolutely ridiculous they look?? And then we have the muscle heads who have muscles growing everywhere..They'll come to the gym in big loose T-shirts and talk small talk with each other, then start stripping to really miniscule singlets which look like they're gonna burst any minute..Since they're already ripped,they spend their time supposedly teaching some puny looking guy who in returns feeds their ego with adoration and praise for their huge ass muscles.. It's like watching a comedy sometimes in the gym.And only for $2.50!!


Don't you wish you were here??

Chocoholics everywhere..You guys have not lived till you have tried this wonderfully sinful Italian hot chocolate..Mmmm Slips off into her dreamland where she's surrounded by cups of Italian chocolate.. Unfortunately you would either need to be either living in or visiting Brisbane in order to taste this fanfuckingtastic drink.. My friends brought me to this row of cafes at this place called Milton in Brisbane to specifically get me to try this drink (They know about me and chocolates!).. I was abit hesitant at first coz I don't normally like hot drinks but I gave it a shot..Thank God I did..You have to try it to know why I'm rambling on and on about it..Sighz..I wish I was back there.. 2 weeks was just NOT enough.

Don't I look like one of those food-travel show hosts?? I give this place 5 thumbs up..Oh go away and let me enjoy the drink


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Me and Shawn at the airport

Hehe..Just testing out this feature of Blogger..It's called Hello and it's so easy to use..Yay..But I had to use this dumb looking photo of me and my bf at the airport..I'm tired and I look like shit..Damn..Oh well..I shall upload more photos later..I don't look this bleh all the time!

Pradhana Vizha is this Sunday..i hope I can get tickets to go..Should be fun going to watch who's wearing what and also check out the overdressers and fashion mistakes. I mean most Indian artistes nowadays dress very well but there ARE some who can't dress up for nuts..Quite sad actually since they are in the public eye most of the time.

Okay okay..I'm not saying I look perfect all the time..But I do take the effort to look good when I go out coz when you look good, you feel good...Believe me, there have been times I'm tempted to just leave the house in my glasses,trackpants and slippers..But me being me, I ALWAYS wear contacts and heels(Heels being a staple in my life as I think my legs are too short..My friends always are disgusted with me when I wear heels with them coz I'm pretty tall without heels and they are pretty short!!) I just feel naked without my heels..Hmm i should post a photo of all my heels!! But I dun think there will be enough space here..Looks thoughtful


Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Aiyohhh...My whole body is aching..After a whole week of resting at home(recovering from the flu), I started going to the gym again..2 days and I'm whacked! I have such a love-hate relationship with the gym. On one hand I know its really good for me..Coz i lost like 10kg 2 yrs ago coz I went to the gym religiously..I mean seriously..I was a fanatic.Every single day I ran for like 20 mins at an average speed of 8 on the treadmill and then about an hour of weight lifting..I lost the weight and then became lazy and stopped going for a while..BOOM..The weight came back on..slowly but surely!! Basket! So i know I have to keep going to maintain the weight loss..But just the bloody idea of waking up and travelling to the gym every day...Ewwww... Luckily(or not!) my bf keeps getting me to go with him,so i can't make excuses for not going..Sighz..To have the perfect body and not worry all the time..

Oh well..One can always wish right??(rolls eyes at herself)

I wish i had my camera with me today..I was at the MRT station today..and some girl was sitting down outside the station and was displaying her G-string for the whole world to see! Okay..Given,the G-string was very nice..I was tempted to ask her where she got it..BUT the thing was very obvious..not just the top part but till her butt crack! Quite gross actually..Damn..A photo would have been so much more clearer..I'm so mean!

Talking about my camera..My darling ixus could not be switched on no matter what..So my brother brought it back to the shop to get it looked at..The guy said they didnt know what the problem was and needed a week to find out!!! I want my digi backk!! Sniff..So many photo ops wasted!Eg: Monica's song competition(She got 2nd..She deserved 1st..She was robbed by a talentless shit!), My clubbing outing on Sat(I wore a very nice dress and Shawn looked delectable too!),and other fashion mistakes i saw around town...Hehe..Bad Sumi

Okie..Gtg watch Smallville now..


Damn it's hot nowadays! And I have to travel ALL the way to Kallang to sign Shawn up for his CPR course..AND go to the bloody gym after that! Sigh..Well that's about all I do nowadays anyway..Wake up,eat,watch TV(StarWorld repeats all its great evening programmes the next day at 11am!),watch SunTV dramas,watch Nick and then go to the gym.So bloody mundane. Can't wait to start school,that is if I ever receive the acceptance letter from SIM. Then again,they DID say late May,early June(crosses fingers)..Switches yet another fan on That's it..I'm gonna take another cold shower.