Friday, August 31, 2007

Okie FINALLY I get to update with pics!! So Wed Sarah,Nikki and myself went for the MAC party for the launch of their new Smoke Signals collection at Club Play..Was okie for a bit but since it was a Wed and all we decided to head to O Bar for a bit till 12ish and Dave decided to join us after work. Was totally fun eating 8inch hotdogs,popcorn and downing yummy B52 shots with the lovelies..
So around 12 my phone started ringing with all the birthday wishes so I headed to the toilet to answer the calls..When I come back to the bar,Sarah was happily taking pics of me on the phone which I tot was weird but why the hell not!! Then she starts taking pics of someone next to me..I turn and there's Dave holding out a cake with the candles lit!!! Awwww..I was super shocked coz someone actually managed to suprise me for once!! I swear I was so close to tears!
And they even got the DJ to announce tat it was my bd and all and requested Tambourine by Eve!!

Finally we have a sexy pic tooooo!! I'll share my popcorn with you ANYDAY baby!!
I laus laus laus this pic..And my lady laus in it too!!Saturday we decided to celebrate my bd at Gotham with the rest of the gang! It felt good being at Gotham after ages! And I got to wear a pretty red dress!
"Balls to you I sayyyyyy" Hehehe..
This one here can dance like no other!! I swear I was blown away by Roger's moves!
You stick yours out...
I'll stick mine out...
Okie fine..We'll both keep it in k?? Hehhee..Lame..I KNOW!!
As you can tell these two got wasted..I dunno why but Im ALWAYS sober on my birthday! And super click happy with the camera!
I love how this pic turned out!
My thouuuuuuuu..How Ive missed being with you..Just you being there for me meant so much. I had an awesome time with you! And thank you for the semi lap dance!! Hehe..
I wanna thank EVERYONE who sent their wishes my way for my birthday! It certainly meant alot! You guys made me feel so loved! And yes..I love using exclamation marks! Makes me feel happy! Hehehe..

The big day is finally here!! Im so excited! So everyoneeeee..Pls come by 9pm before I cut the cake...And PLS wear white!! Fine..Just the top has to be white! Here I go again with the exclamation marks!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!! Hehehe..Belated of course..I had a blast of a time..Will update with pics soon..But there is a reason for this post..Everyone keeps asking me what I want as a pressie..And their comment grouse is 'You have EVERYTHING so we dont know what to get you!!'

Ballsssssssssssssssssssssss...I dont have EVERYTHING!! Hehehe..So to make their lives easier I have been persuaded to make a list..Which Im finding very hard to come up with coz Im an impulsive shopper. Here goes nothing..

1) A hot guy wrapped in a satin teal bow..*evil smile*
2) MAC vouchers!! Or Tangs vouchers so I can buy more MAC stuff..Heheh..
3) Perfume..Chanel Chance,Elizabeth Arden Provocative Woman,Elizabeth Arden Red Door Revealed..
4) Guess bags..I know i know..Too much rite.Hehe..for my more rich friends to consider.. ;)
5) Clutches..You know I like anything bling!!
6) Ermmmm go read No 7 first..I gotta think..
7) Alcohol's good if you reaaaaaaaallllyyy cant think of anything else..Hehe.
8) A hot guy wrapped in a satin hot pink bow..*evil smile again*

Phew..See tat was hard k..I spent like half an hour thinking..Anyways..You dont HAVE to get me a pressie if you're comin for my party..Just your appearance will do!! Hehe.


Monday, August 20, 2007

So I cut my hair again!! And dyed it again!! I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..So I'll let the pics do the talking..(Excuse the excessive cleavage in the 1st pic..Im at work and cant be bothered to edit) ;)
Met Sarah on Sat for some makeup shopping..This woman was soooooooo worried my hair would turn out horrendous..But I think she loved it!! Hehee
We were at Lucky Plaza and decided to meet William for a bit! He started with the Rihanna bit after seeing my hair..Hehe..Sweetness!!

How apt..I WAS carrying an umbrella!! Hehehe
Stop drooling!! OMG this is THA bomb laaa!! Cheese overload is a good thing!!

Sarah wanted me to try out my goodies from MAC..She just likes the porn star-istic effect this lipstick shade gives me!! *evil smile*
Oooooooo lookie what we have here!! Exclusive invites to MAC's Press and Paparazzi Party for the launch of Smoke Signals!!

And the lucky two who got them!!!

With that I bid you goodbye for now coz I have ppl to call at work!!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have been guilty of neglecting my blog..I DO wanna blog but I find it so hard to think at work.So this post is just gonna be random.

*Im so stressed about the chalet..It was just supposed to be a gathering of friends..Now its a production, as how all things associated with me usually turn out..Oh well..I just hope everyone has a smashing time!!

* I love the colour red..And teal

* The relationship laughing buddha effect is back..This time on my guy friends!! I swear!! I dont keep in contact with ppl for just 6 mths and they're either getting married or in rships!! Its amazing really..Makes me wonder.

* Friends change.

* I still think Tyra Banks is super hot.

* I cant wait to chop off my hair tml..Yes Sarah and Priya..I am gonna CUT my hair!! I think I need to provide counselling for these 2 when I cut my hair.

* I actually like my office..Everyone's nice..We get yummy food whenever there's a conference and I work in the same building as my stripper, whom I meet for lunch everyday. Yum no? Hehe..

* I love Chanel Chance!! My new fav scent..

* I wish guys would stop saying 'Oh you must give good blow jobs' when they notice I have a tongue stud.. Grow up or at least grow some brains.. Pffttttt..

* Online shopping is a SERIOUS addiction..I even shop at work!! *Gulps*

* I am addicted to makeup..Seriously. Ask anyone. Ask Sarah what I was doing at her house instead of curling hair or noticing her cute kittens..I was rummaging thru her pigments box!!



Thursday, August 09, 2007

So dramatic no? Hehehe..But its true..When WILL I truly love this body? Think abt it, everyone hates some part of their body..You dont need to get me started on my body image issues. It scares me how much I think abt wanting the perfect body. I used to think my bulimic days were over..But I am ashamed and scared. I hate feeling this way. At least now Ive learned to accept how I am and not totally hate how I look. There were days I used to pinch my fats in the mirror and totally break down coz I felt so out of control and disgusted at myself for throwing up. Some days I feel like just giving up on eating healthy and just gorge myself silly at home. But I know I'll just end up sticking my finger down my throat,slumped over the toilet bowl after that.

That's what I almost did today.. I went to the toilet with the sole intention of making myself puke.. But I looked at the toilet bowl and I looked at myself in the mirror and I said to myself..No..No more..I cant do this to myself anymore. And I walked out of the toilet. Coz nobody or nothing is worth this self destruction and this self hate..