Sunday, January 23, 2005

I hate being sick... I hate this fever..Ya know the kind..The kind where you feel the fever burning behind your eyes...

Anyhoo...I came across this in Friendster and thought.. 'Wah I can combine many tips into one survey!!" Hahahhahaa...So here goes...My personal beauty regime..

1. Facial Cleanser? Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Cleanser

2. Toner? Garnier's Pure Range Toner

3. Moisturizer? Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Moisturizer

4. Sunscreen? Huh?? I dun laa..Which Indian does??

5. Foundation? Hmmm...Cosmoprof's Concealer and Mac's Studio range Foundation

6. Eye shadow? Wah Liao...Too many to count laa..But my favs are from Mac and Lakme..

7. Eyeliner? Avon's Liquid Liner in Black for the top and Avon's Pencil Eyeliner in Black for the bottom

8. Mascara? Avon's Volumnious Mascara in Brown (Brown's better for Indian skin ladies!! less harsh looking!)

9. Lip liner? So many again...Revlon's Lip Liner in Blackberry and some other nude shade..

10. Lipstick? Lip gloss more like it..Again I have many..But the new Revlon's range is my fav..

11. Powder? Body Shop's Powder in White Musk

12. Body Lotion? Body Shop's Lotion in White Musk and some other peach smelling one.. (I'm a sucker for fruity smelling lotions)

13. Body Soap? Lux Revitalising Shower Gel in Orange

14. How do you care for your hands? Moisturizer from Body Shop..

15. Perfume? Again..Many.. Sexy Graffitti from Escada, Deep Red from Hugo, Red Door Revealed from Elizabeth Arden.

16. Breath Freshener? I think oral hygiene is VERY impt so I have a mint breath freshener from a catalogue and also pop many mints..

17. Do you drink lots of water? Yeap..Water is essential to good health and also aids weight loss!

18. What's your favorite beauty magazine? Cleo..Shape...Female

19. Would you ever have plastic surgery?so, where and why? Technically I would never do anything to my body coz I dun believe in plastic surgery but when they show Extreme Makeover...I do think abt it..

20. How often do you look in the mirror and think you look good? Hahahahah...Constantly...But I dun think I look good laa..I just see all the bad points..Hahha..

So there you go..By now ya knwo that I'm a Body Shop fan..Recently converted one..I adore the Mango Body Soap/Lotion/Butter range.. (Hint..hint!! August's not that far away ppl!!)

Okie laa..I better go and pop some pills and zonk out..Got an early project meeting tommorrow..