Tuesday, January 25, 2005

God..I woke up at the ungodly hour of 6am today... But it's all in the name of God..Hehe..It's Thaipusam today and we wanted to go early to avoid the crowds at the temples..We were not carrying the milkpots but went to give packets of milk..So we started out at the Perumal Temple..So exciting!!! I love the whole feel of Thaipusam.. Many ppl would balk at watching ppl get pierced continously but I seriously go to watch the piercings.. Not that I only watch, I carried the milkpot years ago and also pierced my forehead and through my mouth.. Was it painful??

No..Coz the pain was more from my eardrums tearing from all the screaming that was done to help me NOT concentrate on the pain... You have to concentrate on the screaming instead..I think.. Anyhoo..We then prayed and began the journey to the Tang Rd temple... And the journey of "Morru" (Diluted Yoghurt Drink)!!!! Hehehe...They always give out fantastic,free cups of the stuff on Thaipusam and each stop is different!! Yummmm...My bf automatically knew I wanted a cup when I passed each stop..I gave him this hound dog look he just knew..Hahah...I do it often... And they give out pretty good stuff besides drinks...Sweets, Desserts, Rice packets.. Not that I took laa..Only the Morru..

Wah Indian women come out in full force on Thaipusam sehhhh... Silk saris, so much gold it looks like they bought the entire stall, flowers...But some do look very nice whilst some just look plain overdone.. And guys!! What's with the animal print pants and shirts?? Sighz.. Beyond hope..

Came back and wanted to start on the cookies for my brother...But was pretty much a walking zombie by then.. Craved sleep so I zonked out on my mum's bed and slept for 4 freakin hrs!!! That's a record for afternoon naps for me.. Not that I can beat my sister!! Hahaha...She once only woke up at 4pm in the afternoon after sleeping at 11pm the previous night!!! How DOES she do it??? *Hides in anticipation of pinching and beatings I'll get later when she reads this*

Do ya all know they have an all chocolate cone Cornetto??? As in..NO wafer...The cone is CHOCOLATE!!! Yummmmm....


P.S: Desperate Housewives ROCKS!!! OMG....I love the freakin show... It's a toned down version on SATC which I also love...But it's still so freakin funny.. Definately a keeper..

Thaipusam 2005

Music The Diva Is Grooving To: You Make Me Wanna by Jadakiss and Mariah Carey

Book The Diva Is Reading: The Other Woman's Shoes

Diva Tip Of The Day:

With reference to the thunder thighs help request..I might not be the correct person to ask help from abt that!! But I have managed to lose SOME weight in that area so maybe I can give ya some tips.. First...Lots of cardio!! I KNOW.. It sucks to run and all but it does work.. Then do more repititions at the leg weights machines at the gym..High reps are better for toning and lastly.. When you're lazing around watching TV, do side leg raises.. Hope that helps!!!