Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I just discovered the joys of Picasa..Editing photos like crazy..Had a busy weekend.. Went to watch this REALLY lame Vijay movie on Friday..Thirupatchi..Like seriously..What a dumb movie..Even for a Vijay movie, this was really bad!!! *Takes cover from all Vijay fans*..

Went to ECP on Saturday and discovered a new love..Malibu Dream from Coffee Bean!! OMG!! How yummy! And to think all this while I was drinking the Pure Chocolate and thinking it was heaven..Mmmmmmm... Took lots of pics there and this is the result of one of my first editing projects today..Nothing fancy..Just a lil glow here and there..

You Know You Love Me..

Sunday brought me to the Loyang Temple where my bf's brother was performing at a Pongal show.. Never been to the Loyang Temple before..Its apparently very famous coz 1) It houses ALL the 3 religions (Chinese,Hindu and Muslim) under one temple and 2) There are no priests around to conduct the prayers.. Didnt know such a temple existed in lil ol' Spore... And there were many people staring at this lil round slab of stone.. I was like..WTF??? Then my bf explained that the stone supposedly 'revealed' 4D numbers if you concentrated hard enough!! WHAT??? Then I better stop studying and working and just go there everyday to stare at the stone laaaa... *Mumbles*

You Go Boys..

My dad went to Batam and brought back alot of yummy goodies like kueh lapis and all... But this time he brought back chocolate..

Not just any chocolate..

Toblerone chocolate...

Not just any Toblerone chocolate..


Bloody Huge..

Hahahaha...I was so shocked at how huge it was... See..I even placed my phone next to it so you can compare the size diff...

Believe Meee.. Its hugeeeeeeeee....1 piece and I was stuffed already..

Having a bloody headache since Sunday.. And it got worse when I attended Sherman's 1st OSD lecture..Wah liao...He wants us to think..REALLLLLLLLLyyy out of the box!! Sighz...But at least our DPP and OSD projects are underway now..So that gives me a lil sense of relief.. A lil..

I cant believe how diff this photo looks from the original..Hahahah... Another result of yet another self obsessed night with my camera!!

Wanna Say Woah..

Sighz.. Have to go research for my projects now..And I still have this pounding headache..

Is it possible to feel all alone though you're surrounded by people???