Monday, January 31, 2005

What a bloody busy weekend... After gym on Sat..went over to my baby's place to get ready to go to a family friend's birthday chalet.. Was feeling down and tired all of a sudden..

Been feelin like that for quite some time... I always have horrible headaches and feel like sleeping all the time.. Sometimes I just feel screamin at anyone who asks me a simple question.. Sighz..Am I breaking down???

Anyhoo..Was all prepared to face the aunties at the chalet..Ya know.. The "Wah,Saravana your gf so pretty..(Total lies)..When you geting married??" Sighz...If one more person asks me that question, God help me, I'll scream in their faces.. What's with me and marriage???

I swear my bf will get married next month if I said yes... He so wants to get married and have kids like NOW.. We have HUGE fights coz of this.. I just don't get his logic..I'm only freakin 23 and him, 25..What's the huge rush?? I don't wanna depend on his parents or mine after marriage and all..I want my own house and be able to stand on my own feet,pay my own bills, buy my own groceries..Ya get my drift.. Sighz..

I digress..

Just as I was feeling down and headachy again at the chalet.. This small hand grabs mine and starts swinging my hand.. I glance down thinking a child held my hand without seeing who it was.. And this cute lil angel of a boy was smiling back at me and happily chattering away to me whilst still swinging my hand.. I was speechless.. He then takes both my hands and swings them whilst leading me to the kitchen.. He is soooooooooooo cute, I tell ya!! Just take a look at the pics.. Adorable aint he..

Me: What's your name boy??

Him: Roshan, akka... Akka...Blah blah blah.. (But adorable blahs!!)

Him: (leading me to the kitchen)...Akka I'm very hungry..(Proceeds to look at all the catered food)..But amma dun let me eat yet!! (Pouts)

Me: (Smiling away)...Awwwwww

Can I get any more maternal??? Sighz..Weird how I'm not into marriage but so into kids... Anyhoo..This lil angel brightened up the rest of my night.. I felt so light and breezy after that.. Even handled the kaypoh aunties with a smile on my face..

Saturday brought me an angel..

Anyone knows any good Batam hotels to reccommend??? I know laa..Batam not very exciting right.. But it beats bloody Singa-TurnsIntoBloodyGhostTownDuringCNY-pore.. But i can't seem to get in contact with any hotels over there.. *Mumbles* I just wanna chill out and have me a massage or two..

Oooooooo....Desperate Housewives!!! Must find remote..


Music The Diva Is Grooving To: My Neck..My Back by Khia (This song's soo me..rite Jo and Saras??)

Book The Diva Is Reading: Artistic Differences

Diva Tip Of The Day:

It's a short one..But useful... Ever wondered why your lips are always dry no matter how much gloss or balm you put on?? It could be because you keep licking your lips!! Yes..Licking your lips don't give ya a gloss!! It dries your lips instead!!! Exfoliate by rubbing your lips gently with a dry toothbrush and then coating with lip balm...Enjoy those kissable lips!!!