Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year my gorgeous ppl!! I have WAY too many Bali pics so I shall save all those for a seperate post. We decided to head down to Cafe Del Mar since Danny and Sabrina were in town and apparently I still haven gotten over beaches even after my Bali trip!

EVERY tourist in Bali was sporting one of these..So I had to get one for my beloved.

Bet you didnt realise I only had one coloured contact lens in..Coz my left eye was hurting like a bitch and I took that lens out leaving me looking like a crazy one green eyed person.

Love her tattoo..
Danny the 'tablestand' and his wonderful gf, Sabrina

Up to our usual antics
On to the recent purchases!! I snagged 2 Victoria Secrets perfumes at DFS on the flight back..How cool that they have VS now!

This one is so cute!! You pick it up and it makes this purring sound! Hehe..Scares the loving shit out of me when I fumble around my dresser in the dark though..

Pretty bling bling Jesse's Girls quads..

I am starting to love quads and palettes.. These are perfect coz they contain all the colours for a smokey eye look or a neutral goldish look..

And I love the pigmentation and textures of the colours..Not chalky at all..And all for USD4.99 each!

2 more NYX single eyeshadows..In Black Sparkle and Chai

Another DFS buy..MAC Blusher in Dollymix!!
Dont be fooled by the bright pink..Its got this lovely sheen to it and doesnt come off THAT pink. Its actually a buildable colour on me. I love it coz it gives this radiant glow!

Ooooo..What might this be??
Ta daaaaaa! My 28 piece neutral palette from Coastal Scents!! I was a lil sceptical about how these relatively cheap palettes would perform.. But this palette is amazing! I love how some colours are matte and some are shimmer. But you most definately have to use a base/primer first. I think I paid like USD 21.95 for this.
My favourite shades!

Chritsmas presents from the bf!
Matching Guess bag and wallet!!
My Christmas party/Nurul's bd party look..I love doing curls with my straightener!

Excuse the awkward face..But it shows the makeup well!

Poor boy was sick..*sayangs*
My Christmass pressie to the bf..Everlast jacket!
See what I do at parties..Make the boy strip..Hehehe..he sure loves his tattoos. And I love them too!

His most recent one..Baby Krishna..Cho cuteeee!

My new favourite purchase..Bumpits!! So cool I tell you. I would spend like ages teasing my hair to get the 'bump' effect hairstyle..And the teasing damaged my hair quite a bit. Then I saw a spree for these Bumpits and quite literally squealed like a small kid!

All you have to do is place these plastic insets at the base of your crown and flip your hair over the insert..Apply hairspray and ta daaaaa..Instant bump! No need for teasing at all! And they have 3 sizes for all occassions..

I used the Hollywood size (biggest one) for NYE and loved it! Took me like 5 mins to do and lasted the whole night. Takes a lil getting used to though.
I love Big Hippie Hair!! Hehehe


And oh..We got couple-ringed! Love LOVE LOVE our rings! *blush*
Had our NYE dinner at Cha Cha Cha's in Holland V before heading down to Indochine for the countdown. We didn want to do the whole clubbing scene coz it would be madness..

Getting ready to pop the champagne at midnight!
Ahem..Champagne tipsy!
Celebrating 2009 with my one and only..
Holland V was so packed!! Hehe..But it was all good fun coz everyone was getting in the spirit with giant poppers and sparklers

That was one long post! Anyways I hope 2009 will be filled with happiness, love and new beginnings. Ive been blessed with an extraordinary family, wonderful friends and a loving soulmate and I am so thankful for the love these ppl bring to my life. *Muacks*