Monday, May 29, 2006

Body Shop fans!!! Till Wed, shower gels are goin 2 for $12.90... Body butters and scrubs are also at $12.90 each..previously $28.90...Cassis rose and moonflower body mist at $10.90!!

Go buyyyyyyyyyyyyy..Till Wed only.. I already spent like 90 bucks..But sooo bloody worth it laa.. I love smelling like fruits! I was like drooling at Body Shop till Joanne had to pull me away.. The woman didnt let me go near any shoes at all in Orchard!! Or bags..I only ended up buying Body Shop stuff and undies at Tangs.. Oooo..Undies goin at 2 for $9 at Tangs.. Damn nice..Brands like Bonds and Triumph..

Oooooooo.. GSS.. I like!!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

7 Things That Will Scare Me
1. Failing exams
2. Losing loved ones
3. Weight gain
4. Drowning
5. Being alone in this world
6. Becoming blind
7. Not being able to access my make up!!

7 Things I Like The Most
1. My family
2. My lovely friends
3. Dance
4. Books
5. Vodka (Or Long Island Tea!)
6. My new room
7. Travelling

7 Most Important Things In My Room
1. My lovely new princess bed!
2. Laptop
3. My Candles and aromatheraphy oils
4. Make Up (I have WAY too much)
5. My clothes (Also WAY too much)
6. My shoes (Yes yes..WAY too much)
7. My sister (Awww...yeah..she's important..and she shares my room)

7 Random Facts About Me
1. I like attention..Hey who doesnt?
2. I think I'm a princess
3. I'm born on a cusp..23rd Aug..Leo/Virgo

4. I think with my heart more than my head
5. I pierced my belly button
6. I am a huge ass Beyonce worshipper.
7. I can club till 7am, sleep for just 3 hours and still go to school/work after that and function.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Have kids.. Twins preferbly!!
2. Holiday in Mauritius
3. Meet Vikram..And drool all over his shirt..Hehe

4. Be Beyonce's back up dancer..Hehe..
5. Buy a huge ass house for my mummy..
6. Get a tattoo..
7. Own my own business

7 Things I Can Do
1. Dance

2. Drink 10 tequila shots and not get high
3. I take instructions well
4. Study
5. I can be very good at sarcasm
6. Interior design!! Hehe..
7. Bake yummy cookies, brownies and cakes

7 Things I Can't Do
1. Swimming..Major phobia
2. Drink beer..Disgusting stuff
3. Sing.I am super tone deaf..You should hear me sing Fallin..
4. Housekeeping- I am THAT lazy
5. I can't seem to say NO to alot of people..
6. Drive..Another major phobia
7. I can't seem to shut up some times..

7 Words I Say The Most
1. Bloody hell
2. Basket!
3. Pandi la you..
4. Fuckin Hell..
5. Yeah right..
6. Men..Followed by a sigh..
7. Wah liao eh..

7 Celeb Crushes
1. Vikram
2. Beyonce
3. Sean Paul
4. Will Smith
5. Craig David
6. Ciara
7. Madavan

Its 2.15am..

Why am I awake??

I have no fuckin clue..

Oh well.. My life seems to revolve around the gym these days.. Strange how I used to hate the bloody place..And now I cant wait to go every other day. I love BodyCombat class..I love hip hop, I love Latino jam..I love Bollywood Jam..I love ABT, I love yoga, I love step aerobics..

Strangely..I have also come to terms with running on the treadmill..I used to hate running coz a certain psycho used to stand by my treadmill and increase the speed whilst standing there the entire 20 mins making sure I finished..

So you could imagine how I associated the treadmill with nothing but fear and hatred..But these days I just get on it and run..and run..and run..I'm even contemplating joining Shape magazine's women only 5km run..Any takers?

Someone asked me how I can just forget a 5 yr relationship like that.. According to this person, I should at least be on talkin terms with the psycho and this person even asked me how come I didnt call to wish him Happy Birthday..

Seriously.. why would I wanna ever come into contact with him again? I think its a sin to even coexist on the same planet as him.. I would only be sooo lucky if I never bump into him ever again.. How could you even think I would want anything to do with the person who hurt me so bad? Who abused me physically, mentally and emotionally? Who apparently cheated on me consistently throught the 5 yrs? Who made me afraid of going home in fear he would be waiting under my block? He isnt the same person I knew..Or rather thought I knew.. It was all a lie..A sham..He doesnt deserve my concern.. As far as I'm concerned..He doesnt exist in my eyes. He is but nothing..

"I Need A Man By My Side, Not A Boy Who Runs And Hides"


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blehhh.. I am SO uber bored.. It has only been 2 days since I've officially started bumming and I'm already bored outta my mind. Been goin out alot though. Monday was my DPP interview and I have to say it pretty much rocked..Haha..I loved my pointy toed C&K shoes though.. Super slutty, dominatrix interview shoes!! Headed to Sizzler's with the gang and KTVed the night away..

And today, Derek brought us to his club for lunch..Ooooo.. The desserts there were awesome! They had jackfruit crumble..Sounds weird rite..But its heavenly!! Mmmmm..

God help all the women.. I don't know if its me but havent ya noticed a rise in annoying men? Men who are indecisive..Men who are immature..Men who get a sadistic thrill out of hurting women..Men who never say what they REALLY wanna say coz it may affect their image as a macho man.. Hmph..

Oh well..


Friday, May 12, 2006

Yayyyyyyyy...Exams are overrrrr forever!!! I had soooooooo much fun on the last days of exams.. Had a wonderful Japanese dinner at Waruku with Daf and Derek.. After buying seriously funky purple wedges, we headed to Zouk..Although I'm not a HUGE fan of retro music, I still had loads of fun..

I am soooooooo tired.. Gotham and Momo rocked.. I loved my outfit..Goth with a lil S&M..Hahaha..And my lovely bling bling earrings which cost me like 40 bucks..but worth every cent..And I met loooooooonggg lost frens!!!! *Waves to Baby and Josephine* I had sooo much fun but those S&M shoes were not made for dancing all night..

Men wise.. Sigh..I don't know wats up laa.. I'm just taking things as they come.. I'm tired of all the games we have to play.. Boy likes girl..Girl likes boy..Why does it have to be complicated? Why can't we just live happily ever after?

Have I mentioned how the song "Beep" is so indicative of my life now?? Hahaha..Seriously..

"I don't give a...
Keep looking at my...
'Cause it don't mean a thing if you're looking at my...
Ha,I'm a do my thing while your playing wit cha ..."