Saturday, February 05, 2005

Indian men can't get LESS romantic... Seriously.. Why can't they learn to be less of a baby wanting species and more of a writing romantic prose species.. Hmm..Maybe they CAN get less romantic...

Today we went to Taka..And passed by the department store..You couldnt miss that VD was coming..The whole bloody store was decked out in red,pink and white..Teddies,Hearts, Cards..The works.. I was like.. "Awwww..So cute..That Princess Doll is so cute right.. Ohhh that teddy is so huge..Wah those flowers look gorgeous" And what does my wonderful counterpart say??

"Eh KFC has this new offer..Wanna go?"


I give up..I really do..

Sighz.. Once he sent me this teddy on VD from a florist.. I would have been totally suprised.. If it was not for the florist calling me 2 hours before to confirm my address..

*Silence again*

Okie laa..that was probabaly not his fault..But still..Its like..For once, I would like to be totally suprised by getting flowers in the morning...Not necessarily on VD..I find VD a lil stupid actually.. You only show your love on VD?? The rest of the 364 days?? Anyhoo..Being romantic and spontaneous is what I would REALLY like.. Like on days I feel like shit.. Like on days I'm PMSing..Right before/after my exams..

I used to dream of my prince charming to propose to me in the most romantic of ways.. Ya know..999 flowers with a ring in the middle..On a beach.. The proposal showing up on the theatre screen..

Somehow I think I'll end up with the agreement to apply for a HDB flat as a proposal instead..

But I love him all the same.. *Smile*


Can I Get MORE Self-Obsessed..