Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Holiday are here to stay... Lalalala..

Had a blast after class yesterday..First I had to go and deliver all my cookies to my classmates.. It was a damn pleasure to get money for all that hard work..Hope ya guys are enjoying the cookies!! Decided to cut class early coz Sherman was blabbing on and on.. Went to thread my eyebrows with Daphne at Orchard Towers..

Yes Orchard Towers... I know.. Weird place to have a beauty salon huh..Indian one at that..

But she was suprisingly good.. And quite convenient coz we were gonna have dinner with the rest of the guys after that.. Only thing was having to deal with the stares and come-ons from the horny ones at the bloody Orchard Towers..Sheesh..

Headed to Far East...The temptation to shop again hit me so bloody hard I had to ask my friend to please hit me on the head if I even contemplate taking out my ATM card.. Met the rest of the guys and had a yummy dinner at Sakura's.. Met Monica after that coz she was in town and needed my expertise on buying a pair of pants!! Hahaha..Sumi no shame again..

But I missed like half of Desperate Housewives..The funny half!! The one where she gets locked out of her house naked!! Damn..All because Monica couldn't decide on which almost-the-bloody-same pants she wanted to get...*Mumbles*

And I just got back from watching Constantine..Yes...I got tics on the very 1st day it opened.. Coz I woke up at 9am to book the tics.. Sigh..The things I do for the bf.. Coz he ABSOLUTELY had to watch the movie TODAY.. And guess what...I enjoyed the movie more than him..He was getting a lil bored after he noticed that there wasnt enough blood and gore in the movie.. How sad..For me..

Can you imagine what I go through?? How many B grade horror movies I have watched?? In the last 4 years I have watched every horror/vampire/ghoul/blood and gore movie made.. Trust me..I have... And I wait till my comedies come out on VCD..Coz he literally falls asleep in all MY movies.. He fell asleep in Harry Potter for god's sake!!! HARRY POTTER!! I live for Harry Potter... I've read all the books at least 3-4 times over.. Watched all the movies at least in the 1st week of opening.. I love Harry Potter.. Let it be known..

I'm off for my Batam trip in the morning.. It was already ghost town when I went to town just now..So just imagine tommorrow.. But yours truly will be living it up in a swanky hotel (I hope!!) with massages and lots of shopping!! Don't hate the player..Hate the game ppl.. Hahahha..