Friday, January 14, 2005

Have I mentioned I hate cramps??

Cramps that rip you in two and will not allow you to awaken from the bed??

Yeah...I hate cramps.. And I hate it even worse when I don't have Ponstan to help defend me against the powers of the bloody cramps... Bleugh...

My whole house has been infested with the bloody flu virus... My siblings both,have had the flu for a week plus..with like 2 days mc each.. and my sis's flu has gotten so worse, she has some blood infection because the fever hasn't gone down yet.. Scary.. I keep making the 'X' sign at her and warned her i better not get sick coz I really can't afford to get sick and miss classes and project meetings!! Hahah..I know..I'm such a meanie... Eh but in this week she has already got 4 days MC lehhhhhhhhh.... I can't even afford to take MC..I will so fall back in all the subjects..

Donation volunteers are becoming younger...and CUTER.. After class yesterday, on the way to the canteen.. we were bombarded by a group of the cutest lil nursery kids..who came up and asked us

'Excuse meeeee...Would you like to donate to the tsunamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii???' ...Insert cute smile.... to resist??? And then they offered us ice cream which was free..But declined laa.. Bloody paiseh taking ice cream from a kid!! But so cute laa... Donate to the tsunamii???? Hahhaaha...

Okie.. gonna go shampoo my hair in Organics Fruit Fusions... Anyone for an orgasmic experience?? *Sly smile*


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