Thursday, February 17, 2005


Been in school since 10am..And its oh..5.15pm now..Have a freaking class later at 7pm which finishes at 10.. I am sooo tired..But I had Red Bull to give me wings!!(2 cans actually!) Lamer..

I can't believe I came to school to diligently do my projects.. I can't believe I had books surrounding me like a mountain whilst I typed away on my laptop which I lugged to school.. I can't believe I lugged my laptop to school.. And I can't believe I'm still not tired most probably coz I'm on a Red Bull high..

I hate it when someone hides stuff from me.. Esp loved ones.. And you very well know something is up..But they just clam up or avoid the subject.. Sigh.. I'm just so worried something's wrong and I feel so afraid..

You can post 12 photos in Friendster now!!!! Woohoo for all the camera whores..Me included!! Sighz..But it just makes it harder..which 12 to choose??? Hahaha..Not suprisingly I already have all 12 pics up..Waiting for Friendster to increase it to 20!! Haha..Wait long long ah..(You can tell I've been spending WAY too much time with my SIM frens..My language!!)

Sigh..Back to scanning thru books..Lugging books to the photocopy room..Parting with my money at the photocopier.. Referencing the notes..Lit reviewing..Sigh..