Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yes..I know..You can't really see what I was wearing in the last post.. Not to worry..I just got the pics from the D&D from my office last night..

Actually I just wore this sparkly top Ms Joanne James gave me which was black and hot pink.. And I went and bought sparkly black net material from Arab St..Plus the paavadai was this pink satin one I had stiched for a previous sari.

I basically started out tying the sari you would normally do.. Only thing was instead of draping it Gujerati style in front, I just slung it over one shoulder, duppata style.. Hehehe.. When you're desperate for an outfit..Miracles happen. The they gave me this glitter tattoo which I placed near my boob...Sigh..What a mistake..Everyday at work this week, people have been calling me Tattoo Girl..

I can't wait for the IBM!! Sighhh..June..Hopefully I would have gotten a job by then.. Hopefully!! I finish exams in May..But I just ABHORE job hunting.. ALl my friends in SIM have started applying for jobs and attending interviews.. Me?? I'm like the super relaxed-not bothered-whatever happens happens person.. Sigh..

Oooo.. I don't mind mini makeovers!! But can I get creative with the colours?? Like purple?? Or green?? Seriously..I think those eyeshadow colours rock.. Ket would get purple I think.. and ThugChic..Hmmm.. Green and gold.. I know Ambi rocks in blue.. Hmmmmm..

Oooo...Oprah.. Gtg be envious of the woman.. Toodles!!


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hello my lovelies.. I had the bestest time at my D&D!! Ya see.. This is how I normally go to work k.. My happeningly fashionable Cisco Recall dark blue polo tee with denim capris, no make up, greasy hair and to top it all off, glasses.

Yes.. You can imagine the jaw dropping that happened when I walked into the office dressed like this.. *Points to side and below* Hahhaa.. It was kinda cool to see everyone's reactions to the sexy outfit as deemed by my colleagues..

And they just HAD to call me up to the stage to dance some bhangra music..Sigh.. Quite embarrasing to do it alone..But later the angmoh boss's wife came up to me on the dance floor and asked me to teach her how to shake her hips like mine... Hahahahhaa...I was like 'Errrmmmm"

Okie..Here we have a full length pic of me.. Extremely rare, I know. Now you can view how I really look instead of all the deceiving self-obsessed pics I take...Hehee..But I really liked my outfit..For once I was happy about how I looked in a sari.. Well..If you can call that a sari..Hehehe.. It was taken in my office so don't mind the background..

It felt good shocking everyone like that..Hahaha.. And all the men who kept asking me to dance!! My goodness.. Quite superficial when ya think about it..

The weekend was another clubbing weekend..Went to Gotham and Momo on Friday and Gotham on Saturday after the NUS show..

I got to meet Ambi!! Hehehe..Went to help her with the sari and makeup.. I loved her blue sari..Though I'm really sorry the Gujerati style didnt turn out the way we wanted it to!

Yes yes.. I still owe ya guys a huge ass KL post..I will get down to it once I'm done with my HR assignement..Which is due in..ohhh.. 4 days..Hehehe..

Renovation update: Well... After 1 week of what might look like something out of 'Survivor', the hall and kitchen finally have tiles.. Though we're all still surviving in one room..which is also stuffed with my sofa set and other random shit..Sigh..I was soooooo thankful to sleepover at Joanne's place over the weekend..Mmm..Warm water, comfy bed and yummy home cooked food!!

I know.. Its kinda sad...*Thinks of yummy lookin room at the end of it all* Okieee..No more complaining...Hmmm..I meant.. Not SO much complaining..

Okie..I gtg start my research now.. Till the next post..


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yes..My comp managed to do it again.. Die on me when I needed it the most..So I went out and bought a brand new laptop!! Some Sony Vaio model..Which is pretty cool coz of its integrated web cam on the screen..Ppl, esp men, have been so excited once they notice I have a webcam and keep initaiting to view it.. What do I do??? Run for the nearest mirror, comb my hair and accept fate that I don't look as glamourous as I do all the time. At home, I become Nerd Chick, complete with greasy hair, oversized T-shirts and spectacles. So in order not to produce simultaneous heart attacks across Singapore, I give these men advance warning about how I DON'T look like my Friendster pics on webcam.


The most pressing issue in my life now has to be my renovation works in my house. Sigh.. All I wanted was my Indian-chic room with tones of orange and red..But now the entire house is being dug up and my entire family of 5 is living in one room..Can you imagine? I can't even find clothes let alone be fashionable..Sigh..

Speaking of fashionable, I have my company's D&D to go to on Friday..The theme works to my advantage.."Bollywood Sensation".. I decided to create a new outfit out of an old halter top I have and new net material which I'm going to buy soon. I could wear a boring sari but noooooo, I have to put myself through the headache of getting an entire outfit ready by Friday.. The things I do..

I know I owe ya all a KL post.. Will be up soon with pics once I upload them onto my laptop. But KL did rock! It was sooooo much fun!

Okie..Loud drilling sounds pounding at my temples..


Monday, March 06, 2006

The weekend was fun and all.. Spent Friday at Michelle's place after a LONG time with Rekha.. Had lots of fun catching up and of coz watching the infamous 'L' word series..Hahahaha.. Lesbianism and me..

Fri was also the start of the nonsensical phone calls and smses from the toad. Seriously dude.. Move on.. This is MY blog.. I write what I want.. And I didnt name names in any of my posts so if you're that insecure I suggest you seek help.. And stop threatening me.. Its so sad that you have to show your macho-ness to a girl..Seriously.. Get a life..

On to happier things that happened, Joanne and me ended up in Gotham yet again on Sat, even after countless claims that we need to give Gotham a rest..Hahaha. Hey good music and free flow of vodka never hurt anyone! Then I stayed over and went to church the next day.. Forgiveness was the subject..Can I ever forgive?? I just have so much anger and hurt.. All I wanna do is scream. But I have to admit I feel so much happiness nowdays. I spend alot more time with people whom matter- my friends and family.

Sigh.. On to my reports again.. I wanna go shopppppppppppp in KL!!! Countdown starts!!