Friday, February 22, 2008

Im baaaaaaaackkkkk...Okie loads of photo updates..Starting with a few of my makeup assigment pics which Nithya has been asking for! *waves hello to Nithya* Ive been doing Ratna's makeup since her engagement party last August..After which I did her photoshoot makeup and finally her wedding reception makeup..She's been a delightful doll and she's already booked me to do her makeup when she gives birth and has to take baby pictures!! On to the pics..These few are from her engagment at a hotel which is near Peninsula..And all photography credit goes to Mr Keshav Sishta..Amazing work!

And yes she's a bigger camwhore than me! Hehe
That's my hand! Hehehe..
These are from her photoshoot which was an all day event..These were at the studio
I love his work!

Then we moved on to City Hall
And NUS..At the bench where they celebrated their 1st Anniversary
And NUS again..where they always hung out..
And these are shots from her reception at Holiday Inn..
Busy bride!
I LOVE this shot of her!
I wish the both of them allllllll the wedded bliss they deserve!
Keshav shot some candid shots of me whilst we waited for the bride to change..And I LAUS his for these shots! Hehehe..Though I don have lipgloss on..I still LAUS!
On the 1st day of CNY we decided to head to Sentosaaaaaaaaa..I still cant believe I was in a cab with Sung at 8am!

We got there first and happily cracked open the Absolut Vodka..Heheh..
We MUST have a camwhoring moment..

Or two..

The ever charming Feroz
All us ladiessssssssssssssssssssss

Danny's going away do at O Bar..
Valentine's Day dinner with my lovelies at Modestos!

My Valentine came later after work..*blush*
Then we had drinks at Cuscaden..And camwhored more!

I cant wait for Sarah's party at F Bar tml!!! My laus turned 22! Hehehe..With that super long post..I bid you farewell till my next post!