Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Today was my orientation at SIM...It was not easy getting up at 7am after bumming around for so long..And when I got there two of my fears came true...

One: I was like the only Indian around in the 3rd sem..Not suprising..

Two: They made us play dumb games like the stupid string maze and the worst of all...The blindfolded us(I have a blindfolding phobia!) and made us go thru this maze in one of the classrooms and when I got out,I was smeared with toothpaste and marker ink!!!! Arrrrrrrggggggggghhhh... Thank god I was wearing the bloody orientation shirt and not my own clothes..

Soo..I start classes on Monday and join the 3rd sem..Which sucks coz everyone would already know everyone else..and I'll be like this kuku walking into the lecture hall..It dosent help that I'm of a way different skin colour too..Damn...

Ahh..who said education was easy..


Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Ahhh...We're all allowed fantasies right??

Robi Draco Rosa...Ahhh...He looks SO much better than Ricky Martin and sounds better too..But he looks better in his Crash Push music video..


No, I am NOT lesbian..But who in their right mind does NOT wanna shag Beyonce?? I mean, look at that bod!! Flutters hand..I am SO lesbian right now..


Yeahhhh...Yeahhh...Yeahhh..Check out those abs...And that profile...He's gorgeous and he knows it...You can burn in my bed anyday!


Do you smelllll the gorgeousness of this delectable creature??? Come here bad boy...Growl..


Okie, anyone who knows me,knows my fascination with Vikram..I mean obsession..Oh God..I know all his movies,all his songs,what he wears in what song,his favourite slipper brand etc etc...Pls let it be known that I find his Aagaya Suriyanai song from Saamurai the most erotic song ever!! Hehee..


I probably have to continue this list another time..Too many shaggable people around!! Swoons..


Men are clueless..

Men are REALLY clueless..

Do they seriously think we naturally look perfectly groomed all the freaking time without having to go through various means of torture???

Once,during the earlier part of our relationship, I asked my boyfriend to wait at Little India whilst I went for threading...Now if you don't understand that term,your're definately male or just a very ulu woman..And he's like 'What?? Thread what??'..

So I had to explain that my eyebrows don't naturally look beautifully shaped and perfectly arched..Sad but true..I had perfectly frightful eyebows before.. And to acheive the arched brow look I have to visit one of the many beauty parlours in Lil India to thread my eyebrows..When I went for the first time, I was in tears...

What they do is..They hold one end of the thread with their teeth and then sorta swirl the thread into lil loops around a row of unwnated hair and PULL!!!! This thus rips off a whole bunch of hair at one time and can be terribly painful if you don't pull the skin around your eyebrow tight enough..But the result is

Bigg Eye....

Nice huh??? Well maybe not so nice..But I like it!! I hate using eyebrow pencil coz I always manage to make myself look like a drag queen..i just put too much on..So that's why my eyebrows are not so noticeable..

Anyway I digress..After explaining all this to my bf, He goes 'Painful or not?? But why do you do it if it's painful??'

HELLOOoooooooo...So we look good?? If not you'll have an orang utan walking next to you if we decide to stop shaving under the pits,our legs,eyebrows,facial hair(for some!) and down there..Yes yes...there are some of us to like to neaten things down there..

But that's another post,another day...Keep reading..


Monday, June 21, 2004

Sometimes I feel I'm too nice to people..Let's take the sales staff of Singapore.. Granted there are some just nice-not so pushy-I'll just mind my business till you need me staff around..But some are just argghh..

I walk into Seiyu Bugis to grab a last minute Father's Day gift on Saturday(Yes yes I know..I'm a horrible daughter). I knew what I wanted,where it was and how much it was..I just needed to grab it and run to catch my movie..But NOoooooooooo...The irritating saleswoman had to shove various other shirts into my arms and started describing how much was each before discount,after discount, whether it was long sleeved or short sleeved,what other colours it was available in..I think if I had let her continue, she would have told me the what country the thread used to sew the shirt was from,who stiched the shirt and which kind soul packaged the damn shirt!

But being the sometimes nice person I am, I stood there whilst she rambled on and then shoved all the shirts back to her with a polite "I already know what I want aunty".. I think it was the 'aunty' which made her shut up.. Then I made my quick getaway and paid for my shirt..

However we have species from the opposite side of the spectrum..The 'I am above you and this job,Go away and don't disturb me with your pathetic purchases' kind of creatures..
You go to the counter to make your purchase and are greeted with a sulky face who grabs your stuff,scans it and stuffs it in a plastic bag,before bellowing out '$19.50'..Note the abscence of a 'Please'.. After handling the transaction as if it's a burden you put upoun her shoulders, she hands over the bag and looks over your shoulder with a curt 'Next'..

No 'Thank you'..No 'See you again'..No nothing!!! In fact most times I lay on the Thank you's really thick on purpose, so that the staff looks suprised and sometimes a lil guilty..Hmmph!

On the subject of politeness..I'm getting REALLy pissed off with people on the pavements,roads,anywhere with human traffic... If you want to get past me from behind or if I am blocking your way,Open your fucking mouth and say 'Excuse me'.. It will not cause you to contract AIDS and die a horrible death.. Don't just stand there expecting me to move..Don't give the person walking with me looks so that they can tell me to move so that you can pass..Contrary to popular belief,I DO NOT have eyes at the back of my head! WTF!! The most I can say to these people as they pass by is,'No mouth ah..Cannot say Excuse me ah..%#%$!!*..' Okay I don't swear so loud laa..Hehheee..


Friday, June 18, 2004

I watch alot of sitcoms..Ch 5 has a different sitcom every weekday at 5pm..and my favourite is.....

Super funny...

Yupz..You would think a country singer would have nothing to do with comedy..what with them singing about heartbreak and cheating.. But Reba's hilarious..The most funny character is Barbara Jean,who's the other woman..She starts off irritating the crap out of you but now I just laugh when she comes on screen..

See what football brings about?? Betting! And what did betting bring about?? A murder!! At a betting booth..In Singapore!! Sheesh..


Thursday, June 17, 2004

With great expectations, I headed off to the newly opened Jurong East Library..Now a lil news flash for people who don't really know me..I'm a real bookworm..I love books and I'm proud to say I visit the library every week! Since my sister was bugging me to bring her to the new library and I was curious as well, I dragged my lazy butt out of bed and reached the library about 11.20am..

Guess what?

The freaking library opens at 12! What library opens at 12?? I just think it's a VERY ploy to get all the unfortunate early birds to go into the cafe which is part of library but opens at 10am! But the chairs there were quite comfy and the danish pastry there was quite delish as well..But I digress..

Many like me,thinking the library opened earlier,came..stared at the door,some nincompoops even knocked and jumped on the mat thinking it would open by them jumping on it! Sheesh..

Then more and more people came till I think there were at least a hundred people waiting outside..I joke not..

Then they opened the doors at 12 sharp and there were some library staff standing in two lines at the doorway greeting people..But did anyone respond??? Nope.. They were just wasting their time standing there greeting all these kiasu people who were more interested in rushing to get tables,seats and beanbags!!!

And the best part of it all was that,the freaking library,despite all the swanky new decor,modern bookshelves,cool couches and comfy beanbags, had virtually NO NEW BOOKS!!!! All the books were ancient and I took a REALLLLLllllyyy long time choosing my books,something which doesnt usually happen..I amaze my family and friends with my ability to choose 8 fantastic books in 10-15 mins!! Quite lame ah!!

Anyhoo, the point is,DON'T go to JE library if you're planning on book borrowing..Go there to chill out,read some comics or magazines on really comfy beanbags,chat with friends or study!


Sunday, June 13, 2004

Okayy..Let's just state for a fact that men have it WAY easier than women to look good when leaving the house..Well,one must have decent features first of course! But still,it takes the guys way shorter to dress up..

1) Shower
2) Don underwear
3) Dance around whilst mimicing a song (optional)
4) Choose pants and shirt that match (or not if you're a fashion don't)
5) Apply liberal amounts of gel (or not if you like the Hugh Grant floppy look)
6) Squirt cologne (or bathe in cologne for some nasally disabled folks)
7) Wear shoes and leave the house..

Now, let us compare with the women's list..

1) Before said important even/Sat night out, Go for threading of eyebrows and upper lip(optional..Removal of other unwanted body hair can also be done at this time..
2) Spend half the day choosing perfect outfit
3) Choose from variety of bath scents, shampoos and conditioners..
4) Shampoo hair
5) Apply conditioner and wait (Sometimes treatment products are used and take longer)
6) Spend min 1/2 hr lathering in luxurious bath scents.
7) Use cleanser
8) Use feminine hygiene products(optional for those who really care and yes we do have such products!)
9) After showering,spend 1/2 min to apply lotion and powder
10) Decide that outfir is all wrong and spend 15 mins in frenzy changing outfit, only to settle on original(Hands up those who have done that!)
11) Start applying makeup so that it looks so natural no one will know there's a ton of concealer,foundation,eyeshadow,eyeliner,masacara,blusher,lip liner,lipstick,lipgloss under that rosy fresh faced look..
12) Style hair so that it looks like a Pantene advertisement..(It's not as easy as it looks)
13) Spritz perfume from vast range
14) Stare into mirror to check if lipstick's on teeth,eyeliner's crooked,lipstick too bleh etc
15) Decide on what shoes to wear and discovber that toenails are not painted or in the wrong colour!
16) Perform super fast pedicure..
17) Wear shoes.
18) Jam pack our teeny bags with essentials(Lipstick,powder,tampon,purse,keys etc)
19) After final check,leave the house..

Phewwwwww...Now some girls may take less steps and some may take more..But the point is,we go through so much to look good..And guys will either say one of 3 things when we finally meet them..(Variations are accepted)

1) Wah liaooooo...Why sooooooo long...I've been waitinnnnnnnggg leh..Whine whine..
2) (Ignores girl's effort at looking good) Eh today we go Bugis and eat k? Come la..why you stare stare??
3) Eh..You look tired..After work ah??

Reaction from girl: Silence combined with dirty looks..

Shakes head..Tsk Tsk..

Men REALLY don't get it..

More on the pains we go through in coming posts..


Friday, June 11, 2004

Why do people cheat?? Notice I use people and not MEN..Although men do cheat a zillion times more than women..There are women who cheat as well, so I'm being politically correct..(Yeah right,you know I'm SO gonna rag on men)

The main reason,in my point of view,would be the attention or thrill of someone new.. When a couple has been dating for quite some time, they fall into a rut..Don't you remember the ZING feeling when you date someone new?? The tingling sensation you get at the bottom of your stomach when you see that new bf or gf?? Well when you are with someone for a time,unfortunately that ZING feeling gets less and less..

Now I'm not saying the the love is not there but people being people get curious and want to explore to find that feeling again..And all you MEN out there..Women get these feelings all the time..When we go clubbing and see a cute guy,when you piss us off and a cute friend seems WAY more attractive than you,when we go shopping and we get hit on by guys..But we don't act on these urges..(Well most of us!)..In fact it's a real ego boost for all of us..

But most men may take the coy glances and flirty dances as more than an ego boost..They seem to think that a casual affair with another women proves that they are the alpha male and that all guys do it..(Come to think of it,statistics show that 95% of all men will cheat at one point of their life or another..Scary huh)

And most men have confessed that they do not think of their partners when indulging in the act of devouring the forbidden fruit..They assume that as long as we don't find out,we're not gonna get hurt..(And they'll be safe from the abuse we give them too)

Now let's say you have cheated on your girl..She wants details!!! Strange but true..We women know that the details will hurt us,(eg:where you did it,what position,what's her hair colour) but we need to know..Sometimes we will ask you the same question again and again..Don't try to be clever and say "Why you want to ask again laa..Just forget it laa"..Buster, you made the mistake..We can ask WHATEVER we want!

And let's say that your girl decides to forgive you and accepts you back, (Another strange but true statistic: 98% of women who said that they will kick their partner out if they ever cheated, will ultimately take them back in again when they do cheat!) please try to keep your dick in check and not stray again. You've been given a 2nd chance,don't ruin it by doing the nasty again..

What I really don't get is..The gf is usually way prettier and a better catch than the hole where they stick their dick in.. Men!! They just wanna get some all the time..


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Wee...After DAYS of blistering hot sun,we have RAIN!! We were supposed to head out to the gym in the afternoon but ended up eating murtabak at Zam Zam!! Mmmm..So yummy..I felt so guilty but who cares..Supposed to watch a movie but didnt have enought time so postponed it to tommorrow..

I'm finally going to watch The Day After Tommorrow!! I know..I'm so slow..What to do..Was broke!

(Looks at hair)Mmm..Need to go and touch up my hair colour before I start school..All the black is growing out again and I look like a Fashion Don't! Anyone feel kind enough to sponsor?? Hehe..


Monday, June 07, 2004

I know all my friends have experienced one form of racism or another..As for me there will be one incident I will never forget. I was travelling back home from NP in a 184 bus and sat in the front..ya know the one where the two seats face the other..I was dead tired and really not in the mood for any crap.There was this mother and daughter team sitting opposite me.THe daughter's pretty young..But she managed to open her BIG FAT mouth,point to me and say 'Mommy..Apunanae!!'..Not once but thrice loud enough for everyone to hear..And what did the wonderful mother say?? 'Yah la girl'

WTFFFFFFFF!!??! I was so pissed I felt like smacking the lil she devil of a child and bitch smack the fool of the mother..I just said to the mother'You really should teach your child some manners..Oh wait..You have to learn them yourself first,I guess' Something along those lines la..She actually gave me a angry glance..I gave her a WHAT look and proceeded to give her dirty looks for the rest of the journey..

This happens frequently to Indians,young or old all the freaking time.For a country who devotes an entire day to Racial Harmony, it's pretty shitty. Some other examples would be..Chinese ladies sitting next to me on the bus or MRT but sitting at the VERY edge like they are gonna fall off! Like WTF?? Do I have some unknown to me virus??Then don't freaking sit next to me..I enjoy sitting by myself anyway.I don't need your pasty skin touching mine..

Or ppl physically cringe or make disgusted faces or noises when old Indian ladies sit next to them..PPL it's called COCONUT OIL!! Deal with it..It's not like it smells like shit or anything..Sheesh..If you can't take the smell..Just move away quietly without fuss.

Okay okay..Enough ranting for one day..Gonna watch the first Harry Potter movie now..


Saturday, June 05, 2004

My wonderfullly red mirror!

I went to IKEA on friday and bought alot of red stuff! I bought this cool red tile mirror for like $25!! I havent started renovating my room yet but I couldnt resist buying this mirror..It was just so me! So I've decided to do my room in colours lile orange,red and yellow..Oh I bought lovely smelling candles from IKEA too..Mulberry scented RED candles!!Mmmmm..

Today I had to follow my parents to Msia for a morning wedding..Aiyoh so bloody crowded but it was fun to see all the relatives..Although I did get asked when my turn was! I tell ya..I keep getting that question asked all the time nowadays..Arent people happy to see me sane??

I can't believe I havent seen Harry Potter yet..I would have gone on Thursday but I promised to bring my siblings to watch as well..But my brother had work and my sis had choir so I'll prob go tommorrow..But they're showing the first movie tommorrow at 7.45pm!! Must go before that..

Rubs eyes..Gtg put eye drops in..


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

My mum,Me and My Sis...

Finally after like 5 yrs my family decided to go for a picnic and I managed to convince them to go to Sentosa since it's been AGES since I last went.. And my mum made soooo much food..You won't believe it! But it was a good day although I did slip on some rocks and cut my hand..Okay okay..I was being stupid and tried to climb rocks which were slimy with algae and proved to be very slippery..And I fell and cut my hand! Hmph..So bloody unlucky..This has not been a good week for me injuries wise..

And we took soo many photos at Sentosa but I like this one of me the best..I camo my body so cleverly!!And my mum's wearing sleeveless for like the 1st time in her adult life!!Shawn came too and he cut his leg too on some rocks..Poor thing..NOT!!

I just came to know Vasantham's having another tertiary arts competition..Damn me for graduating so fast from NP!! Hehe..I so would have loved to take part..As a current member of NPICS told me..The year me and my friends left was the last time NPICS won 1st place for dance..Hehe..But I do believe the current batch has some very clever ideas and can dance..Sometimes it all comes down to luck..But we did rule last time!

Okie..enough bragging..Time to watch Tv..


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

i'm in gryffindor at hogwarts hall!

Hehe..I got sorted..and I'm in Gryffindor!!How cool is Harry Potter! Yeah yeah..I know I'm 22 and all..but hey..It's a really good series..

Anyhoo..Today I went to Jurong Point with my mum and she ended up buying me stuff at John Little..Hehe..Not much laa, just some eyeshadow and a very nice Pierre Cardin bra that was on sale..My ankle's still a lil sore so I decided not to risk going to the gym today..But I'm going tomorrow..I hate sitting on my arse the whole day..

I was on Irc just now and it still suprises me how many ppl still recognize me from Super Jodi like 2 yrs ago..For ppl who don't know what that is..It was this Best Couple Show thinghy on Vasantham and we were like one of the 3 couples who were not married..So we did'nt stand a chance anyway..But the whole experience was pretty fun..Ppl still recognize us because of the dance we did I guess..We chose this 80's song and I made my bf wear this HUGE ass afro wig I rented and I wore this minidress with bows I sewed on myself..It was sooo cool..Hahaa..But I digress..I mean..even today someone was like arent you the one who took part in that competition?? Quite embarrasing actually!!

Mmmm..Yummy mango..