Tuesday, February 01, 2005

When I get my own house..I only want huge,white, fluffy towels in my bathroom...

Okieee...I don't know why I wrote that...

I guess my weekend's burnt..Have to spend it compiling my group project..But its better to get it done so I can enjoy the hols.. I finally booked a suite at one of the hotels in Batam.. Massages and relaxation..Here I come!!

Its funny how your past always seems to catch up with ya.. Just when you think your life's back on track and everything's goin the way you want it to...Reality just slaps ya across the face..Twice..

Aaargh..I have a bloody 9.30am class tommorrow.. *Groans*.. And I still wanna see Manhunt on StarWorld at 1.30am... Wake up early for class or hot men half naked??? *Weighs options*

Do you really think I have to think about it?? You obviously havent been reading my blog long enough... Go on then...Go read my archives.. Hahaha..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Wonderful by Ja Rule and R.Kelly ft Ashanti

Book The Diva Is Reading: Diary Of A Mum-To-Be

Diva Tip Of The Day:

Hate taking photos coz you think you have a double chin or your face is too fat?? Well..A lil tip.. When smiling for the photos, push your tongue against the back of your top row of teeth.. It lifts the skin a lil and can make a diff in pics!!