Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Phew..Deepavali is over..I stuffed myself with sambal prawns. ONLY sambal prawns. Yum.
As you can see from the pics below, I went back to my red roots..Hehe..Every single strand is red. And I walked around Tekka with my newly dyed red hair. Big mistake. Everyone was staring at me like I had another head growing out of my neck. Its red..Deal with it.

As usual, me and my sis started taking self obsessed pics whilst the rest were doing mundane stuff like cooking and cleaning. I was sitting on my lovely swing posing, not knowing what the evil sis was doing behind me. *Evil stare* But I sorta like this pic. I dunno why..But I do.

I was nicely taking a mid afternoon nap in my lovely white sari when Joanne and Jason turned up and ambushed me in my room. Hehhe.I can't help it la. Sleeping on Deepavali afternoon is ritual. And my stupid camera had to malfunction when I wanted to take a pic with these two. Whom btw mean the world to me. *Smiles*

Then the chaos started in the evening around 7pm..When EVERYONE and their mother started turning up. My brother's camp friends, My sister's school mates, My school mates plus my other friends. It was a logistics nightmare. So much so that I had to keep Ganesan and his friend Mark in my room (See pic below!)..Hehe..Though they werent complaining..Hello..Air con..Red wine and a fantastic hostess?? Yesh..You can see the effects of the red wine in the pic below as well. I look damn high right..But I swear I wasnt. Just a tiny bit. *Smiles* A BIG thank you to all my mates who made it to my place. It was bloody nice seeing you guys after a long time. I miss you all already!

So much for Deepavali..It was fun in its own way. But Deepavali always seems anti climatic these days..Like the build up to Deepavali seems more exciting than the actual day. But I still had a bloody good time with everyone who came. Plus I got more alcohol! I dunno why but everyone kept giving me bottles of wine. I even got a bottle of Absolut Kurrant. Yum. Sadly I am no longer an alcoholic bum. I have given up drinking every weekend. I only drink every other weekend. Hahaha.. Joke..Joke!!

So I leave you with my lovely Rangoli which I painstakingly created at an ungodly hour of 7am.. Nice no?

Hope you had an equally happy weekend!

And Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

I probably wont be posting till after Deepavali..so..

Happy Deepavali to all my fellow bloggers and blogders!!!

Deepavali is stressful.. Extremely stressful. All the baking, cleaning, shopping..Phew. I'm just looking forward to the prawn sambal. Tats the only reason I'm so nice to my mum these days, doing things I usually dont do Eg:HOUSEWORK!!!

Things I don't understand about Deepavali shopping at Tekka:

1) Ppl who ask,'Eh wat you doing here? Shopping ah?' when they very well see you standing in a shop holding various items from the shop. Hello..Then wat am I doing? Giving a speech in the middle of the grocery shop? Same thing when I'm eating at a restaurant.. 'Eh wat you doing here? Eating ah?' *Gives blank look*

2) Why do shops have to blare music from their gigantic speakers? Like seriously. I already have a pounding headache from the crowds.I don't need to hear your very original Machakari remix or Dilamo screeching from the speakers.

3) Why ppl insist on setting up henna booths along the corridors of shops. There's already limited amt of space in Tekka..Now I have to deal with you and your customers blocking the way when I NEED to get to Madras New Woodlands and the fantastic Battura they serve. Yum..

4) Why some women have this need to shadow your every move in an accessories shop.. Its like whatever I touch and eventually place back, there'll be this being picking it up the minute I place it back. Like elllllllllloooo...I have personal space issues..Unless you are a family member or close friend, keep your paws to yourself and try to have some originality.

5) Tiger girls and tiger boys..I don't need to say more do I? *Evil smile*

Wokay wokay..I need to go hang up lights and stuff..

Once again..Happy Deepavali..Don't overeat!! Then again..It IS Deepavali..So carrryyyy on I say..


Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Phew.. Save me from this Deepavali madness..

I don't understand the need to visit Tekka EVERY bloody Sat and Sun.. Whyyyyyyyyy??

Apart from Deepavali madness..I've been busy doing other mundane stuff like grocery shopping, making kuih tarts for a good cause,being depressed etc.

And to Ket..I LOVE your tatoo..LOVE it.. *Drools* Good on you girl..It may take me a while more to get mine done coz of the parentals.I can't hide anything from them..Sigh. But I definately wanna get one done. Definately.

I'm gonna go do my hair again today. Yeah yeah..I know..At this rate, I'll be bald by 30. Bleh..Sue me. I'm depressed and adding chemicals to my hair helps me get through depression.

Yesh yesh..This was another rambling post filled with nothing but drivel.But I cant seem to think straight. I need to run away to a deserted island and drink nothing but Long Island Teas served by ebony hunks wearing next to nothing. Yum.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

I've refrained from posting about Ms Vasantham for a long time..

I can't hold my tongue anymore..

Firstly how the fuck did Ms Tampines 2006-I need to cut my sorry excuse for a fringe-Jamuna get into the finals??? Like seriousllyyy.. She's lucky she has all her Tampines Tiger Girls and Boys voting for her. I see her and all I do see is Ms Tampines. She walks like an elephant,has horrible spoken English and she doesnt seem to understand the concept of the Q&A section. Plus she's the one famous for the 'smile' comment..Bleh.

Then we have the judges..Year after year..I don't understand why Rafi is a judge for a beauty pageant. The only reason I can think of is so he can show off his increasingly puke worthy wardrobe (Leather biker jacket at your age?? Dude..Seriously) and increasingly lighter highlights which by the way would look more suited on a 17 yr old Ah Lian. I understand he might be going through a lil midlife crisis..But do ALL of us across the nation have to witness him going through this crisis..

The host. Another Ryan Seacrest wannabe..Enuff said.

Why the hell is voting $2??? Even Spore Idol was just 60 cents.. 2 freaking bucks leh..I can buy chicken rice if I wasnt on a carbo deficit diet. Where does the money go? What the hell do they do with it?

I just think the producers don't know what they want outta this competition. They want someone who can cross over to other channels..Who can dance..Host..Twist balloons into animal shapes..Make health drinks. And they keep trying to be innovative in too many ways. I don't think the previous Ms V received this much flak from the public. Coz they kept it simple.

Now..Before all you haters start with the how-I-should-go-try-and-see-how-it-feels crap. I've had through my fair share of criticisms from being up on stage. Its not easy I know. But know yourself and your capabilities. Be true to yourself and stop faking.It shows. And learn from your mistakes and never regret your decisions.

With that said..Can I just say I adore Indra..And I hope she wins! She's the only one who seems real and raw and like she actually enjoys being there. *Smiles*


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Things some of us women are in denial about..

1) That we need more shoes. No..The 317929084 pairs of shoes stashed all over the house doesnt count. We NEED to have that particular pair of red Aldo shoes.

2) Our boyfriends are perfect creatures. It doesnt matter he's rude to our friends, he leaves the toilet seat up, disrespects our jobs, jokes about our weight..He's perfect.

3) Male friends do NOT wanna jump us. Trust me. All of them have thought about at one point of the friendship. Except for your gay friends, they all wanna jump you. Trust me, they HAVE pictured you naked.

4) Our dress size. Yes yes..We all wanna be a perfect size 10..But we're not. So stop buying clothes in a smaller size in hope that you will miraculously lose the weight overnight. Its a waste of money and everytime you try it on it will still not fit *Gasps*.

5) That what looks good on a friend will look good on you. Girl please. Just because your friend looks good in fire engine red lipstick doesnt mean you would. You may end up looking like the Bride of Chucky.

6) That sexy=revealing outfits. You DON'T have to show tremendous amounts of skin to be sexy. Being sexy is being confident.So how self-confident can you be in a crotch length mini and a bikini top, walking around Orchard Road on a weekend?

7) That we need a man to be validated. You'd be suprised at how the most independant, strong woman can crumble at the very sign that her man is gonna leave. I know of a woman who breaks up with a bf this weekend and would probably have another man in her life the next weekend. Kinda sick how you constantly need a man by your side to prove you're worthy.

8) That we lust after the finer things in life. Don't lie. You secretly DO want that Tiffany's ring riteee.. But just so you don't appear materialistic in front of your man, you'd settle for Soo Kee.

9) That we are always right. Been there..I'm guilty of this. The need to fight your case till the end and not come away the loser. The lengths I've gone just to prove I was right will shock you. Hehe.

Phew.. I can't think of any more.. Can you? Maybe I should do things MEN are in denial abt next..


Sunday, October 01, 2006


Double Haikz..

I think I'm like a relationship Laughing Buddha..You know how you rub the tummy of the Laughing Buddha for luck right..It seems almost everyone who comes into contact with me recently are getting attached..And trust me..I'm very happy for all of them..Especially for those who have never looked happier. But a tiny part of me screams,"Not another oneeeeeee!". Now I know I've become some sort of a cynic on the subject of love. But deep down I truly believe in true love. So when I say I'm happy for my friends, I really am. Just that I feel damn blehz..This unrelatable, confusing blehz feeling.

Gotham-ing on Friday with my girls was fun..Bumped into gorgeous Ragi,Sho and Malini..*Waves hello* An almost non-alcoholic night out. But I feel like I'm getting old laa.Knees all aching..Muscles all straining..Kadavuleh.

Okie gtg wallow in my own sorrows..