Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oooooooooo another exciting weekend! Vijay had NO clue that O Bar was just Part 1 of his birthday celebrations..When I do something, I do it BIG!! So me and Priya got a room at the Conrad International and invited the close ones down for a good ol' suprise party!

Oooooooooooo My FAV shot of the day!

There will be ALOT of self obsessed pics coz I was made up by Sung who gave me dolly hair! I was so amazed!
Happy Birthday Darlinggggg!

See what I mean abt the self obsessiveness!
The view from our lovely room!

I sooooo took the cute bear!

Yummy complimentary chocolates!!

Priya got a lil TOO excited with the bath tub!
Ahem..Yes hotel rooms get us all excited..

Sarah drew me a bath..So yum I say!
The birthday boy had NO clue what was going on..All I told him was to be ready at 6.30 under his block..As soon as he got into the cab I blindfolded him! Hehe..So exciting! Of coz I made friends with the cab driver and made him swear not to repeat the destination.
I feel evil!
Poor thing..Everyone was like staring at us whilst we were waiting in the lobby!

Suprising him with the cake!
Getting used to the blindfold being off..Trust me..His reaction that wasnt caught on camera was worth all the planning and stress!

How I love Prima Deli's Choc Fudge cake!

Fooodddd..Pizza..BBQ Chicken and Prawn Sambal!
Let the camwhoring beginnnnnnnnnnnnnn..

The mass orgy of fun!

Time for presents!!
I bot him a gorgeous shirt from Zara!
The threesome!

Bathroom shots!!

Bring on the alcohol I say!
Chivas or an apple..Hmmmm..Considering you downed most of the bloody Chivas Roger!

Never dare Vijay..End of motto..
See la..I turn my back on these two for 2 mins and look at what they get up to! Tsk tsk! At this point I would like to mention that the following pictures will be highly sexual and graphic in nature! But its allllllll good coz hotness attracts hotness!
I swear..I didnt know this pic was taken..I dont remember posing! See kids..Dont drink!

Nurul started snapping her belt..*growl*
I was forced into returning the lapdance favour from my birthday party..Thank god no one's gonna see the videos!!

Yes yes..I love my bling!

Ahem..Bloody bitches..I swear. First they fight over me..And then they decide they rather have each other..*mumbles*
But I know you enjoyed this the most right Sarah? *winks* Coz I did!
The hot dietician!
Did someone ask for a double dose of yum? Hehe
Aiyohhhhhhhh Priya..Why Why whyyyyyyy you doing this throgams to me!
Oh well..I have Sarah!! *licks lips*
Self obsession!


My Lady Laus!

My co-organizer hotstuff!

'Eh Bitchhhhhhhhh' 'Eh Bastardddddddd"
You deserve this and sooooooo much more..So Happpppppyyy Birthday!
Rogerrrrrrrr.. I have 'evidence'!!!!
My stylist for the day!

The hot dietician..The Rockstar and The Self Proclaimed Doll..

Glad you had a blast hun..*Smiles*

And that ends another photographic trail of wild partying and one hell of a night..I am sooooooooooo tired now..Sorting out these pics was a bitch. *yawns*

Once again Mr Vijayjay..Happy Birthday..We'll try to top this next yr!