Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So MUCH dramaaaaaaaaa..But oh well..I believe in karma so what goes around comes around bitch..On to happier events..As usual I had a fantastic Sat night out with my lovelies..O Bar+vodka cranberry jugs+hotstuff Priya in a rockin dress+my favourite stripper Vijay+Sung and her B52 shots= A VERY happy Sumi!!

Sungstarrrrrrr..She was wasted laa..For once..I was not!! Hahaha

Tongue stud kakis!!

These 2 never fail to leave a smile on my face..I laus many many!
As Sarah would put it..Happy Much??? Hehee

I dragged myself outta bed on Sunday coz I had a date with my laus to watch Alone!! Goodness..I realise how much of a wuss I am when it comes to scary movies..We were both spewing vulgarities each time the bloody ghost appeared..Then we headed back to her place coz Lilah and darling Umairah were coming to hang out..I tell you this lil one is gonna grow up to be an absolute doll..She's soooooooooo bloody adorable!! Yesh yesh..I was a tad bit maternal around here..Sighh.And No we are NOT bad influences..Wouldn YOU like to have happening godmothers who had tonguestuds?? Hehehe..
I believe that if you have it, you flaunt it..So what we wear,what we use,what we do is OUR choice..Coz we know we look good in what we wear and we're comfortable in our own skin. Sadly the same cant be said of some losers. Oh well..Love us or Hate us..Its STILL an obsession..Esp since we're still being talked abt.. *smiles*


Friday, July 27, 2007

Sighh..You want to be famous right? You desperately want ppl to know who's the psychotic,childish,hypocritical bitch Im talking abt? Fine HEMA..You can have it.. Seriously, do you think Im affected by digs to my weight??? Haha..It just shows how hypocritical you are..When we went out and all..All you could keep saying was 'oh you guys shouldn lose any more weight..Wont look nice..you look good as it is'..Now I have a big fat ass??? I might be fat but at least I am not fugly..Unlike some ppl I know.

Look Hema stop asking me to justify my actions..You dont have any say in this..Its my blog and I will rant if I want to. And you know what..I know EXACTLY wat you are gonna do..You're gonna blog again and you're gonna put my name there..Hahaha..Doesnt affect me in a bit. In fact this is the last time you'll ever grace my blog. You can call me fat,alcoholic, whatever..Im not the one having depression issues..My life is pretty much perfect now. So shout,rant, curse at me for as long as you want..Its just dust off my shoulders.

But stop with the threats laa..As Sarah said Bring it on..Bring whoever you want..Coz we know we did nothing wrong. But to tell you the truth..I dont even wanna dirty my hands with this issue anymore..You mean NOTHING to us now..

So kindly fuck off.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Well Well how childish can you be..Since you wanna blog abt us without mentioning names,I'll do the same. Look here missy, we were fine with you till you pulled off super drama mama antics which scared the shit out of us. And seriously I dont need any more secondary school drama in my life. That one night was more than enough for us to see through you. What you couldn confide in us,you spilled in a moment when a guy came along. And you have the cheek to talk about alcohol..I know that comment was directed at me you hypocritical thing. Look who's talking..Whenever we used to meet it was almost always over drinks. And yes we went to Sentosa..Without you..So what?? Just because we went together once doesnt mean we have to go together ALL the bloody time. And the reason why we didn call you is simple..You made a horrific impression on 2 new ppl the day you pulled off your stunt.And those ppl wouldn have felt comfortable with you around tat day. And as for our girlie outings, we've NEVER forced you to come for our manicure sessions or shopping outings. Stop being hypocritical and stop threatening us..You said you'll stamp on anybody who would comment on your post..Bring it on. I dont get angry easily but when I do get angry its for a bloody good reason. And who the hell are YOU to shoo us away.If you havent gotten the hint yet, I seriously hope you have by now. I dunno abt the rest..But I want NOTHING to do with you..Coz I have no space for immature,childish,hypocritical beings like you in my life.

*rant over*


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I realized Im not content with life..Sure I party,I have a good job, I have an amazing family and fantastic friends..But I have this need to prove something to myself..To push myself harder..I dunno what exactly I have to do but I guess it'll come to me sooner or later..I find myself contemplating how much my life has changed on many long bus rides home..Ive made plenty of new friends..Lost a few old ones..Became a much stronger person..Discovered I can do something if I put my mind to it..And realised that yes..One CAN be happy being single..Yes sure, I still want to fall in love and all but for the moment Im actually happy where I am.The more you go looking for something, the more it will NEVER happen..Like how you go shopping specifically for a white shirt.I swear you will never be able to find the perfect white shirt tat day.But go window shopping with no intentions to buy anything and you may very well end up with that white shirt!
Strange how I associate everything with shopping..Hehehe..
Speaking of shopping,I went shopping with Sung on Fri after a yummy dinner at Hard Rock Cafe (ooo eye candy everywhere!!)..The Chaos sale is AMAZING! I laus laus Chaos esp when everything's going for like 30-50% off the normal prices..So go shop at Chaos!
On to more exciting news..My birthday is a mth's time!!! So excitingggggggggg...I'll update everyone on the party details as soon as Ive settled a few details..But keep the 25th August free k??? *smiles*Till my next random post..Enjoy my random pics with Sung,Vijay and my hotstuff Priyaaaaa!!

PS:The last pic was the last thing I remember doing before I lost all my senses on Sat..Goodness..This is going out to Vijay and Priya..Like seriousssssssllyyy I laus you guys many many and thanks for doing all you did for me on Sat..And without complaints. I seriously doubt anyone else would do the same. *grateful smile*


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I know ya guys cant see the pics for the previous post..Working on it!! Anyhoo I had an awesome weekend!! Sat I went for the NUS show..Wasnt too bad..But I left in the middle to meet Vijay and Sung at Holland V (Which is becoming my second home these days!)..We had an interesting game of 'Ive Never' !!! Hehe..But I couldnt wait for Sunday coz we were heading to Sentosa to celebrate Lilah's birthday!
Have I mentioned I LOVE Sentosa! We had a ball of a time going on the Skyride..Me being the wimp I am, hung on to the metal bar so tight I swear I left impressions..Hehe..I find all these rides that throw you up into air very unnatural.Im sure God did not mean for us to get whiplash and bruises from rides called Music Dance Dance..Anyways..I LOVE Sentosa!!

Lilah had NO clue we had planned a HUGE suprise for her..She thought it was a girl's day out at the beach..Little did she know we had plenty up our sleeves!! We brought her to Cafe Del Mar on the pretext of getting drinks..And tadaaaaa..There was Hamzah (her husband) and Dave, waiting with her fav cake all lit with candles!!!! She was so shocked she actually shrieked! After all the cake cutting was done we made her open her present! Hehe Sarah and myself got creative with the present and got her..Ahem..A vibrator!! A very pretty one with diamante from this wonderful shop called Oohtique! We were like lil girls stuck in a candy shop..And we also got her a penis shaped lollipop to suck on at Cafe Del Mar..Damn hilarious I tell you!!

I was worn out after the whole day at Sentosa but I still went to Holland V to meet Sung for some girly catch up..I swear she's another one of those ppl you know you can click with. We understand each other right Sung??!! Esp when it comes to choosing pornstar heels!! *winks*

Ooo Oooo..I bumped into Ambi on the train..Hehe..More like she was staring at me and willing me to turn and look at her..Plus she made me stick out my tongue in the train!! Hehe..For your viewing pleasure Ambi! Hehehe...


Thursday, July 05, 2007

Weeee..Another 2 weeks of fun,fun,fun!!! Hehe..I know i know..All my updates seem to be of the partying nature..But you see, after working the whole week, all I look forward to is my Sat night clubbing! Or just hanging out with awesome friends..I went to Dbl O on a Thurs coz Sung invited me down with her friends..So I dragged Priya and Sobban along for some 'Lets celebrate coz its 2 days to the weekend' clubbing! Hehe..Then of coz we headed to O Bar on Sat for our usual $12 jugs of yummy vodka cranberry!! Cant believe the ex was there with my group..Sigh..It was hard being normal coz I kept replaying the last time I saw him..Which wasnt a very good memory..But I guess he got what he deserved. As usual me and Priya got click happy with the camera and started our camwhoring..But who doesnt love a good camwhore rite? *Evil smile*

Introducing Vijay..Hehe..What started out throught the wonders of cyberspace,ended up with me getting a job and getting to know a gem of a man..Vijay works in the same building I do..And is turning out to be a wonderful friend who has been there for me when I was really really down. Plus he's been introducing me to all these wonderful people like Arwa,Sung,Danny etc..Plus he wears Polo Black..*Evil Grin* Wats not to like? Hehe..

We celebrated Hamzah's birthday on Fri..Weeeee..Tat was one awesome night..Headed to Rupee Room first..Great ambience but drinks are a lil pricey and service needs to be worked on..But otherwise a wonderful place to chill..Then we headed to Harry's and tat was when it all went downhill for me..I had 1 Long Island Tea at Rupee Room and an Around The World at Harry's..I was in my happy place after tat..I swear tat was the 1st time Sarah and Lilah saw me high..But I'm a fun drunk! After which we all proceeded to Sahara for sheesha..And I desperately wanted a Slow Comfortable Screw..Yess..You heard me rite..Hehe..The drink laaa..Jeezus. Same reactions from Sarah and Vijay tat night too..Though I dont remember alot of the details from tat night, I do remember Sarah licking cream off my neck,Vijay licking Hamzah's arm and me licking my own finger..Hehehe..Told ya it was an awesome night!

And the highlight of the week..I got my tongue pierced!!! I am loving it! Its still swollen and all coz its healing..and I'm talking like a lisping idiot but Im still loving it..It was just a random decision when I was at Far East with Priya waiting for her to get her hair done..Like this lightbulb moment..I NEEDED to get something pierced..And since Ive already gotten my nose,ears and belly button done..Why not the tongue! And it really wasnt painful..Just that the after care is a bitch.Everyone's making fun of the way I talk..But soon I'll be all sexified with my tongue stud..Heheh..So there..

I have to go catch up on my movies..Later..