Monday, July 07, 2008

What a weekend! The days are passing so fast these days..I start work on Monday all bleh-fied and before I know it, its Friday! Which is all good..but WHAT the hell happened to the 1st 6 mths of the year???? It seemed like yesterday I was ushering in the new year..Sigh.Anywayyyss..I met the lovely Ragi on Friday for some Hard Rock indulgence. The food and company was amazing as usual! After Hard Rock, I went down to meet Vijay,Shanu and Nisha at Brewerkz for a bit..

Yummiest potato skins ever!

Huge ass chicken breast for me. Ragi had the veggie burger which was HUGE!

See..The potato skins were so yummy,she ditched the burger to concentrate on the skins!

Saturday I had plans to watch Hancock with Vijay. OOOOoooo How yum is Will Smith! *drools* But Vijay, you know you still rock my world! *beams* Vijay always picks me up in a cab when we go out..So I got into the cab as usual and he tells me to close my eyes..Im like okieeeeeeeee..When I open my eyes, I squeal like an excited prom queen!!! Why you say??

Coz of THIS!!!!!

A Sony PSP in Deep Red!!!! *faints* This boy constantly amazes me la. Coz he actually had all my favourite games already loaded in it! Awwwwwww.. I really was touched. I have no words Vijay..You KNOW how much you mean to me.
My favourite game..Diner Dash!!! Its so addictive I tell you..And I keep wanting to slap the families that come with crying babies! They chase away all my other customers..Hmph..

And yay for Zara having sales! I bought 2 gorgeous shirts for Vijay for the price of one!! Sadly I have lost the mood to shop for myself..Sighhhh..I NEED more clothes! Which is why I took a day off on Wednesday to spend with Joanne! Cant wait for her mum's yummy cooking,shopping and possible Cafe Del Mar-ing!!


Wednesday, July 02, 2008

So lets get the serious business out of the way first. Went for my specialist checkup at NUH-Colorectal Clinic yesterday and I wont deny I was nervous as hell. So basically the doctor needs to do 2 scopes during my surgery coz she's not entirely convinced that its a simple case. Mainly coz my symptoms are pointing to another direction. Sigh..All I can do now is pray that its not anything serious like cancer. I also wanna thank all the lovelies who msged me before, during and after my appt-Vijay,Joanne, Rajah,Nithya,Kanz,Ambiga and Ket..Your words were of much comfort. Anywayyyyyyyyyssss...On to the pictures! I havent camwhored in SO long.So when i got my new makeup samples, I just had to!

I guess that's it for now..