Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Okay I finally have time to blog about my NYE celebrations since I don't have lectures today.. This NYE was one of my most carefree ones.. I loved the people I was with...I didn't have to bother about irritating specimens ruining my NYE...And we danced till our feet felt like dropping off!! We decided to head to Ashoka instead of the Stage 4 countdown coz of various reasons including not wanting to get wet in the rain!

So as usual, we all went to Monica's house to get ready..I of course had to torture myself by going to the gym first.. Somehow this year I wasnt that bothered about what I was gonna wear..


Hahah..yeah i know..I just wore a top I got on sale at Mango with my Chaos skirt..Pretty simple.. But my 2 lovelies were the brightest at the club in pink and blue!! Trust me...I have good looking friends..

Getting ready...

See what I mean...I lurves ya Joanne and Monica..And Saras who did not come back for the hols!! I miss ya darlin..

2 of the 3 who matter the most...

Now all of us have curly hair!!! Hahaha...

We know..We look good.. Haha

Alamak.. Me and half of Mon..

Curly Wurlies combine powers!! Me and Jo Baby..

Ashoka was getting crowded when we arrived..Thank god Mon's cousin got seats earlier..I would have fainted in pain if I were to stand around the whole night in my heels..

Shawn and his friends were also there..I have to say..My baby did look especially delectable in his new oriental-silk-printed jacket...Which I chose, of course... DO not underestimate the shopping powers of the Fashionista...

You ARE my world...

By the time the club closed around 4am...He was pretty much wasted... The pic explains it all!! I was content with my free vodka lime and long island tea which he bought for me...Yum..My fav drink of all time.. I didnt drink much..Why?? Coz alcohol has all those un-needed calories!! Which I certainly DON'T need!!

He is SO wasted...

I had sooooooo much fun dancing with my gals...Even though the stinking DJ played like 5 rnb songs the whole night!! *Hmpphh*.. We went for supper..errr no..breakfast at reski .. Had yummy prata... Went home content and loved...

Suprisingly I woke up pretty early the next day... Lazed around..Watched the marathon series of CSI from 11am to about 5pm... Then left for the temple with Shawn.. Which was freaking crowded.. I don't understand why everyone has to push and shove.. Even at the temple!! Sighz..

1st day of the new year!!

My bro's friend Hasinah (Ello Hasinah!! *Waves*)..suggested a new addition to my blog... So from today..I shall implement...





The Fashionista's Diva Tip Of The Day!!!!!!

Hahahahaha...I may not be able to do this everyday though..Coz I may not have the time.. But don't worry..Every tip will set you on the path to looking divalicious!!

Okie I promise ya the foot story in the next post..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: Who Is She To You by Brandy and Usher

Book The Diva Is Reading: Her Man Friday

Diva Tip Of The Day:

Want your hair to shine without applying tons of products?? After conditioning your hair and getting rid of all the gunk... Just blast your hair with cold water before leaving the bathroom... (Assuming you know that you have to wash and condition your hair with warm water first...Coz that gives you the best results!)