Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ya know..As years pass by..anniversaries arent just as exciting to celebrate...Esp in Spore...There's only SO many restaurants you can go and eat.. But we managed to have a wondersul time anyways.. The highlight of the day..*Drumroll* I got my first bouquet from him!! Haha..Hard to believe rite..After 4 yrs I'm finally getting flowers from him... But as I've mentioned, he's not the obviously-romantic sorta guy..But I love him all the same!!

4th Year Anniversary..

Yeah I know..I'm kinda slow in the whole you-can-make-your-photos-into-a-collage part..But I finally know how to do it!! Hahaha.. ya all dun have to bear with endless close up photos of me and my pores anymore!!!

Have ya all noticed how girls your own race tend to stare at ya when you're out??? Its reallllllly strange.. I came out of the theatre after watching Elektra and 2 Indian ladies waiting to go in to watch a movie kept staring at me!!

Staring..Like REALLLLLLLLYY staring..Not the 'I think I know you' look.. It was THE STARE.. All the way till I walked to the stairs!! WTF???? I kept looking down at my outfit..maybe something was wrong with my clothes?? Nooooo... I got pissed off and mentioned loudly to my bf..'Do I have an extra head or something?? Some people seem to find me very interesting..' That certainly did the trick.. Hmmph... But this happened many times..I have NO clue why..Sighz..

Gtg hit the gym now..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Gift From Virgo by Beyonce

Book The Diva Is Reading: The Other Woman's Shoes

Diva Tip Of The Day:

Want to have outstanding glowy eyes but hate over-the-top glitter mascaras and eyeshadow?? To open your eyes and have subtle shine in the eye area..Use a lil of your glitter/shine lipgloss (which is all the rage nowadays!!) and apply on your top eyelashes..The result is significant but not an overdose of shine which will set ya apart from teh drag queen wannabes!!